Money Looper Review: Is Money Looper Legit?

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UGLY TRUTH #1: 99.5% of systems that claim to make money online are complete scams being ran by selfish gurus.

UGLY TRUTH #2: If you happen upon a legitimate way to make money online, the selfish gurus will try to stop it.

These are just two out of three of the so called ugly truths that “Mike Dee”, the narrator and creator of Money Looper, reveals in his video.

So it may seem as though Money Looper is a legit program that you can follow to earn millions of dollars just as Mike says he earns.

However, there are a number of red flags that I’ve come across while checking out Money Looper and they’re so bad that I’ve questioned like you probably have, how legit this program really is.

It doesn’t help that I found out about Money Looper through spam that ended up on my mobile phone.

So is Money Looper a scam? Or is it the legit program that you need in 2020 to finally make money online? See what I’ve turned up in this Money Looper review.

What Exactly is Money Looper?

I have to admit that I tried to figure out from the name what this program is all about.

Money Looper isn’t exactly a straightforward name that gives you a clue about what the program entails. So maybe Mike Dee will explain it in the video so that you’ll know what you’re buying.

Well, I checked out the entire presentation and came upon my first red flag.

At no point in the video does Mike explain what this method is all about. This is an example of a blind sales page where you don’t know exactly what you’re buying but it is just sold on the promise that you’re going to make money – and lots of it.

There is something that Mike calls a “money loophole” which is what the name of the product comes from, that he says he follows in order to make money. He says that this defeats the gurus’ ability to shut down his methods as in “ugly truth #2”.

popup screenshot showing Clickbank earnings.
A pop-up shows earnings screenshots from Clickbank and promises recent info (June 2020).

But we never know what Money Looper is all about. Mike does show some screenshots of a Clickbank account from 2009 and one from 2013 which means that this could be about affiliate marketing.

But such old accounts could mean that the method is outdated and no longer work. It could mean that this product is from more than a couple of years ago.

Today is the first time I’ve heard about Money Looper but a check on Google shows that the product has been around since at least December 2018.

Who Is Mike Dee Anyway?

Mike Dee, also known as Mike Thomas appears to be a fake name used to protect the true identity of the person who created Money Looper.

I’ve never heard of Mike Dee and that’s OK. I tried to look him up but couldn’t find anything about him.

However, because I’m used to reviewing products like this one all the time, I know that it is common practice for some product owners to use a fake persona to try to sell their products especially when it is a scam or low quality product or something that just doesn’t work. That way they can save their reputation.

This seems to be the case with Money Looper and is another red flag you should take note of before you start typing out your credit card info.

More Red Flags

There are some other red flags I found.

Everything the narrator, Mike Dee, says in the video is part of a script that has been used over and over in other videos. I’ve heard this one before while I was reviewing another product but I can’t remember which one. It’s probably not available anymore.

Because the script doesn’t make any specific mention of a product save for the “money loophole” part, it can be used over and over to sell a dream instead of an actual product. This is what scammy gurus do (all 99.5% of them).

Let me ask you something. Would you buy a box wrapped in brown paper so you don’t know what’s actually inside it just because the seller promises it would change your life?

I wouldn’t either and this is the same thing that’s going on here.

Another thing to look out for is the $70 promise.

Mike Dee promises that you’ll get $70 at the end of the video if you were in doubt. I don’t think anyone can claim that or anyone actually received it because it’s just a ploy to get you to listen to the video all the way through and to either take action and purchase or to click away.

So Is Money Looper A Scam?

All the red flags were enough for me to not actually buy Money Looper. If I was genuinely interested in getting it and saw all these red flags, I would not have made the purchase.

But is the actual product a scam?

For $27 one time fee, you get access to the Money Looper software and training through a private members area. The Payzeno registration page says that there is a 60 day money back guarantee so you could probably get your money back if it turns out you don’t like the product.

However, I wouldn’t join just because there’s a money back guarantee. Some product owners are responsible for refunds and they will put you through hell to give you your money back even though they’re obligated to honor the guarantee.

Money Looper as it turns out is actually pretty much a scam because the entry free only leads to more upsells once you buy into the product. There is very basic training on affiliate marketing in the members area.

Affiliate marketing is a legit process and is how I’m able to make a full time income using websites. You can get free training here from a legit site that I’m a member of.

Once you’re in the system, you’ll be subjected to more and more offers that aggressively try to get you to sign up and sell the same system to others.

Money Looper is something you want to stay away from.

A Better Alternative to Money Looper

If you really want to make money online then there are much better systems you can follow where people are more upfront about what you’ll be doing.

An example would be Wealthy Affiliate which is one of the best places online to get affiliate marketing training simply because:

  • you can sign up for free and start training (no credit card needed)
  • the owners are real people who immerse themselves in the community
  • the owners interact, help you and are heavily invested in your success
  • you have all the tools available to run an online business
  • a step by step, practical training program you can follow and easily apply

You can see my full review here of this program. I’m also a member there since 2007 and you can find my active profile here.

Money Looper promises a lot but never tells you what it’s all about. It is one of those typical scam products that the narrator warns us about with his UGLY TRUTHS. Skip Money Looper because most likely, you won’t need it.



  1. I tried WA once, but I ran into a wall. Maybe I’m not smart enough. On top of that, I was unable to pay $19/month. And would that monthly payment guarantee me any income. And that $19/month sounds like an upsell! Maybe your feedback will guide me back to pursue WA again. CHEERS mate!

    • Don’t say you’re not smart enough. The problem is usually something else like not having enough patience or something else.

      Wealthy Affiliate isn’t free. They allow you to create a free account to get started. The $19/month is the discounted price for the first month for upgrading to premium. It’s not an upsell. It’s the cost of Wealthy Affiliate (which is actually $49/month). If you’re unable to pay $19/month then you probably should just stick to the free Starter account until you start making some income. Paying for anything at all on the internet would not guarantee you anything. That all depends on your input and effort.

      All the best Norman and hopefully I’ll see you at WA again.

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