Speechelo Review – Easy To Use Text-to-Speech Awesomeness

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In this honest Speechelo review (updated for August 2023), I share my opinion on this popular text-to-speech application that I use for making YouTube video voiceovers. It’s a popular tool developed primarily for use by video marketers.

I tested Speechelo when it was just launched and still use it to this day to generate high-quality voiceovers for my online business.

Speechelo has many uses. Based on my own experience, I am going to show you how Speechelo can benefit you as an online marketer doing audio, video, or YouTube marketing.

If you are thinking about getting Speechelo to start repurposing your content, you need to read this review all the way through.

You’ll find out:

I have never been comfortable with the sound of my own voice in videos. This is something that has held me back from doing YouTube videos.

Hiring a voice-over artist from sites like Fiverr is always an option but the cost for this is something to consider. It is not cheap.

I recently found out about software that can turn your content into audio and this is how I discovered Speechelo among other options.

Speechelo sounds great for an AI-powered software that can turn text into speech in seconds, with natural human voices that don’t sound robotic at all, and can do it in 23 languages.

But does it work as well as they say it does?

That is what I’m going to answer here today in this Speechelo review. Read on to know more. I purchased the standard version so that is what I’m using for this review.

What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a text-to-speech generator. The software uses artificial intelligence to convert text content into audio tracks with natural-sounding, human-like voices.

There are many text-to-speech generators around but many of them are either very costly or sound too robotic, two of the biggest problems that you’ll encounter with this type of software.

Speechelo was developed by two guys, Vlad and Stoica who together created a suite of other software tools for marketers called Blaster software. This suite is aimed at video marketing with YouTube, a platform both marketers have dominated over the years.

Speechelo was created as a text-to-speech solution to help marketers generate great-sounding voiceovers for their videos.

The application can be used on either PC or Mac because there is nothing to download and install. Instead, you log into your Speechelo account online and do everything in the cloud.

How Does Speechelo Work?

Speechelo lets you generate voice-over tracks in just three steps.

  1. Paste in your text
  2. Choose from one of 30 voices
  3. Generate and download the voice-over audio
Speechelo dashboard

Everything is done on your dashboard inside Speechelo. Three panels are used to do each step. You paste your text into the text panel where you can make adjustments to the volume and speaking rate of the AI voice. You can also add pauses to make the voice-over sound even more natural.

Speechelo review testing

As an option to the AI-generated voice, you can also use a standard voice but you’ll have to do a lot of adjustments for your voice to sound the way you want it. There are buttons in the text panel that add tags to your text to help generate the voiceover.

In addition to adjusting your speech and adding pauses, the standard voice lets you add breathing and emphasis to words – two things the AI-generated voice does automatically.

It is recommended that you stick to the AI-generated voiceovers which sound better. However, some of the foreign language voiceovers only work with standard voice and do not have the AI option.

The settings panel lets you choose the voice settings. The default voice is an English language, United States male voice by the name of Billy. You can switch this to any of 4 US voices where the options range from adult female to both genders of children’s voices. The pro upgrade offers 4 additional US voices which you can preview in the standard version.

Speechelo voice settings panel with voice options

You can also choose other English-language voices such as UK, Australian or Indian or you can choose from the foreign language voices if you plan to use foreign language content.

A cool tip you can use to get even more English-language voices is to use your English text with any foreign-language voice. This will give you an English voiceover with foreign-language accentuation.

The last panel is where you’ll find your generated voiceovers. You can generate as many voiceovers as you like and you’ll find options to merge, delete or download a voiceover.

The speechelo library of generated voices.

I found everything in Speechelo very easy to use and I successfully generated some voiceovers from my own content that sounded great to me.

It is recommended that you generate short paragraphs and sentences separately so that if you have trouble with a voice-over, it would be easy to go through and fix it. You can then select them in the order you want them to appear in your script and merge them in the last panel.

The text panel in the standard version only lets you generate around 700 words at a time or about 5000 characters. In the pro upgrade, you can generate up to 20000 characters at a time.

How Much Does Speechelo Cost?

Speechelo costs a $47 one-time fee so you can use it over and over again for as long as you want.

It is advertised as costing as much as $100 with a 53% discount but I think that this might just be a marketing tactic. You’ll probably never encounter a price that is more than the current pricing.

There are also some upgrades that you will encounter while purchasing Speechelo and they are:

You can decline these offers but if you’re interested in using Speechelo for YouTube, they may also interest you.

There aren’t any known coupons for Speechelo at this time – the only discount of 53% is auto-applied when you purchase Speechelo standard version.

You may be asking yourself if you’re actually getting a good deal here. So I checked out some alternatives to Speechelo to see how much you would pay. What do similar alternatives to Speechelo cost?

  • Natural Reader has a free version but costs $588 annually for the commercial upgrade or $99 if you choose monthly billing.
  • Voice Reader Home costs USD $57 per voice but has some very good features.
  • NoteVibes has a personal version you can’t use with YouTube videos and the commercial license version costs $70/month or $840/yearly
  • Talkia has a standard version for $49 per month and an enterprise version for $79 per month or you can choose to get billed annually.
  • Revoicer has great-sounding human voices but you’ll have to pay recurring monthly charges from $37 each month for the Standard version, $47 each month for PRO, or $127 each month for the Agency version.

These are just a few of Speechelo’s competitors and although their products might be great (I haven’t tried them all), they cost a lot more than Speechelo especially if you want to use the voiceovers in your YouTube videos or to make money by selling voice services.

Standard vs. Pro Upgrade

The version that I’m reviewing is the standard version that I bought for my personal use. If I plan to sell my voiceovers on Fiverr, for example, I can’t use the standard version. I’ll have to purchase a commercial license by getting the Pro upgrade.

The pro upgrade cost $47 every 3 months for as long as you want to keep using it and comes with a lot of additional benefits you can’t get with the standard version.

benefits of Speechelo pro upgrade

The Pro upgrade adds a couple of useful features if you plan to sell the voiceovers you generate from the software. You get:

  • 60 voices instead of 30
  • 20,000 character limit in the text panel instead of 5000
  • 40 background music tracks to add to your productions
  • a commercial license so that you can sell your voiceovers
  • the Voiceover Cash Machine ebook shows you how to make money generating voiceovers, where to find clients, and more.

In other words, the pro upgrade lets you run an online business with Speechelo so you can make back the money you spent on getting the software. $47 every three months is a worthy investment in this case.

Personally, I’d get the pro upgrade for the background music and access to the Voiceover Cash Machine ebook. I think just having access to 30 voices is good enough but it doesn’t hurt to access 30 more.

Is Speechelo Any Good?

Is Speechelo worth it though? Is it any good?

You’re probably still doubtful, so to help you decide, I made a YouTube video using a script based on one of my blog posts and one of the American voices from Speechelo.

This is actually my very first video and I thought it came out great. What do you think?

I’ve put together some pros and some cons based on my experience using Speechelo to create this video and what you can expect from this text-to-speech application.

Speechelo Pros (What I Like)

  • Generates a very good natural sounding voice
  • Easy to use (just 3 steps)
  • Lots of voices to choose from
  • Available foreign language voices
  • Voice customization available
  • Can use on Mac or PC since it’s a cloud platform
  • One-time fee for standard use (cheaper than alternatives)
  • Pro upgrade allows you to make money and provides training

A lot of the features available in Speechelo simplify converting text to audio files for use as voiceovers. I can see myself turning my blog articles into YouTube videos if I choose to do that and not have to worry about using my own voice.

The pro upgrade allows you to make money with the voiceovers you generate and it has the Voice Over Cash Machine ebook to guide you on how to get clients for your work. This is easily worth the money you’re spending on the software.

Speechelo Cons (What I Don’t Like)

  • Audio previews are too short (first 100 characters)
  • Doesn’t allow file uploading (pdf, etc).

I thought that the audio previews were too short as they are limited to the first 100 characters in the text. If I added customization, I don’t really get to hear the full effect in the preview as the tags take up a bit of the text limit. If this could be increased, I’d feel a little better as I could get to hear the effects of my customization.

That said though, the AI voice-overs are very good and need little customizing.

Overall, Speechelo is a good software that does what it promises and you can easily generate human-sounding voice-overs using your own text.

How To Make Money With Speechelo

One of the main reasons why you need Speechelo is probably so that you can use it to make money from videos you plan to make for your very own YouTube channel.

You can create a new income stream from YouTube videos or a traffic source for your blog so that you can increase your income.

The standard version of Speechelo easily lets you do this and this is a great use of the software to make money from your voice-overs.

You can also use another popular AI, ChatGPT, to create video scripts and then use Speechelo to voice them before turning them into videos.

There are lots of other ways to make money from generating voiceovers and this includes selling several services on Fiverr.

Here’s one such example. This one gig on Fiverr is for creating YouTube videos and uses “human-like machine-generated voice” for the voice-over.

The seller charges $10 for up to 1250 words and uses background music, stock images, and videos to create engaging YouTube videos. When I took the screenshot, he had 6 orders in the queue.

If he used Speechelo to do this, he’d make back his investment in no time.

Other categories you can make money in are:

  • voice-overs
  • article to video
  • translating videos into other languages.

Also, if you get the pro upgrade, there’s an ebook called Voice-over Cash Machine that will show you different ways to make money with voice-overs you generate using Speechelo.

Should You Get Speechelo?

In conclusion, Speechelo is an easy-to-use cloud software that is definitely worth getting if you want to create your own voiceovers.

If you’re like me and you’re putting off starting YouTube because you don’t like your voice, then you should try Speechelo as you can just write what you want to say and then create videos that you don’t have to appear in.

Speechelo diigital cover box

There are many other uses for Speechelo such as:

  • creating training videos
  • sales videos
  • creating audiobooks
  • IVR voices
  • explainer videos
  • educational videos
  • product demos
  • podcasts
  • Facebook, Instagram and YouTube video ads
  • creating audio versions of your blog posts
  • audio versions of a course or ebook
  • and many more

And if you plan to create videos for others then you can create an income stream where you will make back your small investment.

Should you get Speechelo? You decide if it’s worth it or not based on this Speechelo review and what you would like to use it for.



  1. Wow, I like the way this one works so well and I think it would be something that I too should take to personally looking at just how good it works. I am sure that I will also be able to use this for my YouTube channel once it is set up because I fee like I don’t have a good voice to do my videos. I like how there are up to thirty voices to choose from.

    • I actually just did a script for a YouTube video and turned it into a voiceover that I’m going to use to do a video. It’s perfect. I’m currently working on editing the video and I’ll be uploading it soon. I like that there are thirty voices but you probably wouldn’t need them all. 

  2. Just like you, I have put off using youtube for a very long time. We all know youtube is good and profitable but not a lot of people have that good voice to use when recording videos that sound very pleasing to the ear. I have been really skeptical about making use of text to speech software because the voices don’t sound natural and most people tend to notice. I would love to see how this speechelo sounds before I decide on getting it because it is something I would like to give a try.

    • Manuel, I just did a video using one of the voices from Speechelo. I’ll include it in the article soon so you could see the sample. It’s really good. 

  3. Thanks for your review on Speechelo. This software sounds a lot like what I have on my phone called speechify and I have to say that I love it. Sometimes, I just have to multitask and this is perfect when I drive. Anyways, back to Speechelo. This will be perfect when I want to make a Youtube clip and turn my content to speech! I love the fact that the sound quality id natural, I hate it when it is robotic and this will make people pay more attention to my video content. It is great as well that you can make money with them as an option as well. This will make my life easier and time saving than trying to edit my audio and go to a sound proof room to record my voice. Will check it out

    • This is just an alternative to recording your own voice. If you don’t like to use your own voice or just don’t like the sound of your voice in videos then this is the solution.

      Speechify sounds like it’s just a reader which is great for multitasking and getting web pages read to you. However, Speechelo is different because it converts text into downloadable audio that you can use in your marketing efforts. But I think you get the idea. They’re similar.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the review and letting me know how it can help you.

    • Yes, John. I think that is a great use of Speechelo. All you do is put your narration script into Speechelo and convert it, download the audio and import it into Final Cut then edit from there to sync it with the video.

  4. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this helpful review of Speechelo. It has been of much help to me…Not untill now i never knew that there is a software that can do this for a very small fee… but i have a question can the the output audio be produced or converted in different languages.

    • Speechelo has 23 languages and any text you input into the text area can be converted to audio in any of those languages. There are 30 voices and the pro version has even more voices (30 more). If you want to market to people who speak other languages then this software can help you produce YouTube videos that will give you access to even more traffic than if you just targeted the English language alone.

      I hope that I’ve answered your question.

  5. Wow! This is really awesome to see such a product here that can honestly and efficiently help ease the pain of having to turn text to speech. Honestly, I am a translator by profession and getting somethjng like this would aid my typing and give me the freedoms that I crave for a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here. I might give it a try. Is the standard version a one time free or monthly payments?

    • Well Kimberly, I’m glad that you find this useful as a translator. Not sure about the usefulness of Speechelo for translators but it is definitely helpful for marketers who want to reach foreign language markets with audio and video content.

      Speechelo standard is a one time fee of $47 though you can use the Founders Offer coupon to get an additional $10 off. It’s only the Pro version that has recurring fees where you pay $47 every 3 months so it works out to be about $15.67 /month to get the commercial license, 30 additional languages, more characters and the ebook that shows you how to make money with Speechelo.

      If you do give it a try, I’d like to know what you think about it.

  6. I have the same problem with not wanting my voice in videos, but also wanting audio in a video. Speechelo seems like it takes care of this problem. It even has 23 languages! Do you happen to know if it has German as one of those languages? This seems like a cool device and you did a good job of reviewing it. 

    • Lex, all the major languages are supported. There are three German voices, a male (Martin) and a female (Anke) in the standard version and another male (Christin) in the Pro version.You can even have your German voice read your English content as an alternative to the native English voices. 

  7. Very interesting tool. I think this is something I might be looking into because I’m planning on starting a youtube channel around what I like to talk and write about, finance. But I’m still not confident in myself and my own voice. I can write fine and write on a blog but people like youtube and videos so it can really be leverage for me on my endeavors. I’ll be looking into getting this program for myself in the near future. Thank you for the detailed article, it was very helpful šŸ™‚

    • Yes. I think that there are a lot of people who have the same fear of starting YouTube because they don’t have the confidence or they don’t like their voice. Speechelo can really help as an alternative to hiring a voiceover artist or just doing videos with no talking at all. 

      Thank you Misael for sharing your thoughts on this.

  8. Wow, thanks. I think this software will come in really handy for me as I look to start creating more video content to help market my products online. I’ve also just heard about Amazon Poly which I think is the equivalent – have you had any experience with it and know how it compares? I think the price might be slightly more and you’re charged in a different way (price per characters etc) so Speechelo may be the more cost-effective option!

    • You’re right about Speechelo being more cost effective than Amazon Polly because Speechelo is a one time fee so you could use it forever without worrying about cost. I have not tried Polly (as yet) so I can’t comment on the voices but I know this works for me and it does the job pretty well so I’m sticking with it. 

  9. Quite good enough here. With this, I wouldn’t need to pay exorbitant fees to a voice over worker again. This is really massive to see and thank you so much for sharing it. Honestly, all you have shared here only makes me more curious as to use speechelo now. Since it has arrays of options to use too. This definitely seems a good fit for me

  10. I think that this is something that can really help me in so many ways because I would be able to turn some kind of texts down into speech. I like the fact that your review is very detailed and also how you can also inform us more about how it all works. Do you think that this will help a person who wants to go into podcasting

  11. Hello Jay, 

    As a YouTuber, I have made use of some very good voice software and I have to admit this is quite an interesting one you have shared here. Some time ago I was introduced to some but they have limited voices and it had a to be coded for your text to be read. Its wonderful how Spechelo have been developed with so much voices to pick from and easy to convert. 

    • You make a very interesting point there. There are a lot of these tts software, more than I initially knew about and they all have their little flaws whether it’s the robotic voices or the limited amount of voices or pricing but one where you have to code the text is probably super annoying. I’m glad that the Speechelo guys have made their software easy to use because marketers and YouTubers sure don’t need the extra work.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. 

  12. Wow! This is great. Hearing about Speechelo for the very first, I am thrilled. Getting to know that there are software applications, like Speechelo, that can easily convert one’s text content to audio is really interesting. I do not own a blog or YouTube account, but since I am creating a website, I’m sure I’ll be using Speechelo in the future. And I think the pros of Speechelo surpasses the cons.

    • I’m glad you’re excited about this Kelvin. When I heard about Speechelo for the first time I was excited too although I know about software that could read text, I didn’t know that they could make voice overs for you to use in your videos. That’s a great concept and yes, Speechelo doesn’t really have much to complain about. 

  13. Thank you for the heads up.I am one of those who ahve been putting off starting a Youtube Channel. It looks like the answer is right before my eyes . I am certainly going to explore the software . I have lots of content on my blog that i dont have to worry about creating new content. I guess I am ready for this long outstanding project .

    • It’s definitely something worth exploring especially if you have lots of content on your blog already. Good luck on your project. 

  14. Hello Jay, thank you for sharing this informative and resourceful review article on  speechelo. I must say that it is nice to have such application that can turn texts to audio with ease.  And it’s nice to even know that the fee is not to expensive. I will have to check it out.

  15. This is a good review of speechelo software. Very informative. LIke you I don’t trust my voice to use on YouTube videos. It is very raspy and will not come out well. Thanks to techonology you can now use software to convert text to speech. The price of speechelo seems very reasonable as it is a once off cost. This is a good deal for anyone who wants to do videos for youTube.

  16. Gosh, everything is possible nowadays. Being a person who likes to utilize time, I think this could be a wonderful app to have. By converting documents or books into audios, one could listen while traveling and still keep one’s eyes on where he or she is going!

    Being a personal development fanatic, I think I can record affirmations or entire chapters of a book to listen to while driving. Of course, I suppose I could only convert those online books where they allow for copy and paste.

    Very cool tech, thanks for this recommendation!

    • That would be cool but there are apps that can handle converting documents and books better than Speechelo can but they probably don’t have the most natural sounding voices. Speechelo was designed for marketers and not so much for personal use but I suppose it is probably doable.  

  17. My exact sentiments. I know about the ones on mobile. Those sound very robotic and until Speechelo, I really didn’t think they could sound any better. Then there’s the issue of pricing. Some are very expensive and want you to pay for a certain quota of characters used. Having the ability to pay a one time fee for something as good as Speechelo is definitely a good thing. 

  18. I have come across Speechelo couple of times now, never bothered to really dig deep into knowing what the software is about. I like the fact that one can use Speech to render services on Fiverr and looking at the cost, it’s a great investment. In business time-saving is key, having software like Speecho is time-saving. I see this as rofitable business as people are highly inclined to be YouTube creators but with little information on how to do high-quality videos. Nice review. 

    • Yes, I think it is a great investment if you plan on doing something on Fiverr. Like you could just get Speechelo and have  a side-gig doing Fiverr jobs creating videos and offering voice over services. Thanks for chiming in. 

  19. Dear Jay…thank you for your quick reply..the Malay language comes with standard price? i notice somewhere that some language require premium version. Please confirm…

  20. Hello, this is a very detailed review. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard.  What I’ve heard about Speechelo has been nothing but good reviews. For a 47$ program, it’s a really good one. I am yet to get the program but I think your review has explained everything so much clearer that I’m thinking of getting it now. Thanks a lot for this 

  21. One of the reasons why I haven’t also started my YouTube channel is because I don’t like my voice, and I also don’t like to show my face on cam. Speechelo seems like a very good option for some one like me and it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. Also it seems quite easy to use from the way you described it

    • Yes, Speechelo is a very good option for that and there are many YouTube channels that put out quality content without showing any faces and some without voices. So if you’re really determined, you can use Speechelo as a tool for building a very good channel. 

  22. I have always wondered if there was a software or an application that could turn written contents to audio format. I am not too conversant with apps in this field, so I didn’t have an idea that something like Speechelo existed. I feel glad getting this knowledge on Speechelo. This will definitely be of great help to me in the long run.

  23. I am interested in the Pro upgrade. I had heard good reviews about Speechelo but I didn’t know it was as affordable as it actually is. And To be able to sell the voiceovers and keep all the money is really cool. I know there is a market for voiceovers and I would like to give it a try. Thanks for the review.

  24. Potential buyers beware! The Speechelo sales pitch is missing some very important info. The Standard version contains only FEMALE voices in many language options. When comparing the Standard and Pro options, none of the info. states this fact. You’ll need to spend another $147 to gain access to male voices in many of the language options. You’ll need to spend a whopping $194 to gain access to male voices in most languages! The $47 entry fee is just that and very misleading.

    • Let’s address some things here. The Speechelo sales pitch isn’t misleading at all and you probably bought something else that is NOT Speechelo.

      I can tell you this because I also bought and used the Standard version of Speechelo and it contains BOTH male and female voices in different languages. If it didn’t then I would not have been able to create the video I embedded in this section of the review which uses one of the American male voices. Both the Pro & the Standard versions have male voices.

      Secondly, there is no $147 pricing that I’m aware of which makes me think you’re talking about another software and certainly you would not have to spend that just to access male voices.

      In some languages, there is only one voice in the Standard version which is reasonable. One voice would either be male or female and you would have to upgrade to get additional voices which is stated in the sales pitch. Upgrading to pro to unlock all the voices that Speechelo comes with is only $47 every three months which is very far from $147.

      Example of whats available in the Standard version there is one male AND one female voice for UK English and in pro you get five additional female voices and 1 male voice – so UK is 6 female & 2 male voices altogether. For US English, Standard version gives you 2 male, 1 female & a kid (male) voice, while you can get 6 additional females, 2 males & a kid (female) in pro. Canadian English voices aren’t available in Standard but you get 3 female voices in Pro (no males). In French there is 1 male voice in Standard, no females but you get 5 female & one additional male voice in the pro upgrade.

      You do NOT need $194 to gain access to any male voices in Speechelo. You just need to get the Standard version at the Standard pricing.

  25. Yeah, looking at the promo site just screamed scam to me. so went on hunt to try to work out if that was the case, and came across your review – which is great by the way.

    I was considering using this for game dev voice overs.
    Just wondering now if that would require the pro version or can the standard version be used for that?

    • It’s definitely not a scam. I use it for YouTube videos and it works as advertised.

      You can use the Standard version for game dev voice over but depending on how many voices you’ll need, the pro version will have a wider variety. Sometimes one language might have 1 or 2 voices in the Standard version and 6 to 8 voices in the Pro version. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Jay,
        Only need the voiceovers for intro and cut scenes so really only after one voice type.
        Might just give it a whirl…

      • OK, so went thru the purchase phase, and wow what a load hype to try to get you to upgrade – truly abysmal marketing by these guys.

        Any how purchased standard version, but once you make the payment it then informs you that the Standard version is not for commercial use – so I guess I just got burnt.

        Oh well I knew it was the likely too good to be true – what and idiot – lol…

  26. Got an email back from Vlad and Stoica, confirming it is OK to use standard for my Game Voice overs. So real happy about that šŸ™‚

    After using Speechelo for a while, I would say it is actually pretty good.
    1) It is very limited in what you can do to change the way the speech sounds.
    2) The preview is really not long enough – so I just create the file and listen to it then – but that gets tedious
    3) You can get fairly natural voice overs with Standard. But you can easily tell it is not a human speaking.
    3) For my usage case I only need English, so there is not 30 voices, but only 5 to choose from

    I would say that if you want to use this tool you do need to go with the pro version, but I don’t know if you would get any more tools to make it possible to get much more natural voices out of the engine.

    Also you will get at least two emails every day for some form of marketing to get you to spend more, this of course may subside a bit if you do go pro – but I get the feeling you would likely have to get your email client to block them to stop them.

    Overall it is quite a nice tool, and they seem like great guys as well. Just that they have a system that is very much set up to market, market, market…..

    • Well, Michael, I’m glad that you got the response you needed from Vlad and Stoica. Yes the software if pretty useful but I get that not everyone will find it that way due to their individual expectations.

      I do have a couple of things I want to address from your comment.

      1. The preview is not long enough – I pointed this out as one of the cons of the program in my Speechelo review. The application only previews the first 100 characters and this is not much. Extending a little more to maybe 250 – 500 characters should help give users a better preview of the voice-over.

      2. Only 5 English voices – A little trick you can use is to find any language and paste your English text. The voice-over will render it in English with the accent of the foreign language speaker. So you can have English spoken by a French guy or German woman if the character calls for it.

      3. Too many emails – you do not need to block them. All the emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Just scroll right down to the end of the email and click the unsubscribe link and you won’t have to hear from them again.

      The Blaster team actually had an email that talked about this issue where someone complained about why they just ‘market, market, market’ and they responded by saying that they knew the people that used Speechelo or any of their tools were video marketers so they were just keeping them up to date with the latest video marketing tools that may be of interest to them. Most of the things they promote are video tools and stuff that they’d use themselves.

      Besides these marketing emails, they actually have some really helpful emails that would give a good tip that you could use where they don’t even promote anything. So I stay subscribed to their emails because I find them helpful, even the marketing ones just to see whats available.

  27. Speechelo Absolute SCAM COMPANY!! They offer a one-time fee onSpeechelo Pro, clearly stated on the sales page, then after 3 months, they charge you anyway. I reported them to Paypal, as this is illegal.

    • Speechelo is NOT a scam company. The pro version is not a one time fee and they’ve said that on the sales page. There is a downsell where they do offer Pro for a one time fee. In any case, you need to check the details on the billing page to know which deal you’re taking. My guess is that you opened the billing page from the one where you’re paying $47 per quarter. Didn’t you pay $47 for Speechelo Pro?

      If you’re going to report them, report them to Clickbank and not PayPal. PayPal has zero control over what Speechelo does and Clickbank is the company that provides payment services for Speechelo which includes PayPal and credit cards.

    • Thanks for this valuable information. I suspected it. I stopped payment process right when I noticed that the account details are being saved for future purchases. It just gives them freedom to take your money whenever they want!

      • I replied to your other comment. Speechelo is not a scam company. I bought and use the app on a one time charge and my payment info was not saved for future use. Not sure where you’re seeing this but I checked out the order form and couldn’t find anything where they’re saving payment info.

  28. If it’s a ‘One time payment’, why do they want the payment details saved for the next purchase? It’s annoying that there is no provision to disable it.

    • I don’t recall seeing this on the Clickbank order form. Does it come up when you’re using PayPal or something? Or were you trying to get Speechelo Pro? Also make sure you don’t have any addon purchases checked that might be billed on a recurring basis.

  29. Thanks for the amazing review!
    I have the standard version. Can I use it for my YouTube videos and hope I won’t run into monetization issues?

    Looking forward to your reply

  30. i am creating a game and i wanted to show it’s development in the form of a video devlog series. it’ll be comedic, educational, and informative. it will also have a donation service attached in the form of patreon. i have no desire to sell the voice overs as a service. is this allowable if i use the standard version?

    • I think you already know the answer to that question Banti.

      But just in case you happened to write a post about Speechelo and didn’t know, well, you can. If you make a voiceover track with Speechelo then you own the rights and you can put it in a YouTube video if you want. That is what the software was developed for. You put the voiceover in YouTube video and then you can put ads in your video or promote affiliate programs and make money.

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