Vidnami Review – Is This The Fastest Video Creator?

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In this Vidnami review, I’ll be helping you to decide whether or not this automatic video creation tool is worth trying. I’ll do this by answering the questions you may have about it.

Vidnami is available to try for free with a 14 day free trial period and there’s no credit card required.

With a free trial, you can pretty much judge the product for yourself instead of relying on any reviews.

Since you’re checking out this Vidnami review, you’re probably a video marketer or you work with video in your business and want to know how you can benefit from using this video creation tool.

I first heard about Vidnami while researching Speechelo, another tool which I use for generating voice-overs using text-to-speech.

Some users have listed Vidnami as an alternative to Speechelo because it has a built-in feature which lets you convert blog posts into video by combining clips with text-to-speech voice-over.

So naturally, I wanted to check that out since I used Speechelo myself.

After checking out Vidnami, I can now offer my opinion on what I think about the tool and how useful it is to video creators and marketers.

But first here’s a brief overview on what Vidnami is all about.

Vidnami Overview

Review of: Vidnami

Use: Creating marketing videos fast

What I Liked

  • Has a free trial
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • 5-step guided process
  • Lots of royalty-free media
  • Easily customizable
  • Lots of templates
  • Fast, automatic video creation

What I Didn’t Like

  • Only works in Chrome browser
  • Still need to edit scenes

Summary: Vidnami allows you to create beautiful videos of all types very fast through the use of templates and artificial intelligence. The application can put together a video just by inputting your text, script or article while adding voice or music.

However, it is just a tool and you’ll still need to do some editing if you want the end product to be perfect. This is a great match for video creators who might be new to editing, don’t want to show their faces or shoot footage.

The process of making just one video can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating.

Forget presentation videos where you appear on camera. Even videos with just stock footage and photos can take a lot of time.

For example, in my blog post about turning a blog post into a video, I had to:

  • download royalty free stock video clips
  • import them into my video editor
  • cut them up for each scene
  • write a script for my blog post
  • generate a voice-over for the script
  • import that into my video editor
  • edit the video so that everything matches up

And sometimes the end result isn’t nearly as good as you’d like.

Vidnami automates and speeds up some of these tasks and if I had to make the same video, it would been done faster and even have subtitles.

With the use of a template and built in royalty free clips as well as the auto-voice feature, Vidnami can turn a blog post into a video in just 5 steps. Your video can be done in mere minutes.

Vidnami saves time and automates some of the process of making videos. Your videos will come out beautifully every time due to the use of these templates.

It’s a very useful tool for a variety of content creators. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, people who don’t want to show their face or if you’re just not too good at producing video will all benefit from this tool.

If you’re a star at shooting video, comfortable in from the camera and you edit like you were hired for the latest Hollywood blockbuster then you probably won’t find much use for Vidnami.

However, the app levels the playing field for those who aren’t that good at producing video or just want to save time.

How Vidnami Works

Vidnami, which was formerly called Content Samurai before being rebranded, makes it easy for anyone to create video. It doesn’t matter your level of experience with video.

To create a video in Vidnami, the app follows a simple guided 5-step process.

  1. Choose a video template (how you want your video to look)
  2. Type or paste your script (what you’re going to say in the video)
  3. Add your scenes or footage
  4. Add your voice-over (or use music only)
  5. Preview your video and download it.

The application uses artificial intelligence to put together your video and also has a neat auto-voice option it can use to read your script. This becomes the voice-over track for the video if you use that option.

You can also use your own voice track or record voice-over right inside Vidnami.

One of the main uses for Vidnami is turning any blog post into a video.

This usage of Vidnami works well although you may want to edit the scenes just a bit if you’re not using your own footage.

When you need help with Vidnami, there is plenty of support channels available.

There are:

  • help videos & tutorials which you should watch before using the app. These are the first things you see on joining.
  • a useful Facebook community of video creators discussing video and Vidnami
  • tips, tricks and answers to any questions that might come up in their help center.

Creating video content using Vidnami is easy and there is no longer any reason to put off creating videos when you have access to a tool like this.

Pros (What I Liked about Vidnami)

Overall, Vidnami is a very good application which I’d recommend for anyone who wants to use video more in their business.

Here are some things I specifically liked about Vidnami.

  • Has a free trial
  • Subscription is affordable
  • The 5-step guided process
  • Lots of royalty-free media available
  • Easily customizable
  • Lots of templates
  • Fast automatic video creation

Free Trial

I love that Vidnami has a 14 day free trial because it allows anyone to see how easily the application can help them create video.

You’ll be able to test drive it in full without even needing a credit card. The only feature that is locked and only available when you subscribed is the auto-voice feature.

Subscription is very affordable

It’s just $47 per month and this is if you’re not taking advantage of some of the offers and promotions available.

For example, during the free trial, I think they offer a quick movers discount of 25% off. This means you get Vidnami for $35/month for as long as you stay a subscriber.

You can use Vidnami to boost your income by introducing video into your business. You can also create videos for clients. Vidnami will pay for itself easily.

5-Step Guided Process

You never have to guess what to do next or do the steps out of order and mess things up. The 5-step process that Vidnami guides you through to create perfect videos every time is a blessing.

Do this, then do that.

And everything is on one page so you see how you’re progressing. You also can’t skip the steps then go back. You always know what needs to be done and before you know it, you’ve created a video.

Lots of Royalty-free Media

You don’t need to go hunting down the perfect piece of video clip to add to your video. Or images. Or music to fit the mood.

Vidnami has lots and lots of each of these types of media which they pull from sites like Pexels and Storyblocks.

This saves time and helps you create faster. It also saves you getting into trouble for using media with the wrong license.

Customization Options

I liked that you can customize stuff by adding watermarks, creating your own templates and more.

No need to use external software for something like adding “sample” or your logo to your video.

Lots of Templates

Whether its a video ad you’re creating, a property video or just a regular content video, Vidnami has lots of templates to choose from.

There are video templates that will fit Facebook or Instagram’s default square format, video templates for stories (vertical video templates) and templates for your regular 16:9 format.

And if you cant find the perfect template (which I doubt), you can add your own custom template for your use.

It’s Fast and Automatic

You could simple just paste in a blog post and hit create to have Vidnami automatically create a video for you with voice-over and all.

You’ll be able to create this video in less than 5 minutes which is super faster then just doing it manually. Waaaaay faster.

Cons (What I Didn’t Like about Vidnami)

There isn’t much to not like about Vidnami. The application does what it was created for and does it well.

However, there were some minor cons.

  • Only works in Google Chrome
  • You’ll still need to edit scenes

Only Works In Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser then this is no issue for you.

However, I use Firefox and has been doing so for years. I sign up and get the email saying that I need to use the Google Chrome browser.

It seems Vidnami only works in Chrome which is kind of an annoyance for me and maybe others. It’s annoying but it won’t stop me from creating videos. I went ahead and downloaded Chrome so that I could use Vidnami.

Still Need to Edit Scenes

In the step where you need to add your scenes or Vidnami automatically creates your scenes for you, you still need to go check and most of the time edit scenes.

This is where you realize that Vidnami is still just a tool and you still need to keep a creative eye on the output.

For example, if I tried to turn a blog post listing the web hosting companies into a video and I had a scene for Hostgator, Vidnami would probable show a video of an alligator.

Nice try but you’d probably need to replace that clip with a screenshot of the company’s website or something more relevant.

So it depends on the content you’re using. It might work out sometimes and other times you’re reminded that Vidnami is just a machine.

Should You Get Vidnami?

I would definitely recommend getting Vidnami if you’re looking into including video in your business which you should be.

If you’ve already started doing video then Vidnami can help get your videos done faster and even make them more engaging since they automatically come out with subtitles.

Your next step is to sign up and take Vidnami for a spin with the free 14 day trial. This way you can decide for yourself if it is worth getting.


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