Niche Finder AI 2.0 Finds Your Perfect Niche in Seconds

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Niche Finder with AI

One of the best and most useful tools at Wealthy Affiliate just got an AI update.

Niche Finder 2.0 now takes advantage of the growing trend of AI integrations into many business tools in 2023. AI takes a lot of the work out of tasks that previously took multiple steps and allows you to do everything faster and easier.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how Niche Finder 2.0 lets you find niches – a critical step in starting any online business – and not only finds them fast but lets you launch a brand on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The Importance of Finding Your Niche

Finding a niche is the first step to establishing a successful online business. Before I understood the concept of finding a niche, I was promoting any affiliate program I found interesting and the result was dismal.

It was at Wealthy Affiliate about 17 years ago that I understood the importance of finding a niche market and focusing my efforts. This was the missing link to my future success.

When you find a niche, you’re focusing your efforts to a group of people who are all interested in the same thing.

To find a niche, you could do several things.

  1. Find something you’re passionate about – there are probably millions of others that are passionate about the same thing.
  2. Find something you want to learn more about – lots of other people most likely want to learn about the same thing.
  3. Find something you already know a lot about – you can teach others who know less than you do.
  4. Find a product and reverse engineer the niche it serves
  5. Find a keyword and figure out the niche who is searching for it and why.

When you find a niche, it’s easier to produce content by looking at the needs of the group of people who you’re targeting.

Niche Finder 2.0 helps you find niches quickly with the help of artificial intelligence.

Using Niche Finder 2.0 To Find Niches

It is easy to find niches with Niche Finder. The tool is easy to use and with it’s AI integration, you’ll find niches very quickly.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll find the link in the left sidebar. Click on the link labeled Niche Finder AI and it will open the tool right in a card on your dashboard.

Niche Finder tool

To begin using it, the search box guides you to “enter a passion, interest or hobby of yours…”.

Enter your interest in the search box and click on “Find Me Niches”.

Niche Finder 2.0 results

In the example above, you’ll see that I searched for gardening and the tool gave me 10 gardening niches that I could choose from. I can choose one of these or I can click on one of the suggestions to dig down further within that niche.

I don’t want to dig to far because to be honest these are all great directions that you can take with a business that aren’t too wide or too narrow.

Let’s say I wanted to do a website on “herb gardening”, I could just choose to dig down further by clicking on the search icon in that row.

Niche finder results more

You could choose one of these as your niche but personally, I would use “herb gardening” as the niche and use all the ones in this second search as categories on my website. Niche Finder 2.0 just gave me my niche and the structure of my website.

There is even more that you can do in Niche Finder 2.0.

You can copy all the suggestions in bulk and paste them in a document to save them for later. Or you can copy individual suggestions. You can also use the star icon to save any suggestion.

There is another icon in each row that is super helpful. It’s the “Find a Brand” icon. What this does is it gives you 10 suggestions for a brand name based on the niche suggestion you chose.

So if I go back to the gardening suggestion and click on “Find a Brand” next to the “Herb Gardening” niche, I would get 10 brand name suggestions that I could use for my business.

Niche Finder brands

Anyone of these would be a great name for your new “herb gardening” website. They are suggestions so you could also use them to generate ideas for yourself. I liked “Herb Haven” and “Sage Society” but “Herb Heaven” might be even better.

If you look to the right of the results, you’ll see a new button that’s different from the previous screen. This “Build website” button makes Niche Finder even more helpful especially if you’re a beginner to online business.

In the next section, you’ll see how Niche Finder allows you to launch your brand with a website right from the tool.

Launching Your Brand From Niche Finder 2.0

The Niche Finder 2.0 tool also allows you to launch your website right from inside the too. It connects to the Site Rubix builder so you can start building your website after you find the brand name you like.

This is an easy way to get your website going at Wealthy Affiliate and follows the simple 4-step method for building an online business.

To follow this website flow, you just need to pick your brand and then click on the “Build website” button in Niche Finder.

When you click, you’re taken to building wizard inside Site Rubix. Steps 1, 2, and 3 are already completed for you.

Site Rubix builder from Niche Finder.

The builder chooses a free domain in Step 1 to build your site. You can always register a domain name later on and connect it to your website.

In Step 2, your brand name becomes your subdomain and you can see that the exact match is available.

Step 3 is the title of the website which is the brand name that you chose. You can see how using Niche Finder 2.0 takes care of these steps which is very useful for any beginner launching their affiliate marketing website for the first time.

Now all that needs to be done is to choose a website theme and generate the website. From there you can add the categories that Niche Finder came up with during your search and then start adding content.

What Else You Get At Wealthy Affiliate

Besides Niche Finder 2.0, Wealthy Affiliate benefits online business owners in a lot of other ways.

The platform is primarily a learning hub for thousands of affiliate marketers and provides training, tools and resources for them to succeed at online business.

You can get:

  • core affiliate marketing training – beginner to advanced training in affiliate marketing
  • AI training – stay current with the latest innovations in marketing
  • Live classes – learn about online business topics from experts via live webinars
  • Community and support – engage and interact with other marketers as well as get support when you need help.
  • Keyword research tools – find the keywords that will help you get more people to your website
  • Website building and management – various tools to help you create a successful website
  • Domain names – you can purchase domain names right inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • Web hosting – no paying for external WordPress hosting that may or may not work for you

Niche Finder 2.0 helps you with the very first step you need in order to succeed with online business, whether it’s affiliate marketing or YouTube video marketing.

If you’re following the courses at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have an easy time progressing to the next step. Niche Finder also helps you launch your website or brand which is the second step for most people.

It is free to get started at Wealthy Affiliate to see how much value you get when trying to learn more about affiliate marketing and online business.


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