Is The Silk Road Effect The Quickest Way to Make $1800 Every Day?

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I just came across a product while browsing the Clickbank marketplace called Silk Road Effect and they’re making some very bold claims.

Bold claims that would warrant a review.

For example, the headline on the site says that they’re revealing the quickest way to make $1800 every day. And the first thing they mention in the video is that they can guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the year.

I know that there are some people that will be quick to believe that they might be telling the truth and somehow their lives can change within the next year.

But proceed with caution because I’ve seen these types of sites a million times before and they’re usually just hype and lies and the only person who makes any money is the owner of the site.

If someone had these secrets, would they give them away for only $9? And what is up with the name Silk Road Effect?

I’ll answer all your questions below in this review as I reveal the truth about Silk Road Effect and their claims.

What Is Silk Road Effect About?

The sales video for Silk Road Effect rarely spends it’s time telling you about what you’ll be getting into, instead focusing more on manipulative sales tactics and outright lies.

But there are some clues. The Silk Road Effect is supposed to teach you how to buy and resell products online using dropshipping.

Here’s an overview of the Silk Road Effect before we go any further.

Silk road effect

Name: Silk Road Effect
Owner: “Steven Jenkins”
Years Online: Since February 2019
Price: $9
Overall Rating: 1/10

Upon payment of only $9, you’re supposed to get ground-breaking training that will somehow make you a millionaire within the next year or so.

Instead, you get just a couple of ebooks with dated and generic information that cover the very basics of dropshipping. Along with that, you also get about 10 videos, hardly enough to make you proficient on the topic of running an online ecommerce business.

There are also some upsells that you can purchase if you want to know more about selling online but these can be avoided because of two things.

  1. There is little or no initial value that’s worth exploring further.
  2. The upsells seem to either be available freely elsewhere or at a much cheaper price.

Who Is Steven Jenkins Anyway?

One thing I always look at when deciding whether or not I should purchase a training product, is who I’m receiving this training from?

Is this person qualified to train me on the topic of ecommerce?

From the video, although we never see a face, we learn that the guy behind Silk Road Effect is one Steven Jenkins. This reveal comes after he apparently logs into a Bank of America account that he owns to show off how much money he made in the last year with this method.

But here’s the shocker – Steven Jenkins is actually a fake persona that was created by someone to mask their actual identity. I know this from experience with these types of products and the Bank of America trick is often employed showing an obvious fake account.

So Steven Jenkins does not actually exist and we don’t know who the real person behind Silk Road Effect is.

With this much deception going on in just a sales video for a low quality product, there is no way that I can even think about recommending Silk Road Effect to anyone.

Will Silk Road Effect Make You $1800 Daily?

Let’s say that you decide to ignore the warnings and pay the $9 for Silk Road Effect (it’s only $9 right?).

Can the training available in the members area help you to build a successful dropshipping business on the internet?

The short answer is NO!

You’ll be surprised how low quality the products really are. There is a 3 page PDF that tells you what to do. But without the actual details.

A section on how to order products to sell is just three lines where you will have to do the figuring out on the actual “how to”.

The videos aren’t any more helpful and answers basic questions that you can look up on YouTube to find the answers. Worst yet, they’re at least 3 years old and haven’t been updated since.

A beginner or someone with no experience at making money with ecommerce will be very confused and will not be able to follow this training to get to the promised $1800 per month earnings.

Is Silk Road Effect a Scam?

I would definitely say that Silk Road Effect falls into this category since there is no way you can follow this training to achieve anywhere near the promised earnings.

Furthermore, Silk Road Effect tries to get more money from the user for upsells that are available elsewhere online for free or for less.

For example, one upsell, the Silk Road Effect Deluxe Club is priced at $197. For that price, you get Shopify Secrets and Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, two ebooks showing two separate business models on two different platforms.

Shopify Secrets was written by Ian del Carmen and can be found on various PLR websites.

Screenshot: Rakuten Kobo

You can see from the listing above that the price for this ebook is only 99 cents. I also found the book with resell rights on another site for $12.99 and on another for $9.98. They suggested reselling for between $27 and $47.

Amazon Affiliate Blueprint deviates from the topic and shows how to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

I found this guide on another PLR site for only $7.99. They suggested a price of more than $7.

With both guides costing less than $21 for the creator of Silk Road Effect, how does he justify selling these bundled together for almost $200?

What Should You Do Next?

Well, I certainly hope that the next step isn’t to click the order button on the Silk Road Effect website.

However, you might be wondering what to do next. If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping then you may want to check out Shopify’s Dropshipping 101 course on their educational platform.

Or you rather something that doesn’t involve buying and selling products, then you may want to try affiliate marketing where you send people to other companies and be rewarded commissions on each sale you refer.

If affiliate marketing sounds great, then you may want to join me at Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to earn a full time income just helping people find what they’re looking for online.

It’s free to sign up and start the training and you can even start building your business in the next 24 hours.


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