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One Minute Free Traffic made a few appearances in my inbox this week and to be honest, the blind sales page (I really hate those) peaked my curiosity a bit so I decided to check it out.

I had actually found out what it was about after doing a quick Google search but I bought it anyway with the intention of posting a One Minute Free Traffic review here just in case more people wanted to know whether or not they should get it.

Like I said, I really hate blind sales pages where they hype you up about some secret, no-one-knows-what-it-is method and then when you get it you’re disappointed because you knew about it all along. I found out what it was all about before I bought it and have used that method so it’s not so secret.

I’ll reveal everything here because I know that you will probably want to know before buying and it’s not that big a secret but a useful traffic method nonetheless.

Is the training worth it? I’ll answer that as well as I get into this review of One Minute Free Traffic by Matt and John Rhodes.

What Is One Minute Free Traffic?

One Minute Free Traffic is a video course revealing a supposedly secret traffic method that you can use to access a ton of free traffic on demand allowing you to attract “red hot buyers” to your offers.

Here’s a little overview of One Minute Free Traffic before we continue.

One Minute Free Traffic logo

Name: One Minute Free Traffic
Owner: Matt & John Rhodes
Years Online: Since March 2019 (1)
Price: $12
Has Upsells: Yes
Overall Rating: 7/10

From the sales page, we don’t learn a lot about the actual method involved which isn’t something I’m a fan off. I’d rather be told what it’s all about then decide if it’s something that I could use.

But I guess some marketers would rather you spend the money to find out then deal with a refund request if they have to.

There are some little clues but on the whole they were being as vague as possible. Once you get the product though, you realize that a lot of what they say about the method is true except for one very important thing – it doesn’t actually take one minute. At least not for the majority of the time you’ll spend setting up each One Minute Free Traffic “machine”.

The method involves answering questions on a very popular social answer website and I’ve used this method over and over to get traffic and the method works very well. If you haven’t guessed what site by now then you may actually find this course useful. The site in question here is none other than Quora.

Quora feed

Quora isn’t exactly a secret website and neither is leveraging it to get traffic but if you spend time on there answering questions and linking back to your website when it is relevant to the answer you’ve provided then you can indeed get traffic this way. And as a result, you may definitely get commissions.

The One Minute Free Traffic course has 22 videos that cover how to use this method to effectively get traffic from Quora so that you can achieve your goal whether it is to get affiliate commissions, email signups, sell your course or grow your channel.

One Minute Free Traffic OTOs and Sales Funnel

Once I saw that One Minute Free Traffic was priced at $12, I knew that there had to be at least a couple of upsells once I paid for the front end product. And I was right.

The first OTO is for a product called One Minute Buyer Clicks which is a course showing you how to get buyer clicks for cheap. It’s an 11 video course detailing the process and is offered at $75 but if you decline it then goes down to $37. Decline further and you can get it for just $17.

I did not get this OTO because I came for the free traffic and I think I saw somewhere on the sales page that you can get started for less than $50 so that means you’re buying traffic with this method.

The second OTO is for the Ultimate Reseller Program where you can get reseller rights to the entire One Minute Free Traffic funnel and keep 100% of the revenue. This came with a price tag of about $78.

Again, I did not buy this because I have no intention of reselling this product. I’m not even an affiliate.

One Minute Free Traffic Members Area

One Minute Free Traffic members area

The course consists of 22 videos where you learn how to apply the One Minute Free Traffic process to get free traffic to your website or offers. Once inside, you also learn that you have access to free software.

The free software is called “Q-Filtering” software and helps you find the best questions to answer based on certain criteria as outlined in the course.

Back to the course, the videos are about 2 to 5 minutes long so they’re really easy to digest and go through and each video comes with a downloadable video transcript just in case you want to save anything from the course through text to reference later on.

One Minute Free Traffic video and download transcript button

The instructor, I’m not sure which one of the Rhodes Brothers it is, gives clear instructions and explains each topic well but I think a couple of the videos are a bit unnecessary like the one on writing at 150 words per minute. Obviously, they threw that in so it would seem to fit with the product name.

My Opinion on One Minute Free Traffic

After going through the course, I’ve concluded that although it isn’t a secret system, it is one that works probably not as well as they’ll make you believe but it does work.

I actively use Quora myself to answer questions and link back to my website where I have posts promoting affiliate products. I do get traffic but I don’t get a whole lot because I don’t make this a big part of my traffic strategy. One Minute Free Traffic suggests that you continuously build little machines on a regular basis so you can keep building traffic.

I think the course if good for what it is. I won’t use the free software and even if they call it One Minute Free Traffic, it is going to take you more than one minute to complete one of these “traffic machines” ie. to expertly answer a question with real value. It doesn’t matter if you know the topic well or you use speech to text software to type at 150 words per minute. You’re probably going to spend around 5 minutes minimum, more if you need to do even a tiny bit of research or add images.


This method is actually perfect for a beginner or someone just starting out and they’ll understand how to do it through the clear, short high quality videos in the members area.

  • This method works
  • Traffic method is free
  • Clear instructions in short video
  • Thorough, step-by-step instructions
  • Examples and case-studies included


Although they mislead you with the ‘one minute’ thing, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do this or it takes anything away from the method.

  • One minute is misleading
  • Blind sales page – you may already know this method
  • A couple of unnecessary videos included

Overall, this is a good course and for the price, it’s actually does provide some value and may be most helpful if you don’t already know about Quora or this method. Beginners can actually leverage this method while they wait on Google to give them some traffic.

In fact, if you spend some time with this method, it may actually be faster and more reliable than getting traffic from Google. I’m saying this based on experience as when I first started this website, I didn’t get traffic from search engines as yet. However, I answered a few questions on Quora and immediately started getting some traffic to some of my linked posts.

If I had to give One Minute Free Traffic a rating out of 10, I’d give it a 7.

Traffic Is Just One Part

I love seeing these free traffic methods and being able to use them. Everyone needs traffic in their internet business and knowing these little nuggets can make a difference.

But traffic is just one part of the equation. There is also content writing, optimizing for conversions, social media and many more parts that come together to make an internet business work.

If this traffic training interests you then you may be interested in the training program that I use. Using this program, you can build a money-making website while going through the courses available through that cover traffic, content writing and more. You’ll have access to live training also, an active community of students just like yourself, live help, website management tools, hosting and more.

It’s free to get started and you will have access to me upon joining. To find out more, check out my review of this training program and become a member today.


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