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My Commission Bootcamp website December 2023

If you’re looking for My Commission Bootcamp reviews then you’ve landed on the right website because I’m going to tell you whether or not this new system by Chris Brant is a scam or the real deal.

When I first came across the sales video for My Commission Bootcamp, I’d never heard about it so I decided to do some research on it.

Now the system and the video has gotten a brand new update and is being sold again for 2024, I’ve decided to revisit it and try to update this review.

Has the system improved? Did Chris Brant make a better system than his older version of his My Commission Bootcamp that I had initially reviewed?

I watched the sales video with all the glowing testimonials and though a bit wary, I decided to give my name and email address. But I stopped short of paying $47 to even peep at the system and for a good reason.

Stuff like this, I just don’t buy because they never tell you what you’re going to get. Instead they sell you a dream of getting rich and hope that you’re careless enough to take their bait.

I’ve seen this sales video before way too many times with just a small bit of modification each time. It’s sad really. I’ll show you the red flags that you should be aware of because sometimes without the experience, they’re sometimes tough to spot.

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My Commission Bootcamp Overview

Here’s a quick overview of My Commission Bootcamp before I continue.

Commission Bootcamp logo

Name: My Commission Bootcamp
Owner: Chris Brant
Years Online: 3+ (since March 2020)
Price: $47 ($27 with discount)
Overall Rating: 1/10

The creator of My Commission Bootcamp claims that his system has created more success stories than any other system out there.

This is a weird claim because I’ve never heard about My Commission Bootcamp and from my research at the time, the website had only been up for a couple of months when I first heard about it. It was started around March 2020.

I’ve never heard of Chris Brant from Miami but since I’m familiar with these types of offers through years of experience reviewing them, I can assure you that Chris Brant doesn’t exist – it is just a fake name used to hide the true identity of the person who created this system.

Why would anyone try to hide their identity and make weird claims about student’s success rates?

Could it be because the system just does not work?

What Is My Commission Bootcamp All About?

My Commission Bootcamp, bank of america screenshot
Fake bank balance. Why do we need to see this again?

You’ve probably seen an infomercial before on late night television. They tell you all about the product and even show you how it works. If you think it can help you, you buy it.

It’s unclear what My Commission Bootcamp entails which is my biggest problem with their sales video and the number one reason why I would pass on even entering my credit card information.

As I mentioned before I’m also guided by my years of experience reviewing these types of offers.

You shouldn’t have to rely on clues to know what you’re going to get in a product. But this is what you have to do with this program.

From clues in the video, they talk about earning commissions so it’s most likely something to do with affiliate marketing (this is a legit way to earn money online).

Wait a minute! Clicksure!?

My Commission Bootcamp review - a clicksure account screenshot
A Cliicksure account? Seriously?

They also show screenshots of earnings from an affiliate network called Clicksure. The problem with this is that Clicksure closed it’s doors in August 2018 – over 5 years ago!

Even for a new system at the time when I first encountered it, showing screenshots of earnings from a defunct program was just a huge red flag to me. This conveyed the message that the information may be outdated and useless.

It’s even worse now that the system is supposed to be updated. At least throw in some recent earnings screenshots. It looks to me that they’re just using the same old video which begs the question – is My Commission Bootcamp really an updated version or the same old offering?

Copy and paste your way to lazy profits?

One last clue is the 3-step system Chris talks about that involves copying and pasting and then earning commissions. So it’s a done-for-you system where they’ve done all the work for you and then you just use that material to earn money.

The problem with this is that, non-experienced people are not going to know how to make this work. Sure, Chris says that coaching is available but with everyone having access to the same material, you’re sure to run into trouble.

With only 100 people having access, this might be OK but that’s another lie that has been told to you by “Chris”. My Commission Bootcamp has been online for over 3 years now so I’m sure the number of people who have had access thus far run in the thousands.

Is My Commission Bootcamp a Scam?

I don’t usually like to use the word scam but this offer is looking like one to me. There are too many red flags.

  • Fake “As Seen on” logos – My Commission Bootcamp has never had press coverage on TV.
  • Fake name – Chris Brant is a fake name
  • Outdated screenshots
  • Faked bank account screenshots
  • Overblown earnings claims
  • Fake backstory
  • Overhyped lifestyle claims – mansions, vacations, cars etc
  • Fake testimonials – they’re hired actors from Fiverr
  • Blind sales page – no mention of what product really is about
  • False scarcity claims – they’re definitely taking more than 100 people.
  • Fake availability – Video still up after 24 hours – it’s been up for 3+ years.

I could probably go on with the list as I’m sure I missed some stuff. I’ll elaborate on a few of these.

Fake Name & Persona

If Chris Brant is a fake name (which I know it is), then it goes without saying that the bank account screenshots with his name are also fake.

His over-hyped lifestyle claims of owning mansions, exotic cars and taking long expensive vacations are also more than likely very untrue as his entire story is a template that has been used for various sales videos over the years.

Notice he doesn’t appear in any of the pictures of the house, cars or vacations? Those are stock photos and videos being used.

His sob story is also fake and with all of these fake stories and claims, he is trying to reel you in. The sob story is to draw at your emotions so you can probably say you know how he feels. And the story of riches because you want that stuff too. If he could do it, then you can too.

Overblown Earnings Claims

So students start out with no experience and no knowledge of the system and they start making hundreds and thousands of dollars after just 2 days (as one user claimed) and after 8 days (as another user claimed).

Chris claims that users are making $500, $1000 and $3000 per day just by copy and pasting his system with no experience.

I’m not sure you know how tough it is to make this type of money online with no experience in such a short time.

And Chris is sure to disarm you by saying stuff like “there are lots of scammers out there spreading lies and touting systems that do not work.”

However, this is a great example of one such system and you should be very aware of it.

Fake Testimonials

Throughout the video, several of Chris purported students appear to thanks him for changing their lives after they allegedly earned huge sums of money in very little time.

Great for them. Except that I’ve seen some of these guys before and they’ve all appeared in other videos thanking some other people for having access to their systems and making the same income claims.

These guys aren’t actual students. They’re hired actors from a site called Fiverr where you can pay people to do just about any task starting at $5.

Take this guy for example.

Screenshot of testimonial video

He earned an amazing $2278 in a very short time with no experience. Good job.

But I can almost guarantee that he did not try the My Commission Bootcamp system. This performer sells spokesperson videos on Fiverr starting at $5.

screenshot of kylebrauch spokesperson gig on Fiverr.

This guy has been around so long and has done these types of testimonials for these types of programs so much that I recognized him as soon as he popped up. I recognized a few others too who also do the same thing on Fiverr.

Now I’m thinking that if My Commission Bootcamp produces any real success and the system is the real deal then you’d have real people sharing their success stories and their real earnings.

This tells me that everything “Chris Brant” is saying about his system is far from the truth.

So is My Commission Bootcamp a scam?

Well, the red flags have been exposed and it’s up to you to make the call. Would you purchase this system?

This My Commission Bootcamp Alternative Works

So you’re probably wondering what now. Does anything work?

Well, there are lots of systems and training out there that do work. You just have to know what to look for.

And if you don’t know what to look for, try these tips.

They tell you what’s involved before you start.

Real systems that work don’t sell you the dream. They let you know what is involved rather than being vague about it.

Sure any system that is worth it should be able to change your life and your situation but they shouldn’t tell lies and focus on mansions, yachts and expensive cars to get you to buy.

If it’s affiliate marketing, then they should say so.

If it’s freelance writing, then they should say so.

If it’s Amazon FBA, then they should say so.

Who’s running the show?

It’s important to know who you’ll be taking instructions from. You should be able to Google the person’s name and get to know who they are.

You want someone with a face, not someone hiding behind a fake name and a fake backstory who doesn’t even show up in their own vacation pictures.

Most honest people who have their own systems, also have successful websites and businesses or they also blog and people know who they are because they’re also a part of the industry they want to teach you about.

There are real students with real results.

No fake testimonials from Fiverr. If someone does share their success, they should have followed the system or be a student of the training that they’re talking about.

If the system works then there are going to be some success stories. Most people don’t usually share their successes but for every handful who won’t there’s someone who will want others to know.

One program I can tell you about that satisfies all three of these requirements at least is Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member there for over 10 years and I’ve used the training and tools to quit my job to do affiliate marketing full time.

Firstly, they tell you what is involved before you start. As a matter of fact, there are no long videos to watch. You can grab a free account and get started on the training in the next 5 minutes.

There’s no secret system. Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing, a proven business model that many people use to make hundreds, thousands and even millions online.

Secondly, the owners don’t hide. They’re Kyle and Carson from Vancouver, Canada and they started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and evolved the training and tools over the years to keep up with the changes in affiliate marketing.

Kyle and Carson are also members of the site and regularly join in with the discussions on the site as well as post blogs and helpful articles to help members.

Finally, it’s easy to find real students with real results because Wealthy Affiliate doubles as a business social network where students help each other and share their thoughts and ideas on the site.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you set up your profile and then you’re able to create blogs, create discussions and ask for help. You can find my profile here.

So this alternative to My Commission Bootcamp is indeed the real deal and it does work. I’ve done a Wealthy Affiliate review here if you want to learn more.


My Commission Bootcamp may promise you the world but it’s mostly lies and hype. There are many red flags that I’ve revealed that alert you to the potential scam that this is.

Although, “Chris Brant” or whoever is behind this warns about the scammers, it seems that they’re the ones who you should be warned about.

I can’t imagine My Commission Bootcamp as a workable system. My experience over the years have guided me to not recommend this.

Instead, I’m recommending an alternative that I’m still currently using – one that’s transparent and honest in their presentation. It works and you can join for free to try out the training.



  1. Thank you for for your honest tip regarding mycommissionbootcamp, yes I was a fool for the third time this takes the cake. Val Dufour

    • Don’t beat yourself up. These guys are smart, deceptive and very manipulative. But you did your research so that’s a good thing. I’m glad I could help.

    • I was wondering when these types of comments would show up.

      Sereatha, I do not own My Commission Bootcamp nor do I sell anything on this website. So I did not take your money.

      All I did was review the product and give warnings on why you probably shouldn’t get involved with it. Unfortunately for you, you Googled after you gave up your credit card info and got hustled. If you had Googled before and read my review, which apparently you still didn’t do because of the comment you left, you would have been safe.

      My website isn’t about hustling people. It’s about helping people.

      I’ve included the link to the real My Commission Bootcamp site so you can try going there and contacting the people responsible for the site (this is the right way). Or if you find the email with the billing receipt, it may have info on how to get a refund including the contact info you need to reach out to.

      For anyone else who thinks that I took their money, I’m not the guy. I’m trying to help people here, not hurt them.

      • So happy to hear your report. I see these types of “pie in the sky” opportunities all the time and I almost believe until something in ky gut says research first. I have heard of wealthy affiliate before and think I’ll give them a try.

  2. There is so many “SCAM” out is. What about your system Chris. Thank you for your honesty. It’s not about the $47. fee. It the results,

    • Hello Barbara.

      Chris’ system as I’ve pointed out in the review, has a number of red flags that point towards it not being too trustworthy. I do not recommend My Commission Bootcamp and would advise you to skip it and try something else.

      You can read the review and see why I do not recommend that you get involved with My Commission Bootcamp. It more on the scam side of things the way it is marketed.


    • Depending on when you were charged, you may be eligible for a refund. My Commission Bootcamp’s payment processor is Clickbetter and their refund policy says that you can get a refund within 60 days of purchase by either contacting My Commission Bootcamp or Clickbetter. My suggestion would be to contact Clickbetter because you have a much better chance of getting a response. If that fails, you can always contact your bank or credit card provider.

      Informing the BBB will probably do nothing especially if they aren’t listed on that website and also because they’re already getting exposed via independent reviews like this one by bloggers on the internet.

  4. This is a total waste of time, I had to pay $37.00 that they claim they will refund to you, but then there is no website for support to refund, and the phone number they contacted me from has been disconnected. Just so you know if you buy everything, they say you will need you are looking at $327.00 a month PLUS 200 clicks cost $122.00, and you will need at least 1,000,000. clicks to make any money so that is $625,000.00.

  5. This is a scam people. When you call and the guy answer if you ask a question and it’s not what he want to hear HE WILL BLOCK YOUR NUMBER just like what they did to me.

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