Can You Get Paid To Write for Listverse?

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Did you hear that you can make $100 per list that you submit to Listverse?

Originally, I was going to write an article about how you can make money writing and submitting lists articles to Listverse. However, one revealing discovery made me change my mind.

So I changed the title of this post to “can you get paid to write for Listverse?”

The answer to the question above is both YES and a surprising NO. Read on to find out what this means to you if you’re looking to earn money writing for this entertaining website.

What Is Listverse?

Listverse is a site where you can read entertaining “top 10” articles about topics ranging from the normal movie and music related lists you can find on most entertainment sites to the bizarre.

Normally, you’ll find the type of lists that aren’t common knowledge because they aren’t written anywhere else. Stuff like 10 Biblical Facts Everyone Gets Wrong and Top 10 Mysterious People Who Should Have Movies Made About Them are interesting and fascinating and are sure to have stuff that you probably didn’t know about.

The best thing about this site though is that the articles are written by people like you and me and not by some scholarly researcher whose job description is to sit at a desk all day and find stuff to write about.

According to, at the time of this writing, Listverse ranked 10,619 in the world in terms of traffic and popularity. The site gets millions of pageviews every month and gets their revenue from display ads.

Because their traffic provided them with good revenue, the site was able to offer a great opportunity to freelance writers by paying them for content. This strategy also helped them to grow their website, brand and popularity.

$100 for Submitting Top 10 Lists to Listverse?

Up until recently, Listverse paid $100 to anyone who could submit the type of content they served to readers. This opportunity isn’t available anymore but there is a way that you can still get paid for submitting top 10 lists that get published on the site although it’s not as reliable or attractive as their previous offer.

I had started outlining this post before I found out that Listverse no longer paid for submissions and I had also planned on writing and submitting a few pieces of content to document my experience with earning money from Listverse.

However, while browsing the site today, I found that they had edited their ‘write for us’ page and I also found this on their submission page.

Listverse submit a list screenshot

It was shocker to me to read that “Listverse does not pay for submissions” after knowing about their offer to give writers $100 for published work.

I went back to their “write for us” page to double check and saw that they had revised the text there editing out anything about their previous offer of paying $100 to writers.

Instead, if you choose to write and submit a list, you’d be donating content to the site, stuff that you love to read and want others to read. You probably won’t get anything in return.

They did offer a bit of hope if you wanted to get paid for your content though.

Can You Get Paid for Writing for Listverse?

Although Listverse does not pay for submissions anymore, they did offer one tiny opportunity to get paid for your content.

Some writers develop such a huge following on the site that they become paid contributing members of staff. If you think you have what it takes to become a paid writer for Listverse, send in your contributions and if they perform well, you will be promoted to a staff writer and will start getting paid immediately!

So you can still get paid for getting your lists published on Listverse but this opportunity isn’t a sure thing so you shouldn’t put your hopes into this if you plan on getting paid for your content.

The quality of the work you need to submit is high and there is no guarantee that it will be accepted and published on the site. If you work does get published though, there also isn’t a guarantee that it will do well.

You will need to have more than a few well-performing articles published on the site in order for Listverse to choose you as a staff-writer. There is no doubt though that you will get paid well for your work once you’ve reached that point.

I wouldn’t recommend putting in that effort and getting your hopes up if you want to get paid for your work.

There are a many other sites out there that will pay you for your content. Sites like Cracked, All That’s Interesting and Top Tenz are three sites with similar content that may offer paid opportunities.

Start a Blog and Write for Yourself

Listverse depends on their writers to grow the content on their website because they know that they can earn money from display ads. They can also afford to give writers some of their earnings to help grow their site.

This strategy illustrates several things but the most important one being – if you own the site, you get paid the most. You may put yourself into position to leverage the work of others to grow your income opportunities.

Sure, you can look for more freelance writing opportunities online of which there are plenty. But you can also start your own blog if you like writing and produce content that you can monetize and earn from over and over again.

If you do manage to get to match Listverse’s reach and popularity, this could mean tens of thousands of dollars in income every month instead of a few hundred bucks.

Starting a blog doesn’t take much effort or money either. There is such a low barrier that just about anyone, including non-writers, can start one for free and set themselves up for financial gain.

To get started with a blog, you’ll need somewhere to blog, a domain name and some content ideas.

If you’re not familiar with the process, you may need to get some training, which will also cover how to also make money with a blog and monetizing your site with affiliate marketing instead of just display ads.

There is one place on the internet that contains everything you’ll need including:

  • step-by-step training
  • a blogging platform (you get a free blog)
  • domain names
  • web hosting
  • research tools
  • a supportive community
  • affiliate marketing training and tutorials
  • affiliate program suggestions

I’m a member of that site, which I’ve reviewed here, and I’m readily available to help you with your journey whenever you need me. It’s free to get started by the way.

So get started with your own blog if you need a better earning opportunity than what freelance writing for sites like Listverse provides.


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