Save On Courses with Udemy’s 2020 Black Friday Deal

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Courses start at 9.99 for Black Friday on Udemy

When it comes to learning new skills online, Udemy is one of the top go-to places for finding quality courses that will teach you how to do new things.

Whether it’s a new language you want to learn, coding, app-making, stuff related to making money online or even cooking Asian recipes, you can find it all on Udemy.

Courses are taught by experts and can be accessed online through Udemy. They’re usually priced up to $199.99 but are discounted from time to time.

Beginning the Friday before the actual Black Friday, Udemy is running their annual Black Friday sale and is discounting almost everything sitewide to $9.99. If you’ve been wanting to learn that special skill for a while now, then now is the time to grab that course and maybe grab some others or even gift a course to someone special.

The $9.99 sale runs until the end of Black Friday (November 27th), which is somewhat different from what everyone else is doing. The sale will be back for Cyber Monday and runs until the end of that week (Friday, December 4).

Below you’ll find the details of the Udemy sale which is currently available.

Udemy’s Black Friday 2020 Deal

Black Friday sales usually start on Black Friday but this Udemy deal is currently available and ends on Black Friday. So if you’re looking for that one course to learn those new skills, then now is the time to get it.

Here are the details for Udemy’s Black Friday sale.

How to Find the Best Courses on Udemy

Not all online course are worth your time or your money because a lot of them can be of questionable quality. Udemy does have a lot of high quality courses especially the ones they end up highlighting on their website.

To find the ones that will not disappoint you, you will probably need some guidance and I’ll show you here what to look for in order to find the best courses on Udemy.

(1) Look for Bestsellers

In each category, Udemy usually highlights best-selling courses with a little “bestseller” badge on the course’s thumbnail or listing. These are some of the most popular courses on the site and they’re usually popular for a reason – people are buying them and they’re recommending by leaving great reviews and ratings so that others will buy them as well.

Udemy photography courses screenshot
Bestsellers in Photography

This is one thing to look for but not the only thing. There are also great courses that won’t have the bestseller badge on it so you can check the other criteria below.

(2) Ratings of 4.0 and above

Quality courses will have high ratings and bad ones will have low ratings. I usually look for courses that have a 4.0 and above star rating. And not just a high rating but a high rating from over 1000 raters. This tells me that a lot of people are enjoying the course and probably getting a lot of value from them. There’s a good chance that I will too.

(3) Preview Course Content

If you want to see what you’ll be getting, you can do that before you pay by previewing the course content. You can preview course content by doing the following steps:

  1. Open the listing
  2. Scroll down to course “Description”
  3. Click on “+See More”
  4. Scroll until you see the “Course Content” area
  5. Click on “Expand All”
  6. Look for modules that have a “Preview”
  7. Click “Preview” to see example of course content.

When you preview course content, you’ll be able to see the quality of the content, teaching style and so on.

(4) Featured Courses

Each category also has featured courses that are highlighted on the site. These courses are usually very popular, highly rated and have a lot of students who have given the course a great review. Also look for the “highest rated” badge which indicates very high quality in a featured course.

These are just some ways to find the best courses on Udemy but you can also go with your gut as some courses may be new and doesn’t fill all the criteria here.

Final Thoughts on Udemy Black Friday 2020 Sale

If you’re looking to learn a special skill and want to get a course on Udemy, consider getting several with this big discount. The price drop has already started and runs until the end of Black Friday. You’ll also have a chance to get $9.99 course the week of Cyber Monday but not guaranteed to get this price again anytime soon.

Check out the details again of this Black Friday deal below.

What courses are you looking to get with this Holiday deal from Udemy? Tell us in the comments below.


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