Speechelo Valentines Discount – 73% Off

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It’s been a while since I’ve been using Speechelo to generate human-sounding voice-overs and I love telling others about this cloud software.

While Speechelo is affordably priced compare to most other text-to-speech applications, you can get it for less with occasional discounts. If you’re looking for a Valentines deal, you’re in luck.

While I haven’t seen any official promos to get a Speechelo Valentines discount for 2021, there are coupon codes that still work to get the price from $47 down to $27!

Speechelo Valentines Coupon Codes

I’m still hoping that there will be an official Valentines coupon code which I’ll share with you if one does get released.

Until then you can use the following codes when you check out to get a 73% discount off Speechelo standard version.

Here are two codes from previous promotions that still work.

  • black73
  • santa

The ‘black73’ coupon code is from the Speechelo Black Friday 2020 promotion and the ‘santa’ coupon is from the Christmas 2020 deal.

Both coupon codes still work and can be used to get Speechelo for just $27 instead of $47.

How To Apply The Coupons

Speechelo doesn’t let you enter the coupon codes on the checkout page but there is a way to get the coupons to work when checking out.

Just follow the steps here and you’ll be able to get the discount.

  1. Click this link to visit the Speechelo offer page.
  2. Click the order link to go to the checkout page.

On the checkout page you’ll see that a coupon is auto-applied for 53% off the original price.

Follows these steps to apply the coupon.

  1. Check the address bar for the part of the url that says “&coupon=speechelo47”
  2. Highlight “speechelo47” and type either ‘black73’ or ‘santa’ (without the quote marks) to replace the original coupon code.
  3. Hit enter to refresh your browser and update the order page.
  4. Check the order details to see that the new coupon code is applied and the price changed.

You can now enjoy creating engaging voice-overs that you can use in YouTube videos, sales videos and podcasts with Speechelo.


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