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I just came across a website called Home Income Millionaire where they’re promising you that “you can start getting paid $1000s” after watching a short video.

This website looks like so many that I’ve reviewed before that fall short of their promise and one thing they had on the page immediately let me know that this is something I would not recommend to my readers.

I’m going to be revealing what that one thing is in this review of Home Income Millionaire and I’m going to let you know whether or not this website can make you any money.

So if you’ve come across this website yourself and you’re looking for a Home Income Millionaire review before trying it, then you’re going to want to read every word on this page carefully.

What is Home Income Millionaire About?

Whenever I do a review of a product, I try to purchase or get my hands on the product so that I can share my feelings based on my own personal experience.

I was however unable to purchase Home Income Millionaire because of geographical limitations. After clicking on the order button, my browser would not go forward to the order page instead showing me a blank page. It seems that some countries get geo-blocked from trying Home Income Millionaire.

So this review is going to be based on two things – the video presentation and my research on other people who have purchased Home Income Millionaire and shared their experience. It is also based on my experience with these types of products.

First, here is an overview of Home Income Millionaire so you can see what it’s about at a glance.

Name: Home Income Millionaire
Website: homeincomemillionaire.com
Owner: “Marc Jennings”
Years Online: Since June 2019
Price: $97
Overall Rating: 1/10

Based on the video presentation, you never really fully learn what you’re getting into or what you’re selling or promoting.

The presenter keeps on saying that you don’t have to do any work, and that his sales team would do all the work for you. This is hard to believe and it’s never really clear what you’re paying $97 to get into. The presenter later contradicts this statement by saying that all you have to do is find people and his team will close the sales.

From what is stated it seems that this is a funnel for another product called Millionaire Coach which the presenter is possibly selling. He states that his team closes sales for a high ticket product that sells from $2000 – $10000 and you get 50% of the sale resulting in commissions of $1000 – $5000.

I’ve actually seen some products like this before like MOBE and Digital Altitude but both were shut down by the federal government a while back because they were actually pyramid schemes. Since the presenter is working on bringing in people to sell his products, it’s possible that he is building a downline and is part of an MLM type program.

For $97, it appears that you get a millionaire mentor to work with you. Again this looks like one of those MLM deals.

But you don’t need to buy into this because there are plenty of red flags to make you uncomfortable enough not to proceed. Whenever I see presentations like these, if I feel that I’m not being presented with honest information then that is enough for me to decide not to buy and I’ll even review products based on that alone because I know what I’m getting into cannot be good for me or anyone else.

Red Flags

From the second I hit the Home Income Millionaire page, I was able to spot more than a couple of red flags which instantly told me that this was no good.

I’ve had about 12 years experience looking at products like these and I know that for some it may not be easy to tell what the red flags are but I can easily find them and point them out to you.

Red flags make you feel uncomfortable and when there are a lot like on this page, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. In this section I’ll expose some of the ones that I found.

Firstly, the name made me feel uncomfortable. Home Income Millionaire just sounds like one of those fly-by-night, sheisty web pages that promise you huge riches for doing nothing.

And that is exactly what happens in this presentation. The video starts off with photos of mansions, cars, yachts, vacations and cruises. They’re trying to reel you in by selling you the lifestyle instead of a legit opportunity.

That’s the first red flag.

Next, there’s the scarcity red flag which makes you think that you might lose. Right above the video they tell you that they have a small number of spots with the number decreasing as you view the video.

However, if I reload the video, the number starts right back where it originally started. They have unlimited spots because there is no real limitation on how many people they’ll accept. If you have $97, you bet they’ll take your money.

Another red flag is that you never see Marc’s face, yet you hear his voice and people reference him in their testimonials and emails. The truth is that Marc isn’t a real person but a fake persona used to sell Home Income Millionaire. The real creator of this product does not want you to learn their true identity which is a likely sign that this isn’t so trustworthy.

This is something that happens with a lot of these types of products and one that I’ve experienced over the years. Most of these products are created by someone who presents themselves with a made up name because they’re lying to you about a lot of stuff anyway.

The earnings claims may seem unrealistic as the presenter says that you’ll make $5000 before the week is up but based on what they’ve said about the structure of the product, this is definitely possible. However, in the disclaimer section, it states that you might never make a sale so the earnings claims are based on a number of factors and not a guarantee. No one can make guarantees on how much you will actually earn.

That One Testimonial Guy

One of the biggest red flags of Home Income Millionaire lies in the testimonials section below the video. It’s the one thing I told you about earlier that alerted me that this wasn’t going to be any good at all.


When I saw this one guy, I immediately knew this was not something I was going to recommend. I’ve seen this guy in a number of presentations going as far back as 2013 or 2014.

This guy is actually an actor who goes by the name “banjoman15“, selling his services on a microgig site called Fiverr.

The guy is so popular and shows up in a lot of videos giving testimonials that as soon as I saw him, I knew that the testimonials were fake.

In fact, I recognize the other two guys from the screenshot because they’re also from Fiverr and I’ve seen them in video presentations like this one where they’re giving fake testimony.

If this product (or any product for that matter), worked and people were actually making money, then there would be no need to purchase fake testimonials. All they’d have to do was get real people to talk about how the product made money for them.

So fake product owner and fake testimonials? This doesn’t look good at all. Would you seriously purchase something that is barely explained from someone who’s hiding their identity and calling on fake users to say good things about their product?

I know I wouldn’t. It just looks too shady to me.

Can You Make Money with Home Income Millionaire?

Theoretically, you can make money with Home Income Millionaire but it’s highly unlikely that you will and it’s unlikely that you’ll be a millionaire.

The presenter tries to reel you in by repeatedly saying that you don’t have to do any work and that his sales team will do all the work for you.

Do you know anything else that works that way? People do all the work for you and you get to cash the big checks? Maybe, if you own a big business and have salespeople or hired workers but this is way different.

In the disclaimer for the program, you learn a little more about what Home Income Millionaire really is all about and it seems that the program doesn’t work as the presenter says it does.

Just so you know, the results I have achieved are not what can generally be expected. The Home Income Millionaire program is not a job opportunity, it is an opportunity for education that can help people to earn money through their efforts.
Home Income Millionaire is an Internet marketing education program. By purchasing the Home Income Millionaire program you are not purchasing a business, business opportunity, or job.
Anyone who buys a program about making money will not necessarily make money simply by purchasing the program. Who knows you may never make any money.

Home Income Millionaire is actually just an internet marketing training program that you can get for $97 on entry. The higher ticket prices are probably upsells that promise more training and you get to resell the same program to more people and earn 50% commissions. If this is the case then it’s very similar to program that the FTC have shut down before. This is not a program that you’ll want to get involved with.

Can you make money? It’s possible but you will not be making it in an ethical way and you will be just as bad as the presenter.

A Legit Way To Make an Income From Home

Home Income Millionaire is touted as an internet marketing training program. For $97, it doesn’t even make it clear what you get or what you’ll be learning.

There are lots of other more legitimate options available if you want to learn how to make an income using the internet. These options don’t try to deceive you and the creators are all accessible and upfront with their subscribers. Furthermore, people who take their training do make money from taking action on what they learn.

The best of these training sites is one that I’ve recommended since 2007 because I’ve used that site to learn how to earn an income for myself even quitting my job and going full time.

To this day, I’m still a member and you can see my profile here.

There are lots of success stories being posted daily and people really are making money because you get a lot of step-by-step training, support and tools to help you create an online business that makes you money.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try then you wouldn’t have to worry about how much it costs or if it’s for real because you can sign up for a free account to try it out and then upgrade later if you find value.

I’ve written a review of this site where you can learn all about it and decide if it’s worth your time. Check it out.

Have you had any experience with Home Income Millionaire? Tell me what you think about it now that you’ve read my review.


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