Beauty WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop Review

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I probably wouldn’t start a website or blog in the beauty, fashion or style niche in the foreseeable future.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t use the Beauty WordPress theme from MyThemeShop.

Beauty is versatile enough that you can adopt it to use for whatever purpose you wish and it is loaded with a lot of features and customization settings.

In this review of the Beauty WordPress theme, I’m going to show you why this theme from one of my favorite WordPress theme providers is the perfect theme for any new website you might be thinking of starting. Or maybe your blog needs a new look, then you can use this theme.

About the Beauty WordPress Theme

Beauty WordPress Theme is a modern, fully responsive and speed optimize theme with a very aesthetically pleasing layout designed especially for beauty, fashion and style bloggers.

It is a very clean theme and can be customized however you like as it has a host of theme options built in.

The beautiful design looks great on all devices so that visitors will stay on your website and keep coming back.

Different customization features including the ability to choose from 8 homepage layouts, 2 unique header layouts, add a feature slider to your homepage, choose from right or left sidebars and change every element on the page allows you to have a unique website.

The theme is also 100% compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin and Gutenberg.

Built in SEO via MyThemeShop’s RankMath plugin helps you attract visitors effortlessly.

I’ve been playing with this theme on one of my test sites and I love how it looks and performs. I love the customization options and how easily I can make it look less like a WordPress theme for beauty and style bloggers.

I would say that this clean and minimally designed theme is probably one of my favorite WordPress themes from MyThemeShop. Too bad I don’t have a site right now to use it on.

What I Liked Most About Beauty Theme

MyThemeShop makes some really great WordPress themes. Nearly anything I can say I like about this theme can be said about most of their other themes.

However, all of the themes aren’t the same so here’s what I like about the Beauty theme specifically.

1. Aesthetic – Look & Feel

The first thing that is going to attract you to the Beauty theme is how it looks. This is even more important not for you but for your visitors and it does not disappoint.

It has a clean, minimalist design with lots of white space which is great for any niche.

What makes it fit for the niche it was made for – the beauty, style and fashion niche – is the elegance it displays which comes mainly from the font choices and the color highlights and scheme used throughout.

These can be changed at any time through the theme options if you’re going to use the theme for another purpose than the intended niche. However, they’re great out the box and gives the theme it’s unique look and feel.

2. Customization Options

Some themes build their customization options into WordPress’ native customizer but MyThemeShop still use their own theme options.

I personally like it this way but this is just my preference. The theme I’m using currently has all their theme options in the WordPress customizer which isn’t that bad either.

The Beauty Theme, like all MyThemeShop themes comes with loads of theme options which lets you customize every aspect of the theme, from the header to the background colors, performance options and more.

Theme options are divided into 7 main sections which are filled with lots of setting options.

  • General Options
  • Homepage Settings
  • Sidebars
  • Single Posts/Page Options
  • Typography
  • Import/ Export
  • Install Plugins

The General Options has settings for site-wide functions such as your logo, favicon, responsiveness and more. Performance settings lets you optimize your site for speed. Styling lets you tweak the visual appearance such as colors, layout and background patterns.

Under General, you can also change and style the header and the footer, configure how your search behaves, set up your social sharing buttons & layout as well as manage ads if you’re going to display them on your site.

The final section under General options is labeled ‘Advanced’ and this lets you do stuff like add codes for Google Console verification and other header and footer code.

The ‘Advanced’ section also lets you add custom CSS as well as other advanced functions like creating retina images and letting your images resize responsively.

Homepage options let you add sections to your homepage for a unique design. There are different layouts & pagination options available and you can add category feeds and change their layout individually.

Sidebars let you add custom sidebars and choose the default sidebar for each page on your site including the homepage, posts, pages, archives, search & 404 page.

Single page settings lets you choose how the elements on your single posts and pages are laid out and styled. This includes your related posts, author box and subscribe box which each have their own sections within this options tab.

The typography options let you change any of the fonts used in the theme. Whether you want to change your default logo font, your content heading fonts or the fonts for sidebar links, you can do it all here.

Import / Export section lets you import code or import the Beauty Theme demo. You can also make a child theme here with one click.

The final section – Install Plugins – has a list of recommended plugins from MyThemeShop which you may find useful for your website. RankMath is included here for your website’s SEO as well as a few others such as WP Shortcode, WP Tabbed Widget and WP Subscribe.

The amount of theme options settings available makes the Beauty Theme a very powerful WordPress theme which you can change to your liking and make it your own.

3. Easy Child Theme Creation

Sometimes, you may want to change more than what the theme options allow. For this you’ll need child themes in order to keep your changes when there are theme updates.

Beauty Theme like all MyThemeShop themes lets you easily create a child theme with just one click.

This is a feature that I really appreciate because not all themes let you create child themes this easily.

To create a child theme, all you need to do is to go to Theme Options, click on Import/Export and look for the Child Theme Generator on the page. Give your child theme a name and click the “Create” button to make your child theme.

When this is done, just go to Themes and activate it to use it on your site.

4. Built-in Options

One reason I love using MyThemeShop themes is that they include stuff in their themes that don’t require you to use external plugins. When I started using MyThemeShop themes years ago, I was able to delete a couple of plugins which I didn’t need anymore.

Whenever I use a theme that isn’t from MyThemeShop, I can appreciated what they do especially when I have to go searching for a plugin to find the functionality that I need.

One example is social sharing. With the Beauty Theme, this is built in. On most other themes, you’ll have to look for a social sharing plugin.

There is also the related posts section which is also built in and you can tweak the display options to make it look how you want on your site.

Beauty Theme also says that the SEO is built-in but instead use the Rank Math plugin.

What I Don’t Like About Beauty Theme

There isn’t much to not like about this theme. It is a very good theme and among my favorite themes from this theme provider.

The closest thing I could complain about is the fact that the SEO options aren’t built into the theme and you have to use a plugin.

Ever since using Genesis themes from StudioPress, I’ve been complaining about this with almost every theme I use. Genesis themes has SEO built right into the themes and you don’t have to use a plugin at all.

Having Rank Math for your SEO plugin though is still great because it is such a good SEO plugin with many features that aren’t readily available with the built-in SEO found in Genesis themes.

Who Is This Theme Best For?

The Beauty WordPress theme was built specifically with one particular niche in mind.

It is perfect for bloggers who blog about:

  • beauty (hair, nails, makeup etc)
  • style
  • fashion
  • teen girl blogger
  • womens issues

It can also be used by Instagram style influencers who need a companion website or blog or for a shop to sell fashion & style items since it is Woocommerce compatible.

However, because the theme options allow you to customize the theme with a lot of flexibility, you can go beyond the out the box use and use Beauty for any purpose.

To do this, all you really need to do is to change the color options and maybe even the fonts so that it fits the niche you need it for.

For example, if you want to use it for a health related website or blog, you can change the colors to green where they used to be pink. You can also change them to blue for a finance related blog or website.


The Beauty WordPress theme from MyThemeShop is packed with theme options that makes it a very flexible theme. You’ll love it just as much as I do and you’ll enjoy blogging with this theme in just about any niche.

There is lots to love about this theme and very little to dislike.

If you need a clean, minimalist designed theme which you can make your own, then try this theme especially if you blog about beauty or style topics.

Check out the theme on MyThemeShop. It is free at the time of this writing.


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