Envira Gallery Black Friday 2022 Deal

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The Envira Gallery Black Friday deal will give you the chance to save this holiday season.

All of the details for this promotion are here on this page so read until the end.

Envira Gallery is a WordPress plugin that allows users to build the best galleries on their websites with some very useful features. WordPress has a native gallery feature but it is basic at best and do not have as many features as Envira.

Third party WordPress gallery plugins don’t help that much either. Maybe they’ll slow down your website or aren’t SEO-friendly. Or maybe they don’t have features like right-click protection, watermarking and deeplinking.

Envira has a Lite version that you can download and try but you’ll get so much more with the premium version which normally starts at $29/year. The Black Friday sale allows you to get Envira at a much more affordable price.

Below are the details of the Envira Gallery Black Friday sale.

Envira Gallery Black Friday 2022 Deal

If you’re looking for the current lowest price on Envira then you have to take advantage of this Black Friday deal.

Here are the details of this Black Friday sale .

  • The Deal: Up to 30% off
  • Deal Page: Envira Gallery
  • Coupon Code: None needed.
  • Starts: Available now.
  • Ends: Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Envira Black Friday Pricing (Lifetime Plan is a Steal)

envira gallery pricing

Envira Gallery has both a lite version and a premium plugin. The Lite version can be downloaded from the WordPress repository and installed on as many websites as needed. However, it doesn’t have all the premium addons and features found in the paid version.

You’re probably looking for a Black Friday deal because you’ve tried the plugin, loved it and want to unlock the premium features.

The Basic version of Envira only let’s you use it on one site but you can create unlimited galleries and it comes with right-click protection, slideshows, lightbox and you’re able to add custom CSS. For one year of updates and support, you’d normally pay $29. The Black Friday deal cuts that down to only $20/year.

The Plus version normally costs $60/year but is now $48 for the first year with the Black Friday deal. You get everything in Basic and 17 other pro addons. You can password-protect your galleries, use gallery themes, import from Dropbox and add watermarks among other things.

This version is great if you want to use Envira’s premium gallery plugin on more than one sites (up to 3).

The Pro version of Envira is their most popular plan costing $99/year. The Black Friday deal of 30% off will reduce the price to just $69. You can use the Pro version on up to 5 websites and unlock a tonne of addons and features.

On Pro, you can have albums, allow social sharing, add video galleries, deeplinking and integrate with Elementor. You’ll get all 32 pro addons.

With the Black Friday 2022 deal, your discount is only valid for the first year. After this period, your subscription will be billed at the regular pricing. The best option here is to take the Lifetime deal which is a one time payment and includes everything being offered by Envira.

The Lifetime Deal

Previously, Envira Gallery had an Agency plan which was perfect for users who wanted to add this gallery plugin to their client sites.

The Lifetime deal is similar and is perfect for those users too. It normally costs $299 as a one-time payment but you’ll be able to get it for only $209 with this deal.

This makes Envira a steal because you get to pay only once while accessing everything the plugin has to offer. You can use the gallery plugin on unlimited sites, get premium support and lifetime updates.

If you want ALL of the addons and features in Envira Gallery with no yearly subscription then the Lifetime plan is what you need. The Black Friday deal will get you the cheapest price.

5 Best Envira Gallery Features

You probably already know which feature you want to unlock and why you’re getting the Envira Gallery premium plugin.

Envira comes with some very handy plugins that are perfect for gallery websites. I went through the plugin features and come up with this list of best features.

1. Protection Addon

The Protection addon in Envira Gallery prevents visitors from downloading your images. Visitors will be unable to right-click and save your photos to their device.

Watermarking is another feature that you can unlock in Envira but download prevention adds an extra layer of security if you use them both.

This feature is available on all Envira Gallery plans.

2. Videos Addon

Envira Gallery isn’t just for static images. You can also display videos inside your galleries by embedding video from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, Twitch, VideoPress or videos that are self-hosted.

The Video addon is only available in the Pro and Lifetime version of Envira.

3. Instagram Addon

This addon allows you to import all your Instagram photos into your WordPress galleries. This is super-useful if you’re a photographer with a large IG feed. You can import your images with only 3 clicks.

The Instagram addon is not available in the Basic plan, only from the Plus plan and up. Other addons that let you import content include the Dropbox and NextGEN addons, both of which are available on all plans.

4. Woocommerce Addon

Create a stream of income by selling your photos in WordPress. The Woocommerce addon allows you to completely integrate with Woocommerce in order to display and sell your photos.

This addon is only available on the Pro and Lifetime plans. The best time to get the Lifetime plan would be during the Black Friday sale that’s going on right now.

5. Audio Addon

You can add an audio track (as background music or a voice over narration) to the lightboxes in your Envira galleries.

This addon is also not available on all plans – only in the Pro plan and Lifetime plan.

Check out all 32 addons plus other features when you go to the Envira Gallery website to claim the Black Friday 2022 deal.

Recap/Key Takeaways of Envira Gallery Black Friday 2022 Deal

The Envira Gallery Black Friday 2022 deal is now available if you want to build galleries in your WordPress website.

Your yearly subscription is discounted by 30% for the first year after which you’ll pay the regular pricing. Lifetime users may have the best deal because the also get 30% off, access to everything and no fee to ever pay again.

Here is a brief recap of the Envira Gallery Black Friday 2022 deal.

  • The Deal: Up to 30% off
  • Deal Page: Envira Gallery
  • Coupon Code: None needed.
  • Starts: Available now.
  • Ends: Thursday, December 1st, 2022

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