Notevibes vs Speechelo: Which One Is Better?

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One of the best text-to-speech converters right now is Speechelo, a cloud software application developed specially for video marketers.

The application can be used for making voice over tracks for use in training videos, sales videos and YouTube videos like this one I made. The voices are very realistic and can be manipulated in a number of ways (manually or with AI) to have a very human-like quality.

Notevibes is another application that is primarily a text-to-speech reader but you also have the option to convert to mp3, download the track and if you have a commercial license, use it for YouTube videos.

Notevibes also has great sounding voices that sound realistic and can be manipulated.

I have been using Speechelo to generate voice over tracks and I’ve tested Notevibes to see how it compares to Speechelo. Both applications generate very high quality output and users of either service would not be disappointed with the results.

However, if you’re torn between both, I’m going to point out a few differences between the two services that might help you decide which might be better for your use.

What Does Speechelo Offer?

While many text-to-speech offerings on the market offer a reader as their main product, so that their users can study while doing other activities for example, Speechelo was created for a different purpose and doesn’t need to have this feature.

Instead the cloud application only offers a text-to-speech converter that outputs voiceovers available for download in mp3 format. These can be used by marketers in their sales videos, tutorial videos, website articles and YouTube productions.

Here is what Speechelo offers in their text-to-speech converter.

  • 30 voices (standard version) / 60 voices (pro version)
  • 23 languages
  • 1 time fee of $47 (Pro version – $47 every 3 months)
  • AI voices (software does all the manipulation for you but you can still tweak it)
  • Mp3 download
  • Voiceover Cash Machine ebook (Pro version only)
  • 40 background music tracks (Pro version only)

If you’re a marketer then the pro version of Speechelo is most comparable to what Notevibes offers with their commercial pack subscription.

You can see my Speechelo review to learn more about the application and what it offers.

What Does Notevibes Offer?

Notevibes audio editor

Notevibes is similar to Speechelo in that it offers an editor that you can use to turn any text into a voiceover track. You can download it in mp3 format for further use.

Notevibes offers a personal subscription which is only good for private listening and personal e-learning. To use the application for commercial use such as making YouTube videos, public broadcast and such, you need to subscribe to their commercial package which offers additional benefits to marketers than the personal package.

A Notevibes commercial package is comparable to Speechelo’s pro version.

Here’s a brief overview of what Notevibes offers with their text-to-speech converter.

  • 177 voices
  • 18 languages
  • Annual billing subscriptions. Commercial pack is $70/month billed annually – $840/year.
  • Team license
  • Mp3 & wav downloads
  • 1 million character limit per month (12,000,000 character limit per year)

Notevibes will also let you add background music via SSML tags but do not provide any for usage. Other than some FAQ, I also didn’t find any training available if you wanted to use Notevibes to make money with your voiceovers.

I haven’t done a Notevibes review as yet but you can check out the software here and even start using the editor for free before you decide to subscribe.

Speechelo vs Notevibes Compared

Knowing what both applications offer should help you decide which one you should use. I’ve already settled with Speechelo and as you can see from the table below, a number of key features for this software look more attractive.

Notevibes wins with the number of voices available with over 150 compared to Speechelo’s mere 60 available in the pro version or 30 in the standard version. I’ll probably only need 4 – 5 at the most but I can imagine an agency might need as many voices that can be available to them.

Another important area is pricing and there is a vast difference between what Notevibes charges and what Speechelo is available for. While you can get the standard version of Speechelo for only $47 one time fee, or the pro version for $47 every 3 months, Notevibes is offered on an annual subscription basis. An $840 payment allows you to use the service for an entire year before you get billed again. This significant difference is pricing will likely affect your choice.

# of Voices60 (pro version)177
Subscription1 time fee / Quarterly (pro)Billed Yearly
Pricing$47 every 3 months$840 per year
AI VoicesYesNo
Download formatsMP3MP3, wav
Bonus TrainingVoice Over Cash Machine (pro)None
Background MusicIncludedNone
Team LicenseNoYes

Maybe if you own an agency and work with a team, then getting a license where anyone can use Notevibes would make more sense.

Besides these key points, lets compare Speechelo and Notevibes further on how each application works.

Ease of Use

Both services are pretty easy to use since there are only about three steps to complete the process.

With Speechelo, you just:

  1. Paste your text in the box
  2. Choose 1 of the voices available
  3. Generate and download your audio

Notevibes has basically the same number of steps – paste, choose voice and convert.

Speechelo saves your voiceovers and allows you to create campaigns where you can group voiceovers together, merge multiple tracks and delete unwanted voiceovers. I didn’t see anything like this in Notevibes.

I liked that Notevibes lets you preview the entire track. Speechelo only let’s you hear a certain amount of characters in their preview. However, while Speechelo allows you to preview before you generate your voiceover, you can only preview in Notevibes after you convert your text.

Quality of Voice Overs

The quality of the voice overs from both services are excellent which is one reason why I’m putting them head to head.

If both services had the same voices though, it might be easier to tell which service had the better output.

I personally like Speechelo’s voiceovers but Notevibes also has some great results as far as the advertised natural sounding human-like voices go.

The important thing is that none of them sound robotic and can be used confidently for your marketing videos.

Pricing Is a Big Factor

Possibly the biggest determining factor as to which service to subscribe to, is the pricing.

For me, I’d rather pay a one time fee than to get stuck on a recurring billing plan even if it was annual.

For Notevibes, you have to pay $70 per month to use the service and this is billed annually so you have to pay $840 upfront if you want to use the commercial package.

Speechelo only wants a one time free of $47, and if you upgrade to pro which has the commercial license then you’ll pay $47 every 3 months. There is even a way to get pro for a one time fee.

With both services offering top quality voiceovers, looking at the pricing may help you decide which one to go with.

Final Thoughts: Speechelo or Notevibes?

So if you’re looking to generate voiceover tracks for your marketing videos (Facebook, Instagram ads etc), training videos, YouTube videos, then having a high quality text to speech generator might be something you need if you don’t want to use your own voice.

Speechelo and Notevibes are two of the best text-to-speech software available right now. Both services have their pros and cons but they definitely have very high quality output.

Pricing is the main determining factor as to which one to go with here. One service offers a one time fee and the other a subscription with a big upfront cost.

Personally, I’m using Speechelo which I’ve reviewed here but I’ve played around with Notevibes also which is a service that is just as good.

You can decide which service you want to go with now that you’ve read my entire comparison.

Are you going with Speechelo or Notevibes? Comment below.


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