Top 5 Clickbank Offers To Promote (According to Clickbank)

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If you’ve been an affiliate marketer for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard about Clickbank. It is one of the easiest affiliate networks for beginners to start with because you can just sign up and choose offers to promote without going through much of an approval process.

Clickbank is the affiliate network that I started with years ago and where I got my first affiliate sale.

The company’s YouTube channel has a new show called The Moneyshow where they help affiliates with various topics related to affiliate marketing.

In their latest show they recommend 5 top proven offers on their Clickbank marketplace that you can promote. These offers pay up to 75% commissions.

In the video, the host makes reference to Amazon cutting back on their commission rates and recommends Clickbank as an option. I’m not sure if it’s the same because Amazon sells physical products which requires shipping and logistics while Clickbank sells digital products so they can afford to offer higher commission rates.

This aside, Clickbank is indeed a great place to start if you chose a niche that caters to helping people with a problem they need a solution for.

Some people complain about the quality of products and while there is that problem, there are actually some great products in the Clickbank marketplace.

Here are the 5 that they’ve recommended in the video.

1. Numerologist

Numerologist offer on Clickbank

Numerologist is perfect for persons in the faith or spirituality niche. There are some programs on Clickbank that you can’t just promote without getting the approval of the vendor and this is one of them.

You’ll need to sign up to the program with your Clickbank id so that they can allow you to promote this offer.

Numerologist offers 65% commissions and has been converting very well on the network for a long time.

2. Back To Life

Back to Life is another Clickbank offer that isn’t available to everyone to promote. You’ll need to get the approval of the vendor to promote this program.

Back To Life Clickbank offer

The product is perfect for affiliates in the health and wellness niche especially if one of your topics includes helping people with back pain solutions.

This is another quality offer that has been converting well for a long time on the Clickbank affiliate network.

3. Simple Wifi Profits

You have to be picky about Clickbank products in the “e-business and e-marketing” category on Clickbank because a lot of them aren’t very helpful and can sometimes border on being scams.

Simple Wifi Profits is a legit program that is sold through a free training webinar which apparently converts very well.

Simple Wifi Profits webinar signup page

Simple Wifi Profits offers 40% commissions on a high ticket priced product which means you can make a lot of money on just one sale. Up to $600 for one sale!

4. Ted’s Woodworking

Ted’s Woodworking has been on Clickbank for a very long time and has been converting very well for as long as it’s been on the network’s marketplace.

Ted's Woodworking offer page

This is a great offer to promote in the woodworking, furniture, home improvement, survival and DIY niches. The product is a collection of 16,000 woodworking plans to build just about anything out of wood.

Currently the product has a gravity of over 200 which means lots of affiliates are making sales promoting this product.

Ted’s Woodworking offers 75% commissions where you can get up to $125 per sale.

5. Lost Book of Remedies

This is probably the only product on this list that I did not know about until now. Lost Book of Remedies is a product about the healing power of plants and remedies derived from herbs.

Lost Book of Remedies video sales letter Clickbank offer

This offer is great for affiliates who are in the health and wellness niche and currently has a very high gravity of Clickbank which means it’s converting very well for affiliates.

With 75% commissions and no approval needed, you can start promoting Lost Book of Remedies right now.

There aren’t any restrictions to promoting Lost Book of Remedies except that you cannot promote this product on Facebook. You can read the affiliate page for more on that.


It’s always great when a network like Clickbank can offer insight into what offers are doing well on their affiliate network and how affiliates can make more money with them.

If you are currently struggling to make money with affiliate marketing or with Clickbank, you’re probably missing something that is stopping you from reaching the next level.

I would recommend that you get some affiliate training so that you can do affiliate marketing the right way.

You can join this site for free and get started on the basics of building an online business with a website. At the end of the 10 lessons, you’ll have a website up and you’ll be ready to build a long term online business.

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