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A few nights ago, while doing some research, I came across an interesting free website that I had actually heard about a few years ago. The site never really interested me then, but something about this website seemed different from most online survey type websites.

So I did some checking into it and found that users were earning real cash from Qmee in a number of ways. With these websites though, you don’t really earn a lot of money and you have to spend a lot of time on the site to earn just a few dollars. But it could add up if you actually go about doing what you always do online and do some surveys in your spare time.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about Qmee and how you can use this site to earn money in a few ways.

What Is Qmee?

Qmee is a free mobile app and browser addon that you can use to earn money in a few ways.

It is only available for residents of the USA, Canada, UK and Australia so if you’re from any country outside of these then you won’t be able to use Qmee. I tried searching for the app on Playstore but unfortunately it’s not available where I live.

To sign up for Qmee, you simply enter your email and desired password on the signup form, check the box to let Qmee send you email notifications and hit the sign up button.

Qmee sign up form
Qmee signup form

After signup, you simply add the browser addon so that Qmee can be enabled for when you’re doing Google searches or when you’re on any of the Qmee partner websites like Amazon and eBay where you can be rewarded for shopping.

The app works with a number of browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Once this is done, the only other thing you’ll need to do is to connect your PayPal account so that you can get paid. You can also choose to give your earnings to charity or get a gift card. I would think that most people who want to know how to earn money with Qmee would choose to get their earnings via PayPal.

Qmee has been around for a while and has been paying out cash to users so they are a legitimate company. There are several ways to earn money with Qmee which you’ll find out about below.

How to Earn Money On Qmee: 4 Ways

Normally, if you check the Qmee website or other sources, they’ll tell you that there are three ways to earn with Qmee. There are actually 4 ways to earn and I’ll tell you about them right here.

The 4th one which no-one hardly mentions is possibly the best way to earn with Qmee as it is more passive, allowing you to earn while you sleep.

So let’s get into the 4 ways you can make money with Qmee.

1. Earn Money When You Search

Qmee and Google results

With Qmee installed on your browser, you can earn money when you do searches on a number of sites that include:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Target

When you do a search, Qmee displays additional results in your browser which you can click on. Each result allows you to earn a fraction of a dollar that Qmee instantly puts into your piggybank (where they place your money before you cash out). From the photo above, you can see that this amount is anywhere from 8 cents to 12 cents in this example.

This means that you have to really be active and do a lot of searches to actually earn anything substantial.

This is the downside to using an app like Qmee. However, for some people this can be useful and fun and at least you’re earning something for doing something you do all the time.

It doesn’t look like you can earn from searches on mobile but one user suggested that you download the Kiwi browser and install the Qmee browser plugin to earn from searches on mobile.

2. Shop on Amazon and eBay

If you do shopping on Amazon or eBay, Qmee can help you save money by giving you coupons and finding you deals. They’ll show you how much you’re saving so you won’t have to go to comparison sites to compare.

Ok, so this one isn’t really about earning cash but you know that saying that a penny saved is a penny earned? The downside is that unless you’re actually really going to buy something then this feature isn’t really one that you can earn from since you’re spending money anyway.

If you do shop and want to save using coupons then this is something you can use on Qmee to save on your shopping.

You can take advantage of the shopping feature on both the app and your your internet browser.

3. Do Surveys for Cash

Qmee also lets you do surveys for cash. You can share your opinion and get paid instantly when you complete a survey.

The surveys aren’t provided by Qmee though so some people have issues like not qualifying for a survey and so on. However, once you qualify for a survey and it is completed, you’ll get paid by Qmee.

To get survey offers, you first have to fill out a welcome survey by Qmee themselves that basically sets up a user profile with things such as date of birth, gender and so on. You will then become eligible for surveys.

To qualify for the surveys, they may ask you some of the same questions to see if you fit their target market, then you’ll be able to get anywhere from 5 cents for a 1 minute survey to about a dollar for a 20 minute survey.

4. Refer Friends

This final one is probably the most underutilized way of earning from Qmee simply because most people don’t know how to really take advantage of this. It is also the one with the biggest potential and one that can earn you money as you sleep.

After you’ve been paid by Qmee the first time, your account becomes eligible to be able to share Qmee to friends via a special link which can earn you money when they sign up.

You can earn up to $1 per sign up once your referral cashes out for the first time.

Qmee offers some options when it comes to getting paid. You can choose to take the entire $1 or share it at a 50/50 split with your referral or give the entire $1 to them.

If you’re here to earn money, then I think choosing the first or second option is fine.

Referring friends to Qmee, a site that is free to join, can earn you the most money of all these ways if you focus on doing this activity. This can provide a little passive income if you can refer a lot of people. By passive, I mean, you can just set it up once and you’ll earn money as you sleep or go about your everyday life.

Using a link to earn money online from a company is called affiliate marketing and it’s how I make a full time income online. If you learn how to do affiliate marketing, it can be very lucrative.

To get started sharing your link, you can send it to your friends on Facebook or via email. When they sign up and cash out for the first time, you’ll earn a dollar unless you chose the 50/50 split.

To earn even more money, you can share your link with total strangers who you’ve never met by sharing it on the internet via social media or your own website or blog. Having your own website or blog is a better option because it allows your message to be seen over and over again by more people as you write about Qmee, surveys or make money-related topics.

For example, if 10 people every day clicked on your Qmee link, signed up and ended up cashing out, then you’d be making $10 per day from Qmee without being active on the site. That is about $300 per month.

You can also make YouTube videos about Qmee related topics and add your link to the description so that people can click and sign up. There are lots of other techniques you can use including making a Facebook group and sharing your link.

For me, this method is the best way to earn money with Qmee and the one that allows you to be less actively trying to earn money with the site.

Want to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

If you liked the idea about about referring users to Qmee, then you should really look into learning more about affiliate marketing.

This method of earning money online allows you to partner with sites where people can buy something. These sites will pay you an agreed amount for referring people to them. When someone buys something, they’ll take their money and pay you your agreed commission. This can happen over and over an infinite amount of times as long as you keep sending visitors.

I’ve been able to quit my job because I was earning more with affiliate marketing. I earn a full time income using this method and I always have enough free time to do what I want and enough money to pay the bills and buy whatever I want.

Affiliate marketing usually just involves having a computer and an internet connection so that you can work from where ever you like. You also pretty much need a website or blog where you can write about a specific topic and get visitors. The entire process is just 4 steps and even if you didn’t know a thing about the internet, you can learn it pretty quickly.

Free lessons are available on a site called Wealthy Affiliate if you want to check them out. You just need to register with your email.

Does Qmee Really Work?

It’s understandable that some people can be skeptical of sites like Qmee especially when it’s free and they promise that you can earn money by doing simple tasks.

Qmee has been around since 2012 and they are definitely legitimate. They have a browser addon and a mobile app which is how people can use the site to make money.

I took a look at some of the user reviews on their Android app page just to see what users were saying about Qmee. With a rating of 4.3 on the Playstore from over 29,000 users, this is proof that the app is useful to a lot of people.

Qmee app reviews screenshot on Playstore
via Google PlayStore

As you can see from the 5 star reviews these users are really excited about Qmee, from earning over $30 in just 5 days to spend on Mother’s Day gifts to being a lifesaver to the homeless.

Qmee is not going to make you a whole lot of money for doing nothing and it does take time to earn anything substantial but it can add up if you spend a lot of time on the computer.

Earning from referring other users is the best way to earn money with Qmee as you can get $1 per signup this way and you don’t have to be active to do so.


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