5 Best Halloween Affiliate Programs to Promote This October

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Halloween decorations

There are some seasonal online businesses that can be very profitable. Having a website dedicated to Halloween is one of them.

Halloween spending in 2021 reached $10.1 billion and is expected to reach $10.6 billion in 2022 with an estimated $3.6 billion being spent on costumes, $3.1 billion on candy and $3.4 billion on decorations.

A Halloween website can make you some good money around the month of October. If you’re going to start one, you’ll have to do so at least 3 months from October. July or any time before that is a great time to get started.

Making a Halloween website profitable isn’t hard. You just have to keep in mind what people buy the most around this time. Halloween costumes, decorations, candy, animatronics and props are just a few essentials being bought for the season.

Below, I’ve listed 5 of the best Halloween affiliate programs you can promote this October if you want to make some good money within this niche market.

1. HalloweenCostumes.com

HalloweenCostumes.com homepage

If your readers were looking for Halloween costumes, then there is no doubt that they would open up Google and search for “halloween costumes”. The ideal website that matches this search is HalloweenCostumes.com – you could never be in doubt about what they offer.

As an affiliate, you’ll be working with a site that boasts the “biggest selection of costumes in the world”. They don’t just sell Halloween costumes despite the name, they sell costumes for all other occasions as well so you can make money all year round.

HalloweenCostumes.com offers 5% – 12% commissions on each sale. Their average order amount is around $70 and they regularly update their banners and other creatives so you can have the best promotional tools available to sell their products.

Why Promote HalloweenCostumes.com

One thing you’ll love about promoting HalloweenCostumes.com is that they send a monthly newsletter with insights that you can use to position their offer in front of your existing or new audiences.

They’ll put you onto new trends such as newly released movies and tv shows that can influence costume choices and also give you new banners to match these trends. They’ll also invite you to contact their affiliate manager for custom banners or if you need exclusive coupon codes to give away.

You’ll find the HalloweenCostumes.com affiliate program on at least four affiliate networks including CJ.com, Shareasale, AvantLink and LinkConnector.

You can find more info about HalloweenCostumes.com affiliate program on their affiliate page here.

2. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween homepage

Spirit Halloween has over 1350 store locations across America so there is no doubt that this is a brand that people looking for Halloween costumes, decor and other Halloween must-haves know and trust.

Promoting a known brand as an affiliate can be good for conversions. Spirit Halloween gives from 8% up to 13% commissions which is the highest I could find for any Halloween affiliate program.

Spirit Halloween was previously available on multiple affiliate networks including CJ Affiliate but the one they’re recommending that you use on their own affiliate page is their program on Ascend.

As an affiliate with Ascend, some of the benefits may include:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Support 5 days a week by phone & email
  • Opportunities for exclusive offers
  • Custom display ads with rapid turnaround
  • Commission increases for select placements
  • Exclusive codes for code-based tracking
  • Vanity codes
  • Reliable product feeds

Spirit Halloween has a wide range of costumes for other occasions than just Halloween, decorations and animatronics for spooky Halloween fun.

3. Halloween Express

Halloween Express homepage

Halloween Express is a store that deals with costumes, props, decor and decorations for Halloween and other occasions. Their insane 110% price guarantee ensures that you get the lowest price on a costume when compared to their competitors.

This is great for affiliates who want to save their readers money. Affiliates can join their program via CJ Affiliate and get paid starting at 7% per sale. The commission structure increases and affiliates with large volume sales can get custom commission rates.

120 day cookies ensure that you get paid long after your site traffic has visited Halloween Express through your links. Another great reason why you should promote Halloween Express is that they regularly have special promotions just for affiliates as well as custom coupons.

You can find out more about the Halloween Express affiliate program by checking out their affiliate page here.

4. Halloween Spot

Halloween Spot homepage

One interesting thing I found about the Halloween Spot’s affiliate program is that they allowed PPC for search engine marketing affiliates and that they allowed direct linking. Not many affiliate programs in this space readily highlights that feature or allows it.

Halloween Spot has it’s affiliate program exclusively through Linkconnector and offers 15% commissions on sales. They provide banners, text links and product feeds to affiliates who need these creatives. Creatives are frequently updated and you can contact them for custom creatives.

I thought that the cookie duration of just 30 days was too small compared to some of the other advertisers mentioned here but if you’re a Linkconnector affiliate and looking for a Halloween affiliate program to promote then this might be one of your options alone with the aforementioned HalloweenCostumes.com.

You can find out more about Halloween Spot’s affiliate program by visiting their affiliate page.

5. Party City

PartyCity homepage

Here’s an advertiser that doesn’t have the term Halloween in it’s name. Party City is a party supplies website which means they’re a go-to website for balloons, candy, costumes, decorations and other party supplies, pretty much the same stuff you’d get if you were planning a Halloween party anyway.

Party City has over 850 physical locations across the United States so people know the name and the brand has established trust.

This is good for affiliates and if you’re promoting Halloween costumes and other items related to the holiday, you can send traffic to their Halloween costumes pages and any relevant pages you need to link to.

The advertiser has their affiliate through CJ Affiliate and offers a 4% commission for each sale. Cookie duration here is 30 days.

So although Party City has a large supply of Halloween related items, physical locations and brand trust, they have a low commission rate compared to the other advertisers and a 30 day cookie duration isn’t all that competitive either. They still might work well for you so it won’t hurt to give it a try.


If you want to get a piece of the $9 billion pie that is Halloween sales, you may want to start promoting Halloween offers around October every year.

These 5 advertisers have affiliate programs you can use to monetize your Halloween websites and make money. I’ve made a good amount of money from a page that I did on a non-Halloween related website (a personal blog) just by partnering with some Halloween affiliate programs and promoting their products. Imagine what you can make promoting products from a Halloween-focused website.

Pay special attention to stuff that is trending such as movies that came out during the year so that you can know what is influencing people in terms of costume ideas. Classic costumes such as witches and vampires also work well.

One thing you don’t want to do is to wait until October to get started. People are already starting to pre-order Halloween costumes and waiting will only give you less time to prepare and take advantage of the massive amount of traffic to be had for this season. Now (as I write this in July) is the perfect time to get started.


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