10 Best Udemy Courses For YouTube Video Marketing Success

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People start YouTube channels for a number of reasons:

  • They’re passionate about a topic and want to share their knowledge with others
  • They want to make money online using video as their platform to reach consumers
  • They’re already making money online and want to use YouTube to get a wider audience
  • They want to be the next big YouTube star
  • They want to share their daily lives by vlogging just like with other social media platforms
  • They want to promote another business they have

There are many reasons but succeeding with YouTube is more than just starting a channel and uploading video after video.

There are lots of things that can make or break your channel as the experts would have you know. Maybe you have something that interests people but you make crappy videos. Or you make great videos but struggle to get views because you’re doing something wrong with your titles or settle for the YouTube generated thumbnails.

If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel and want to do it right then it may be worth it to take a course and learn from the experts.

Udemy is one of the go-to destinations online for quality courses on all types of subjects and they happen to have courses by YouTube and video marketing experts that can help you produce great videos and grow your channel.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best YouTube courses on Udemy that will help you to create a great YouTube channel where your videos get views and you get highly engaged subscribers.

Many of the courses on Udemy cost $100 or more but as an affiliate (yes I do earn a small commission by helping you), I can get you promotional pricing (as low as $9.99 in some cases).

Here are the 10 best courses on Udemy to help you start and grow a successful YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

YouTube MasterClass course thumbnail

YouTube Masterclass is a Udemy bestseller with over 151,000 students enrolled to learn how to conquer YouTube.

With over 6500 reviews, the course holds a 4.4 our of 5 star rating which is impressive. It means that students are generally satisfied with the training.

The course was created by Phil Ebiner of Video School Online and Michael Moyer who together have taught over 1 million students how to succeed with online video.

This high quality course promises to teach you how to get started with YouTube, get more views, more subscribers and build a brand with video.

  • Create your own successful YouTube channel from scratch
  • Get more YouTube views (even without subscribers)
  • Make high quality videos on a budget
  • Create attractive thumbnails that get more views
  • Grow your brand with a YouTube channel
  • Make money with YPP, products and services, sponsors etc
  • Improve your channel by using analytics

The course features over 5.5 hours of on-demand video training and you’ll get a certificate of completion when you complete the course.

2. YouTube Marketing 2023: YouTube SEO & Algorithms

2023 YouTube Marketing course thumbnail

Alex Genadinik’s course promises to grow your subscribers and video views using YouTube SEO, recommendation algorithms, ads and YouTube Live.

YouTube Marketing 2023: YouTube SEO & Algorithms contains 9.5 hours of on-demand video training and students who have taken the course are very satisfied with the quality of training based on the review ratings given.

Of the almost 12,000 students who have taken the course, 1358 have collectively given the training 4.4 stars out of 5.

Gendinik himself has used YouTube successfully, and will teach you how to do the same. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a successful YouTube channel with lots of views
  • Get more engagement with your videos
  • Build an audience and brand on YouTube
  • Get rapid growth for your YouTube channel
  • Make money with products or services using YouTube
  • Use SEO to promote your videos and channel

There are so many factors that go into creating a successful YouTube channel. Alex will help you figure them out with his YouTube course.

3. The Complete YouTube Course by YouTubers with 100mn+ Views

Complete YouTube Course thumbnail

Chris Haroun is a #1 best-selling Udemy teacher who has taught a number of courses on the platform. Sacha Stevenson is a vlogger who is well known in Indonesia and has appeared on television because of her YouTuber popularity.

Together they use their experience to present The Complete YouTube Course packed with 18.5 hours of material. With over 200 lectures and a 400 page book and exercise guide, this course is as complete as you’ll need it to be.

Out of almost 44,000 students enrolled, it holds a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating from 636 reviewers. Students who enroll in this course love it.

The course promises to teach you everything you need to know about succeeding with YouTube videos and draws mostly on Sacha’s experience with growing a popular YouTube channel of almost 1 million subscribers and over 100 million video views.

You’ll learn stuff like:

  • how to create incredible YouTube videos
  • creating the best titles to get views and subscribers
  • editing your videos with Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro
  • how to create videos using many types of cameras
  • setting up YouTube Live webcast
  • designing your YouTube strategy
  • understanding Youtube analytics
  • how to make money on YouTube
  • creating amazing thumbnails using different software
  • and much more

As said before the course does have a lot of material, over 18 hours of content and is very much close to being the complete course it aims to be.

4. YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0

YouTube Affiliate Mastery course thumbnail

Affiliate marketing is one method you can use to monetize your YouTube channel and videos. YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a Udemy course that teaches how to use this method to make money with videos on YouTube.

The course is a Udemy bestseller in its category and has over 22,000 students enrolled. 487 of those students gave the course a collective 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

In the course, Bryan Guerra, who has expertise in affiliate marketing, ecommerce and customer acquisition, teaches how to implement an affiliate marketing strategy for YouTube.

It’s a short course with just 1.5 hours of video but it really doesn’t need to be much longer than it is. In it you’ll learn:

  • how to create a YouTube channel with an affiliate marketing strategy in mind
  • how to place your affiliate links in the right place on your videos
  • how to create YouTube videos quickly
  • how to properly combine affiliate marketing with YouTube

If you already have affiliate marketing experience then you may find this course helpful for implementing YouTube into your overall strategy. If you’re still pretty green on affiliate marketing, you may want to at least get the basics down first.

5. On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars

On Camera Charisma course thumbnail

This isn’t one of those complete YouTube courses. On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars deals with one aspect of YouTube that holds people back from even starting in the first place.

This is an important skill to learn and the course will help you develop the needed confidence to appear on camera as well as give you tips to become a winning personality.

Developed by TJ Walker who is a bestselling personal development & habits expert, the course contains 2 hours of on-demand video that has been highly rated (4.5 out of 5 stars) by over 220 reviews from the 17,300 students who have taken the course.

In the course you’ll learn how to:

  • Make compelling YouTube videos
  • Look relaxed and authoritative on camera
  • Speak with confidence in your videos
  • Master fundamentals of media training, public speaking, presentation skills and more

You can either be naturally charismatic on camera or you can learn how to be using this course.

6. Make Epic Videos for the Internet!

Make Epic Videos course thumbnail

With a focus on creating great videos for not only YouTube but any platform (Facebook, IGTV etc), Make Epic Videos for the Internet! is one of the highest rated courses on Udemy.

Developed by Gene Nagata, who YouTube users may know as Potato Jet, the course has a star rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 898 reviewers. And this is from only 2100+ students who enrolled to take the course.

Gene’s winning personality shines throughout this course as he teaches everything about making great, sorry, epic videos for online consumption. The 2.5 hours of content is packed with value and you’ll definitely improve the way you make your videos after going through it.

You’ll need a digital camera, editing software and Gene says you’ll also need a “willingness to put yourself out there” because once you go viral, there is no coming back.

This course will help you to:

  • learn concepts and tips to immediately step up the level of your videos
  • get you videos to grow organically on any online platform
  • identify the reasons a video is good or bad
  • make awesome content your subscribers will love

Whether you’re making videos for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, this course will help you to make videos that engage viewers and turn them into subscribers and followers.

7. Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become An Incredible Video Creator

Complete Filmmaker Guide course thumbnail

Taught by Julian Melanson, who has 10 cinematographer credits on IMDB, this course, The Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator, is supposed to help you do everything from pre-production to editing any film or video project.

This is one aspect of doing YouTube videos that you might want to get right if you want to create amazing videos.

Melanson’s course contains 5.5 hours of on-demand video and some downloadable material for mapping out and tracking your progress.

With 41,377 students, the course is a bestseller on Udemy and has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating from 2674 users.

If you’ve had any interest in film-making then this is a course that you’ll want to take as it will help you to:

  • take any idea and fully translate it into your own unique style of video
  • gain complete mastery over lenses, lighting, sound recording, cinematography etc
  • understand timeless video principles that will stay with you on all projects
  • produce amazing content without expensive equipment
  • gain a film school level understanding of conceptualizing, shooting and editing projects
  • expand your creativity by understanding film-making theories, principles and ideas

You’ll get a complete film-making course from a film-maker with over 7 years of experience creating videos, commercials and short films for brands like Levi’s, Kaskade and the Ritz Carlton.

8. Cinematography Course: Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera

Cinematography course thumbnail

Dale McManus is an expert in iPhone photography. In his Cinematography Course, he’ll show you how to shoot expert video using just about any type of camera.

Achieving film production quality using a smartphone can be done using techniques Dale will show you in this short course which spans only 1.5 hours.

Shot composition, professional lighting and applying storytelling to your shots can boost production quality.

Close to 6500 students have taken this class and 1866 have collectively given the course a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars.

If you’re ready to learn how to shoot video like a professional using any camera, then this course is for you. In it you’ll learn the following skills.

  • How to shoot professional video using shot composition
  • Replicate cinematic movie-like movement for your videos
  • Create professional lighting for any scenario
  • Film people, landscapes and architecture like a pro
  • Optimizing your camera settings for taking better video
  • Properly document your travels and shoot short films
  • Apply techniques to boost your social media content

You can use the knowledge you gain in this course to make high quality, engaging YouTube videos using your Android or iOS smartphone.

9. Video Production Masterclass: Complete Video Camera Course

Video Production Masterclass course thumbnail

The quality of the Udemy courses Chris Haroun produces is undeniable, so much so that he is Udemy’s #1 best-selling business teacher. Another course of his is on this list which has great reviews.

Video Production Masterclass: Complete Video Camera Course is a very thorough course on using any camera to make great videos for personal or business use and is taught by Chris and Steven Washer, a professional videographer who has worked with many top companies to level-up the quality of their video productions.

The course material runs for over 27 hours, contains over 200 lectures and 33 downloadable resources. 46,900 students have enrolled in this course and 462 of those have given the course a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you manage to get this video production course during one of Udemy’s discount sales (check current price here), then you’ll be getting massive value for less than the $199 price tag it originally retails for.

Stuff that you’ll learn from taking this course include:

  • Using any camera to take amazing video (from DSLRs, smartphones, drones, webcams etc)
  • Learning basic & advanced videography including ISO, aperture, frame rates, shutter speeds etc.
  • Learning audio recording using many devices and types of microphones
  • Understanding how gimbals, tripods and many other devices work and how they can take your video to the next level
  • Improving the sound and lighting of your videos
  • Creating a basic or advanced studio in your house or at work
  • Learning to use sliders, jibs and other video tools to make your videos look more professional
  • and lots more.

Your YouTube videos can be vastly improved after taking this course by Chris Haroun and Steven Washer.

10. The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

Complete Video Production Bootcamp course thumbnail

Phil Ebiner, who is also the teacher for YouTube Masterclass, the course listed at #1 in this list, delivers another Udemy bestseller with The Complete Video Production Bootcamp.

Over 147,000 students have enrolled in this video production class and 5,780 of them give the course a collective 4.4 out of 5 stars attesting to the quality of the material.

Ebiner teaches this course along with William Carnahan and Sam Shimizu-Jones who are both expert cinematographers.

The course contains 9 hours of content and you also get assignments and case studies that break down real world film projects. A bonus of this course is that the instructors offer direct feedback on your video projects.

You’ll learn to make better videos after going through this course on video production, planning, cinematography, editing and distribution. For YouTubers, you’ll wow your audience with the quality of your video productions which will gain you views and subscribers.

  • Feel comfortable producing your own videos from conception to editing and posting online.
  • Choose the right video to make with the best story.
  • Create professional videos with the equipment that you already have
  • Know the process of editing your video and make whatever you shoot more engaging
  • Set up basic video lights and using natural light for your videos.
  • How to post videos online and get the most engagement.

This is a fun and engaging course that will prep you for YouTube success with the quality of production that you’ll produce after learning the concepts within.

These Udemy courses are supposed to give you structured training on how to master YouTube as a medium to getting your message across.

All of the courses mentioned here have thousands of students, many of who have given the course they took a good rating so the training is undoubtedly good.

Not all the course are completely about YouTube. The ones that aren’t though focus on much needed skills that you’ll need to produce great YouTube videos that are engaging and high quality.

They won’t work though, unless you take action and implement what you learn. If you want to succeed using YouTube and video, work through the course, make videos and establish your brand on YouTube.


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