Win iPhone 11 in Avangate’s Frozen Affiliate Realm Contest

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Affiliate contests can be a great motivator to get creative and boost productivity because it not only gives you the chance to make sales and commissions but also to be rewarded for your work in the form on cool prizes.

Avangate, now also known as 2CheckOut, is one affiliate network that has been motivating affiliates for years by hosting regular affiliate contests and their latest one is called the Frozen Affiliate Realm contest.

With this new contest, they promise that you can win some of the coolest prizes – all Apple products such as iPhones, tablets and smart watches.

To help do this, some of the vendors are offering discounts for the winter season and also increasing commission rates so that you can have an easier time promoting their products and racking up commissions.


The contest runs from November 15, 2019 and ends on January 31st 2020. During this period is when all discounts and increased commissions will be available.

To qualify, all you need to do is be an active affiliate of Avangate and promote offers from the 30 participating vendors listed below.

  • iObit (80% off / 75% commissions)
  • Movavi (30% off / 30% commissions)
  • Absolute Home & Office (30% off / 30% commissions)
  • Wondershare (30% off / 50% commissions)
  • Mondly Languages (25% off / 40% commissions)
  • Bitdefender (50% off / 35% commissions)
  • SEO Powersuite (50% commissions)
  • 123 Form Builder (40% off / 35% commissions)
  • Genie 9 Backup (80% off / 50% commissions)
  • E Draw (30% off / 30% commissions)
  • Incomedia (35% off / 50% commissions)
  • Devart (10% off / 20% commissions)
  • SysTools (20% off / 30% commissions)
  • AVS4You (30% off / 50% commissions)
  • DbSchema (various discounts / 25% commissions)
  • Epubor (20% off / 50% commissions)
  • VSDC (30% off / 50% commissions)
  • Eltima (30% off / 50% commissions)
  • ManyCam (35% off / 25% commissions)
  • DriverEasy (20% off / 50% commissions)
  • DbSofts (50% off / 50% commissions)
  • WinXDVD (75% off / 75% commissions)
  • MacXDVD (70% off / 75% commissions)
  • BackupTrans (15% off / 25% commissions)
  • Antamedia (70% off / 30% commissions)
  • Electronic Team (30% off / 50% commissions)
  • Wonder Fox (15% off / 50% commissions)
  • Colibri (20% off / 40% commissions)
  • Extend Themes (20% off / 40% commissions
  • BigMind by Zoolz (40% off / 50% commissions)

There will be three categories of winners which will be announced after the contest has ended.

  1. The Queen/King of Affiliates – the affiliate with the highest total sales volume during the contest period.
  2. The Princess/Prince of Affiliates – randomly picked winner from pool of affiliates who register after the contest has started and gets at least one sale before the contest ends.
  3. Adorable Snowman – randomly picked winner from pool of dormant affiliates (no sales in last 6 months) who get at least one sale during the contest period

The winners of the contest will be announced on February 29th, 2020.


Apple iPhone image

Three Apple products will be given away for first prize (Queen or King of Affiliates), second prize (Princess or Prince of Affiliates) and third prize (Adorable Snowman).

First prize is the latest iPhone – the iPhone 11 Pro with 256GB space valued at $1448.

Second prize is an Apple iPad Pro with 64GB space valued at $928.

Third prize is an Apple Watch Series 5 valued at $578.

Avangate is one of the best affiliate networks for digital products and software and has been recognized by mThink Blue Book for the last five years in a row for this.

They regularly hold affiliate contests which is something I think other affiliate networks should do to motivate affiliates. The only other affiliate network that I see hold contests is Clickbank who has one at some point in the year.

Some advertisers on all networks do have affiliate contests and giveaways which is great and aids in affiliates being productive and profitable.


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