10 Common Questions About Speechelo Answered

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If you’re looking to get the popular text-to-speech generator, Speechelo, then you probably have a lot of questions as I did before I decided to get it.

You’re not alone because lots of people have taken to the search engines to get their questions answered.

In this FAQ article, I’ve collected some of these questions and answered them as best as I could. If you have a particular question about Speechelo, it’s answered below. If it isn’t, then you can hit the comments section and ask away. I’ll add the question along with the answer to the article.

Here are some frequently asked questions that people have about Speechelo and the answers.

1. Does Speechelo Work?

The sales page for Speechelo promises to let you use your text to generate real sounding human voices fast.

It’s a solution for marketers who want to cut out the cost of having to hire voice actors to do their videos whether it be YouTube videos, training videos or sales videos.

So the big question is, does Speechelo generate real, human sounding voices that you can use for videos?

And the answer is YES. It does.

The voice you hear when you’re listening to the Speechelo sales page is in fact an AI generated voice from the software itself.

I bought Speechelo so that I could start doing YouTube videos and I generated a 2 minute voice over from a script I wrote based on one of my articles and it definitely sounds so real, viewers may not be able to tell. It does not sound robotic at all like some text to speech readers I’ve heard before.

Here’s that video.

2. How Exactly Does Speechelo Work?

The standard version of Speechelo does one thing – it takes your text that you paste into the text input box and turns it into a voice-over.

There are just three steps to generating a voice-over.

  1. Paste your text in the text input box.
  2. Choose one of the 30 available voices.
  3. Generate and download the voice over audio.

Each step also lets you modify and change stuff so that you can get your audio the way you want it.

Step 1 for example, lets you add pauses and adjust the speech (how fast, how loud). Step two, lets you choose which voice you want to use, and also allows you to choose between AI generated voice or a standard voice which let’s you do the work of adding breathing, pitch, emphasis and so on to the voice.

Step 3 lets you hear your audio, merge multiple voice tracks, delete unwanted tracks and download your final audio.

You can get even more functionality out of Speechelo by upgrading to Pro or the Worldwide version.

3. Does Speechelo Work On a Mac?

If you have a Mac, you may be wondering about compatibility.

Well, Speechelo works on all operating systems because you don’t have to download anything. It is cloud software so you just have to log in and do everything through your browser whether you’re on a Mac or Windows.

There isn’t anything to install, so you can get started as soon as you purchase the standard version of Speechelo.

4. Is Speechelo Safe?

This is a common question that gets asked with software because people are afraid of downloading malware and viruses.

Speechelo however will not give you any such headaches because there is nothing to download.

You log into Speechelo through your browser on your computer and do everything in the cloud. You can then download your audio to your computer when you’ve finished converting your text.

I bought Speechelo maybe about a month ago and have been using it since and I can assure you that nothing bad is going to happen.

5. Is Speechelo Legit?

Some people are worried that they may get scammed by Speechelo so they want to know if it’s legit.

Scammed could also mean that the product promises one thing – high quality audio that sounds like a human is actually speaking – but then goes on to deliver something completely different.

This is not the case. The owners of Speechelo are so confident in their product, they even use it on their sales page. If you scroll back up to question one, you’ll see a 2 minute YouTube video I did using one of the voices. Totally legit my friend.

6. Is Speechelo Any Good?

Yes, Speechelo is actually very good at generating human-sounding voices with inflections, pausing, breathing and more.

It is actually a lot better than some of the robot sounding voices available through some top text-to-speech software.

I’ve compared some of these and I’m very impressed by what Speechelo could do.

7. Is Speechelo Free?

Aside from the fact that some people may not have the funds to buy Speechelo, there is a reason why they may want to know if Speechelo is free.

They may want to know if there is a free version of Speechelo that they could try before they buy or use with limited features or if they can get a cracked version.

“Speechelo crack” is actually a popular search for the application. However, if I’m correct, cracked software only applies to software that you can download to your computer where you’ll need to have a registration code to unlock the full software.

There is no Speechelo crack because there is nothing to download. And there is also no free or trial version of Speechelo that I’m aware of.

Speechelo costs $47 for the standard version. You can purchase Speechelo here.

8. Where Can I Get Speechelo At a Discount?

Someone commented on my Speechelo review a while back offering Speechelo at just $10. I checked it out and you have to be very careful with offers like this.

The offer was not related to the official site but instead linked to some payment gateway where you paid the seller $10 for access to Speechelo. I don’t know how this worked but it’s most likely a scam. Maybe they just took your money and you never hear from them again.

You should only purchase Speechelo through Clickbank, their payment processor which allows payments from credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. Clickbank is a trusted third party that has secure payment and delivers the product immediately. They also offer a 60 money back guarantee where you can get a refund if you don’t like the product.

There are a few legit discounts for Speechelo. I’ve included the codes below. I’m not sure how long they’ll work but you can try them. I’ve also included how to apply the coupon codes on the checkout page.

Founders Offer (63% Off – Speechelo for $37)

This offer allows you to get Speechelo for only $37 instead of the regular $47 and is normally advertises as a 63% discount.

You may see others offering the founders offer for $37 but this is pure click-bait to get you to use their link as almost every time you won’t get the discount and will pay $47.

To access the Founders Offer discount, you have to change the coupon code at checkout to ‘founders37’.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click here to purchase Speechelo
  2. Click the order button to go to the order page
  3. The order page will say $47 with the normal coupon ‘speechelo47’ applied. To change the coupon to ‘founders37’, look in the address bar for the text ‘&coupon=speechelo47‘ and change it so that it says ‘&coupon=founders37
  4. Refresh your browser and you should see the new price on the order page say $37.
  5. Complete your purchase.
Speechelo Founders $37 gif showing how to change coupon code.

More Discount Codes (Speechelo for $27)

The founders offer code was the only legit code when I first published this FAQ.

Since then there have been a couple of other discount codes. You can follow the same process above to apply them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know how long they’ll work but you can try them. I’ll keep updating this list if more codes become available.

9. Does Speechelo Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Speechelo does have a 60 money back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the software.

To get a refund, you’ll need to have your Clickbank receipt which you get in your email when you buy Speechelo. You can then contact Clickbank with the details and get a refund as long as the 60 period has not expired.

Speechelo is a very useful software made for marketers and if you use YouTube, you can generate voice overs to help you with your videos. You can also use Speechelo to make back the money that you invested in the software by working with clients. For this, it is best to go with the Pro upgrade.

10. Can I Make Money With Speechelo?

Speechelo was made by marketers to assist other marketers with their video marketing efforts.

So whether you’re using video to get leads, for affiliate marketing or for traffic, it all leads to earning money in the end.

You can also make money by creating voice overs for people who need that type of service. Fiverr is a good place to offer this or you can offer this directly on your website.

You can also use Speechelo to create videos using the voice overs you generate within the software.

Having a pro license to make money using this software would be more beneficial because:

  • get an additional 30 voices including 4 new English ones
  • can create longer voice-overs (4 times longer than standard version)
  • get 40 background music tracks
  • get a commercial license to be able to sell your voice overs

And if you’re not sure how to make money with Speechelo, you also get a bonus guide called Voice Over Cash Machine which will show you where and how to sell your voice over services.

Do You Have a Question About Speechelo?

These are some of the most popular questions people have about Speechelo but you may also have one that is not here.

If you found your answer, I’m glad I could help. If you didn’t, tell me what you want to know about this text-to-speech generator and as someone who has bought and used the standard version for over a month now, I’ll try my best to give you a detailed answer.

You can read my review of Speechelo here to see what I really think about it.



  1. Can I use your software text for a sample voiceover that I created for my music that will be published and distributed on music platforms like Apple Music Spotify etc. and also video being on YouTube for people to view and stream and purchase my song with the sample that I would use did I created on speechelo

  2. Am I allowed to use the standard version of speechelo for a voice over in a video made to advertise my own product? it’s not really mentioned on their website… and the voice over would be used for a majority of the video.

    • Yes, you can Josh. The commercial version just adds more voices and is for when you’re selling voice-over services on places like Fiverr. For your situation, the standard version is fine.

  3. is a scam, they say is a Lifetieme, but they’ve been charging me 47 and now (2022) 52 USD every 3 months!!!

    • It is not a scam. Speechelo works as advertised and is functional. I use it to generate voice overs all the time.

      About your issue, you can buy PRO for a Lifetime fee, I think it’s $87 but it looks like you just paid the regular $47 which is a quarterly subscription. If you paid $47 for Speechelo PRO and didn’t pay any more than that then by purchasing, you agreed to be billed every three months a subscription fee of $47/month. I’m not sure if the price has gone up to $52 so I can’t comment on that. So it seems that you might have misunderstood the pricing when you made your purchase and that’s not really grounds to call it a scam.

      If you need to stop billing, just have your last receipt and contact Clickbank customer support to ask them to cancel your Speechelo subscription.

      • tienes toda la razon eso es una estafa cada 3 meses tegenera combro a la targeta, y lo peor es que no es evidente como cancelar la suscricion a mi me toco fue camcelar la targeta. OJO es una publicidad ENGAÑOSA.

        • No cobrarán durante tres meses a menos que elija la opción de suscripción. Ve a echar un vistazo al recibo que tenías de la compra inicial. Para cancelar, si revisa el recibo (verifique en su correo electrónico), luego le dan instrucciones sobre cómo buscar su compra y cancelar o obtener un reembolso.

          Tenga en cuenta que Speechelo se vende oficialmente a través de diferentes procesadores de pago. Solo promociono el que están vendiendo a través de Clickbank, así que mi respuesta se basa en eso. No estoy seguro de qué sucede cuando Speechelo se vende a través del otro procesador de pagos.

          They will not charge for three months unless you chose the subscription option. Go take a look at the receipt you had for the initial purchase. To cancel, if you check the receipt (check in your email), then they give you instructions on how to look up your purchase and cancel or get a refund.

          Keep in mind that Speechelo is officially sold through different payment processors. I only promote the one they’re selling through Clickbank so my response is based on that. I’m not sure what happens when Speechelo is sold through the other payment processor.

    • You can easily fix this by spelling out your name the way you want it to be pronounced. For example, Speechelo might pronounce ‘Pasquale” as ‘pas-kwal’. You can change the spelling to ‘Pascal’ for better results.

      Another example, people pronounce ‘tomato’ differently. Depending on how you pronounce the word, you can spell it as ‘tomato’ or ‘tomayto’ to get your desired result.

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