SiteRubix Website Builder Review

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SiteRubix homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for an super-easy way to build your website, especially if you’re going to use it for affiliate marketing or blogging, then SiteRubix may be the website builder that you’re looking for. It has so much to offer than just setting up your website.

You’ve probably already seen what’s available to do the job – builders like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or even WordPress.

Most of these website builders were made with small businesses in mind but SiteRubix was developed by affiliate marketers to be used by marketers and has a lot built in to help you get the most out of your website as a marketer.

If you’re wondering how easy SiteRubix is to use and how it compares to other website builders then read this entire review. You’ll find out how this powerful website builder can get you a beautiful, money-earning website with every bit of effort you put into it.

What Exactly is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix was started back in 2007 as a drag-and-drop html website builder by the same people who created Wealthy Affiliate. It wasn’t perfect then but it was a step in the right direction to having a self-contained membership where everything was available in one place to members. This way, they could build their businesses as they progressed through the training.

SiteRubix has evolved a lot since then and is now a WordPress-based website builder, capable of creating a fully-functional website in under a minute.

The website builder is simple to use and the creation interface lets you put in a few pieces of info so that you can build and personalize your website quickly. This is perfect for beginner users who may be otherwise overwhelmed by the idea of building a website.

To use SiteRubix, you must be a member of Wealthy Affiliate where you will get training and access to community and support needed in order to build a successful website business.

Your SiteRubix dashboard is available through the “websites” menu button inside your Wealthy Affiliate interface.

Websites menu inside Wealthy Affiliate

Free users of Wealthy Affiliate can create one website with SiteRubix but cannot use a domain name. The address for their website will be a subdomain of the siterubix domain ie.

Premium users of Wealthy Affiliate unlock everything that is available through SiteRubix including the ability to create up to 3 websites on premium domains. Premium Plus users can create a maximum of 10 websites using SiteRubix.

Whether you’re a budding affiliate marketer, a blogger, small business owner, photographer, writer or anyone else who needs a website, SiteRubix is the perfect website builder for you and can make life easier as a business owner.

How To Create a Website With SiteRubix

Just how easy is it to create a website with SiteRubix?

This is the question that is on a lot of people’s minds when they first come across any mention of the website builder. Below, I’m going to outline the simple process of creating a website with SiteRubix.

Step 1. Find Site Rubix in Wealthy Affiliate

The first step to building your website at Wealthy Affiliate through SiteRubix is to access the website builder which you’ll get to by pressing the ‘Websites” menu button.

Site Builder buttons at Wealthy Affiliate

Alternatively, the SiteRubix website builder flow is built into other parts of Wealthy Affiliate, like the recently updated AI-powered Niche Finder 2.0. You can use Niche Finder to find your affiliate niche and brand name, then build the website directly from that tool.

Step 2. Choose your domain setup

After clicking on Site Builder to start the website creation process, the screen where you choose your domain options appear. You can choose one of three options.

  1. build your website on a free domain
  2. choose a domain that you already own
  3. register a new domain

All these options aren’t available to free members who can only choose option 1.

choosing domain type to build website with SiteRubix

Step 3. Fill in the details

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to choose “On a free domain”. The process is the same for “On a domain I own” except you have to put an available domain that you already have linked to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting servers.

After making your choice, another block opens where you fill in the details.

Site Rubix website builder flow

Here, I’ve chosen my website address which is and I’ve named my website “Orange Example“. Then there’s the step where you choose from over 4000 available free website themes to build your website’s design.

Site Rubix choosing a design screenshot

I’ve made my choice for the design, which I can change after the website is built and now I have a button that let’s me build the website based on the info I’ve put into the simple wizard.

The next screen tells you to hold on while they build the website and displays some of the processes.

Screenshot: building the website.

Step 4. Manage your website

Your website has been built and the final step is to manage your website. You’re sent right to the website manager where you’ll get all the info you need to access your website.

Screenshot of Site Manager at Wealthy Affiliate.

At this point, your website is already built through a couple of steps and is ready to go without any further customization. You can start writing content and promoting your affiliate programs but through the training, you’ll realize that you can take your website setup further by installing necessary website plugins and changing your website theme.

Looks simple enough for you? You can start building your website here.

SiteRubix is More Than Just a Website Builder

Other than building websites at super-fast speed, SiteRubix actually does a whole lot more. For this reason, it is one of the most powerful website creation tools available today.

SiteRubix is not just a website builder but also has tools to help create beautiful content, and manage web hosting components such as SSL and speed (caching), and because it is part of Wealthy Affiliate, training is also built in as well as support.

In this section, you will learn about some of these features that make SiteRubix the powerful website builder that it is.

Site Content

Before the WordPress block editor and page builder plugins like Elementor, Divi and Stackable, Site Content was a great alternative to creating your content in WordPress.

I’ve used it to track my writing stats before but it just not that useful to me anymore since you have to send your content to your WordPress site. It’s easier to just write it in WordPress now since you can use blocks to design your content and there’s even a word and character counter.

Site Content gets an AI-update pretty soon but I doubt it will fix the block problem that is keeping me from using it.

Before the WordPress Gutenberg editor though, here is what Site Content could do.

In Site Content, you can:

Screenshot of SiteContent interface
  • create templates for your content
  • set writing goals (how many articles, how many words)
  • access writing stats
  • have a spell check and grammar checker
  • see vocabulary suggestions
  • publish directly to your website
  • check for duplicate content
  • display images beautifully

These are just some of the things that you can do with SiteContent and as with everything within Wealthy Affiliate, they’re always looking for ways to improve the writing platform.

The best feature that I think Site Content has is the ability to set writing goals and see statistics about the content you’ve created within Site Content.

Site Content is relatively easy to use but to be honest if you’re using the WordPress native block editor, then it is much easier to build out the content the way you’d like.

For persons new to Site Content, who want to see it in action, there are some training videos inside Wealthy Affiliate (like this one) on how to use the platform.

Site Comments

Another very useful feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else in any other website builder is this platform that lets you get comments on your website and blog content.

This feature leverages the vast community at Wealthy Affiliate and lets you get comments on your content which can give you a boost in search engines and also allow people to see that your content is being discussed.

Site Comments operates on a credit system where you can use credits accumulated in your account or purchase credits to pay members for quality comments. Members earn credits when their comments are accepted and they may use these credits towards getting comments on their own websites.

Screenshot of Site Comments platform
Requesting comments on one of my latest articles.

To get comments, you can choose which website you want comments on, then choose which article, how many comments you need, and how fast you want the comments to be posted. For example, you can choose to get your comments as quickly as possible or you can choose to have them delivered evenly over a number of days.

Comments are posted to your content of choice when you approve them through the Site Comments platform and will have the member’s username and Gravatar picture.

Site Feedback

Similar to Site Content, Site Feedback is another feature I haven’t seen in any other website builder. Maybe they have communities where users can post their sites for feedback but this feature of SiteRubix is a bit different.

It operates just like Site Content but is used to give feedback on members’ websites. Feedback can be about the content you’ve created, the site’s design, your page layout, the use of images on your pages, or just general feedback.

The aim of Site Feedback is to help members create better websites and to improve the quality of their content by offering suggestions.

In a lot of cases, members who are new to the website building process are going to make mistakes and this platform can help them to correct these mistakes.

The Site Feedback feature also uses a credit system and members are rewarded for offering feedback.

Site Email

Site Email lets you create email addresses for each of your websites. It also lets you easily log into your mailbox to check your email.

You can also set up email forwards through this SiteRubix feature.

Site Domains

Site Domains is Wealthy Affiliate’s domain platform and allows you to purchase domain names without having to leave Wealthy Affiliate.

Screenshot of Site Domains interface

Having the ability to register and manage your own domains at Wealthy Affiliate takes the headache out of having to register your domain at registrars like Godaddy where the pricing (especially for renewals) isn’t so transparent and filled with unnecessary upsells and offers.

It is also faster as you won’t need to add DNS information in order to link your domain to Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting. Your domain name is ready to use as soon as you’ve registered it.

The only problem I have with Site Domains personally is that the price of a domain is $13.99 (for .coms) which is a bit higher than I normally pay for at my domain registrar of choice.

But in order to try out the service, I’ve used credits to register the domain name for this website which is a very convenient way to register a domain if you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member. These credits were accumulated from my referrals buying domains or setting up their account so there was no out-of-pocket cost for this registration.

For domain registrations, you’ll get free whois privacy so that your registration info isn’t accessible to people looking to do bad things with the info.

Inside Site Domains, you can do several things including:

  • searching for and purchasing domains
  • adding a subdomain to a purchased domain
  • transferring a domain from an external registrar
  • access your DNS information so that you can point a domain to WA hosting

Site Domains is a good addition to SiteRubix as most other website builders would let you register domains within their platforms.

Site Support

One thing that can make or break any website building service, including web hosts, is the quality of support offered. Speed, technical knowledge, and helpfulness as well as how courteous the support personnel is are some factors that people look at to determine how good support is.

While Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have instant chat support for its website service, it does have a very fast Site Support service where you can open tickets and have them answered very quickly.

I’ve compared this with some of the big web hosting services and Site Support is very impressive with the speed at which they respond. Having run into a few technical problems at times, I’ve used Site Support to resolve them and have had responses in less than 5 minutes. Most web hosting services won’t answer tickets that fast and you sometimes have to wait for more than 5 minutes to connect to a live chat person.

Site Support is also very knowledgeable about the problems and would usually have your problem fixed when they respond. I’ve seen similar reviews from others in the community praising Site Support for their speedy responses and for quickly fixing problems.

Free Web Hosting

If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate, then you have access to free web hosting and do not need to pay for hosting services externally.

The web hosting provided for SiteRubix-created websites at Wealthy Affiliate is very powerful and can compare with some of the top WordPress web hosting sites available online.

Personally speaking, it blows Bluehost out of the water and if you’re an affiliate looking for web hosting then along with the training and tools, I’d recommend that you host your websites here. SiteSupport can move any WordPress-based website to the platform for free if you’re a member.

Some of the benefits of creating a website with SiteRubix and hosting it at Wealthy Affiliate are:

  • Free SSL – your websites are secure and trustworthy to visitors
  • SiteSpeed – caching options that speed up your website so you can rank well in search engines and offer a good user experience
  • Anti-spam – no need for Akismet and other anti-spam plugins. WA hosting has anti-spam enabled at the server level so spam never reaches your website.
  • Full redundancy – your website is hosted twice so if something your site goes down another copy of your website is displayed.

There are many more reasons why you’ll want to host your website at Wealthy Affiliate but I’ll do an article on the benefits of using Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting to outline all the reasons.

Affiliate Marketing Training

The other great thing about using SiteRubix instead of other website builders is that SiteRubix isn’t just about website creation, it also has affiliate marketing training which includes how to build a website to promote other people’s products.

The two components kind of go together. If you’re building a website online to make money then you need this training. If you’re doing affiliate marketing then you need a website.

The affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate is some of the best as it goes through step-by-step from picking a niche to more advanced training like using Facebook ads and building marketing funnels.

Beginners can learn the basics of affiliate marketing which involves just four steps to earning money online. Picking a niche, building a website, creating content to get traffic, and earning money from affiliate programs sums up this simple process.

The affiliate marketing training also has discussion areas so that you can fully understand the training without getting lost and you will get support from experienced members so that you know what you’re doing.

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate training plus SiteRubix and other tools is a good setup that can help you create a successful online business.

FAQ – Common Questions About SiteRubix

Hopefully, in this review, I’ve answered everything you needed to know about SiteRubix and you now have a good understanding of the platform to make a decision.

Just in case though, I’ve created this section to answer some additional questions people have about the website builder.

Q. How easy is SiteRubix to use?
A. SiteRubix is simple to get started with and practically builds the website for you using a wizard-type interface. Just put in the info that is asked for and press the build button and you’ll have a fully functional website ready to go within a minute. I’ve outlined the process above.

Q. How much does SiteRubix cost?
A. SiteRubix is free to join and start building your websites. You get one free website as a Starter member. To get full access and the ability to unlock additional websites, you must become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate at a cost of $49 per month. Periodically, discounts and different membership options are available.

Q. Can I build a free website with SiteRubix?
A. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can build one free website with SiteRubix.

Q. Will SiteRubix put ads on my website?
A. SiteRubix was built for marketers to use in their marketing efforts and understands the downsides of having ads on your website. When you build a free website with SiteRubix, your website is completely ad-free and doesn’t even have any branding other than what you put there.

Q. How many sites can I build with SiteRubix?
A. As a free member you can only build one website. As a Premium member, you can have 3 websites with a domain name or up to 10 websites as a Premium Plus member.

Q. Can I set up a blog with SiteRubix?
A. Yes. SiteRubix is a WordPress-based website builder so you can use it exclusively for blogging or build a website with a blog feed.

Q. Does SiteRubix have tutorials?
A. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use SiteRubix and its many components. SiteRubix is also part of Wealthy Affiliate so it comes with training on not only how to build a website but also how to use it for marketing and earning money online.

Q. How does SiteRubix compare to Wix?
A. While Wix does have some great features, they aren’t as marketer-friendly as SiteRubix and won’t teach you how to earn online with affiliate marketing. SiteRubix, as you will learn in the above review, is more than just a website builder, capable of letting you build a very successful online business.

Q. How does SiteRubix compare to WordPress?
A. SiteRubix is WordPress-based and lets you have a site that you could easily build with WordPress through an external web host. However, there are many other components that make SiteRubix even more powerful including an editor that tracks your writing and powerful additions like SiteComments that can help boost your website further.

Q. Should I use Bluehost or SiteRubix?
A. From my observation, SiteRubix for creating a website is much better than creating a WordPress website through Bluehost. In terms of web hosting, I would not really recommend Bluehost as they’re tied to Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance International Group) and I’ve also had some bad experiences with them. I explain in this review that Wealthy Affiliate hosting is way better than Bluehost but you must know that if you’re going to use SiteRubix, then you will need to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate as both are inclusive of each other.

Getting Started with SiteRubix

You can get started with building your website with SiteRubix in two ways.

  1. Start building your website by signing up through the SiteRubix website (free – no credit card necessary)
  2. Join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for free (no credit card necessary).

With free starter access, you’re given a website so that you can start the training immediately and use the website to follow the training. You can have this website for as long as you want since membership is free forever but with limitations.

Upgrading to premium unlocks all your access privileges and you can then more websites and the ability to use domain names with your websites along with a host of other privileges.

If you’d like to start with SiteRubix, you can start making your website below.


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