Speechelo Black Friday 2022 Deal – 73% Off

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Speechelo Cyber Monday product box and demo

Is Speechelo having a Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 sale?

I have been using this awesome text-to-speech generator for over 2 years now and I have no regrets about getting this tool.

If you’re like me then you’ll love Speechelo too for adding human-like voice overs to your YouTube videos instead of having to use your own voice or no voice at all.

Although the cloud-based application is only a one-time fee for the standard version, you might want to get it for less in order to save some money.

This is why Black Friday is the perfect time to get a deal on internet marketing tools and resources.

Speechelo had a surprise Halloween sale where you could get it for 73% off, and they’re offering the same sweet deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can read the details below but you need to also read about how to apply the coupon to benefit from the sale.

Speechelo Black Friday 2022 Discount

It’s not yet Black Friday yet as I’m writing this so I don’t have the coupon code for the cyber week discount. However, the Halloween coupon still works and you can get Speechelo at the same discount they offered weeks ago.

Here is a look at the details of Speechelo’s Black Friday sale:

  • The Deal: 73% off
  • Deal Page: Get Speechelo (read below on how to apply the coupon)
  • Coupon: HALLOWEEN
  • Starts: Friday, November 25, 2022
  • Ends: Monday, November 28, 2022

The link here takes you to the sales page where you can get Speechelo at the regular price.

To apply the coupon, you’ll need to click on the link then go to the order page. You’ll see that the regular price is there with the 53% off coupon applied.

To change this coupon to the Black Friday discount, you’ll need to copy the code – halloween – and follow the next steps.

  1. Check the address bar for the part of the url that says “&coupon=speechelo47”.
  2. Highlight the part that says “speechelo47” and hit CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste the Black Friday coupon code ‘halloween
  3. Hit enter to refresh your browser.
  4. Check the order details to see that the new coupon code is applied.


    • I’d love to see them do one too. After they did the Halloween discount, I think there’s a good chance a Black Friday deal will happen for all the Blaster software including Thumbnail Blaster.

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