Chronicle Theme Review: Best Travel Website Theme from MyThemeShop

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Screenshot of MyThemeShop's Chronicle WordPress theme demo.

One of the most attractive WordPress themes I’ve seen in a while is the Chronicle theme by MyThemeShop.

Chronicle is a WordPress theme built specifically with the travel niche in mind. If you want to start a travel related website or blog or you want to revamp your travel blog then you should consider using this clean and minimalist theme.

Even though I love the free Blocksy WordPress theme, MyThemeShop is one of my favorite theme providers for premium WordPress themes.

They offer very feature-rich, highly customizable responsive themes that you can use for any purpose.

In this article, I’m going to run through some of what is offered by the Chronicle WordPress theme, what I like about this theme and if there’s anything that I don’t like about it.

You can check out the Chronicle Theme and demo here.

What I Like About the Chronicle WordPress Theme

The Chronicle theme is the perfect theme for your travel related website and your visitors will love this theme for it’s visual aesthetics and clean minimal design.

This is the first thing you’ll notice about the theme when you first view it but there are a whole lot of other reasons to love the Chronicle theme.

Here are some of the reasons why I like this particular WordPress theme from MyThemeShop so much.

1. Clean, Minimalist Design

As I mentioned before, this is what first attracted me to check out this theme more. You don’t want a WordPress theme that is cluttered and have too much going on.

The theme has a clean white background with lots of white spacing between elements and a nice web-friendly font.

The default layout is very pleasing to the eyes and is perfect for any visual niche like travel or food and cooking.

2. Three Blog Layouts

The default layout for the blog feed page looks great but you can also choose from an addition two other layouts.

So if you don’t like the three column layout that is in the default setting, there’s also a two column one and there’s a one column layout.

This theme is incredibly flexible so you can modify the theme to look different from anyone else who is using the same theme by starting with the blog layout setting.

3. Lots of Theme Options

The styling theme options panel from Chronicle Theme screenshot.

This is one thing I’ve always loved about MyThemeShop themes. When I talked about incredible flexibility, I’m talking about the amount of theme options that come with the theme that lets you change almost any aspect of the theme.

You can change fonts, header layouts, color scheme, sidebar position, footer layout and background, pagination, single page styling, comments section elements and a whole bunch of other stuff.

4. 1-click Child Theme

If you plan to make changes to the theme’s code for extra customization, you can do it via the CSS panel or you can change the code directly but you’ll need to have a child theme installed.

Making a child theme for the Chronicle theme, just like all MyThemeShop themes, is easy. You just create a name for the child theme and with one click, you have a child theme installed. Just go to the Themes section in your WordPress dashboard to activate it.

5. Related Posts Included

screenshot of related posts section in Chronicle theme demo

There are lots of premium themes that don’t come with related posts and you have to use a plugin to get this feature.

One reason why I love MyThemeShop themes is that they come with related posts included. The Chronicle theme has 5 related posts layouts included so you can customize your related posts section how you want it to look.

Related post help you to get your visitors to see other posts in your websites which can help to lower your bounce rate and help with internal linking to improve SEO.

6. SEO Ready

I also love themes that are SEO-ready where you don’t have to go install a plugin. StudioPress themes have SEO capabilities built into them so you don’t need a plugin like Yoast or All-In-One-SEO.

With Chronicle, you don’t need to install a plugin because the theme comes with the RankMath SEO plugin already installed. RankMath is one of the best SEO plugins available right now and is developed by MyThemeShop also.

Having RankMath installed makes the Chronicle theme SEO-ready along with it’s speed optimization settings, clean code and mobile responsiveness, you’ll be ready to conquer search engines and attract organic traffic.

There are a lot of reasons to use Chronicle WordPress theme and I’ve listed six of my favorites here. You can see all the features that come with the theme and check out the demo to explore what’s included.

Go here to check out the theme and demo.

What I Didn’t Like About the Chronicle Theme

Honestly, I checked out the theme and there isn’t anything that I can say that I didn’t like about it.

The theme is beautiful and perfect.

Who Can Use The Chronicle WordPress Theme?

The Chronicle WordPress theme was built specifically for travel and travel related niches so if you have a travel website/blog and want to change the theme then this is a great option.

The great thing about the theme though is that because it has a lot of theme options, you can completely change up things and use the theme for almost any niche.

However, the theme lends itself best to visual niches such as travel, fashion, food and cooking and much more.

Also because it has Woocommerce support and compatibility, you can use it to sell stuff in these same niches.

The best uses for the Chronicle theme are:

  • Travel blogs/websites
  • Fashion blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Cooking blogs
  • Music blogs
  • Movie blogs
  • and more.

It’s totally up to you and your imagination and creativity to use this theme for whatever purpose you want. Out the box, it’s perfect for the above niches but it has the flexibility to adjust to whatever content you would like to produce.

Check out the Chronicle Theme and demo here.

Hit the comments section below and tell me what you’re building. What do you think about the Chronicle theme and are you going to use it for your new project?


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