Does Wealthy Affiliate Have Discounts?

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If you’ve been looking into joining Wealthy Affiliate and thinking about getting the full benefits by going for a premium account then you may also be wondering how to get a discount on the membership fee.

At $49 per month, Wealthy Affiliate may be priced out of the range of some persons who are serious about learning affiliate marketing. If this is you then trying to get a discount is definitely a good step that will make your learning experience easier on your pocket. It may also ensure an uninterrupted learning experience.

Wealthy Affiliate already surpasses its value at its $49 per month price point, offering an all-in-one package made up of marketing courses, tools, and resources including hosting, research, and website platforms as well as support and access to a community of like-minded individuals ready to support and encourage peers with the same goals.

But they still offer various discounts if you’re looking at lowering the cost of your membership. These discounts allow you access to everything available to each and every member no matter what fee they’re paying.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate for the first time will cost you nothing. You are not required to enter credit card info to access the members area and you can have this free starter account forever if you like.

As the site is free to join, your access to some courses and features is limited but you will still be able to start doing the course and set up your first website. Because of this, you can still have success and learn how to make money with a free starter account.

If you decide to get a premium account that will unlock all the other courses, access to weekly live video training, the ability to create more websites and use private messaging for support as well as a host of other things, then you’ll pay only $19 for your first month.

This is the first discount that you’ll encounter at Wealthy Affiliate and everyone can have access to this 59% discount from the regular $49 per month. After the first month, you’ll pay the regular pricing.

The value presented at Wealthy Affiliate through the premium membership far exceeds the price you’re paying for access. Some other training sites charge way more and offer way less.

Paying for Longer Terms Can Save Your Money

One way to save money on your Wealthy Affiliate membership and also a great way to commit to your success is to pay for a longer term.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a 6-month fee and an annual membership fee for premium members. These longer terms can save you money on your membership because you end up paying less than $49 for 6 months or less than $49 for 12 months.

Wealthy Affiliate plans

Paying your membership for 6 months at a time will cost you $234 every 6 months which equates to paying $39 per month. This is a discount of 20% off the regular price but it still comes out at about $468 yearly.

A better option would be to pay your membership yearly at $359 per year. This will give you a 39% discount to the equivalent of paying $29.92 per month instead of $49, a whopping savings of $229 per year.

These options not only mean that you’ll be saving big on your membership but they also mean that you’ll be giving yourself time to actually succeed at affiliate marketing.

The Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Discount

All the options mentioned above will give you discounts off the regular $49 monthly pricing but they’re still in themselves regular pricing.

There is one discount though that isn’t so readily available to members and you can only get this deal about once a year.

This big Wealthy Affiliate discount is the annual Black Friday deal which runs for about a week during the Black Friday sales period every November.

At 49% off, the deal gives you the lowest price you’ll ever pay for Wealthy Affiliate by paying annually. New and existing members can take the deal at $299 per year which works out to paying about $24.91 per month instead of $49.

When you realize what you’re actually getting in terms of value from Wealthy Affiliate, this is an incredible offer that is highly anticipated every year.

So how can you take advantage of this right now?

You can simply join Wealthy Affiliate and select any of the membership options and then take the Black Friday discount when it becomes available. You’ll also enjoy some exclusive bonuses when you take the Black Friday deal which makes it an even more valuable offer.

How to Afford Wealthy Affiliate?

Most people who are searching for discounts on Wealthy Affiliate I’m sure would love to know ways in which they can afford Wealthy Affiliate so that they can ease the financial burden of paying $49 every single month while learning a valuable skill and running a lucrative business.

These discounts may bring down the price but you will still have to find the money to pay your membership.

Since Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to make money, hopefully, you will follow the lessons and take action, build your website business, and start making money. Making money means that you’ll be able to afford to pay your Wealthy Affiliate membership fees when the billing cycle comes around.

On Wealthy Affiliate itself though, there are some ways members can earn credits and cash that can go towards their membership.

Some of these include:

  • Creating training for members
  • Offering comments through the SiteComments feature
  • Domain sales from your referrals
  • Referring members who set up a profile or upgrade to premium

There is a credit system available at Wealthy Affiliate where you can earn credits from domain sales, SiteComments, and creating training. Earning credits can accumulate and you may use these to make purchases at Wealthy Affiliate and also pay for your membership fees.

And even if you’re paying the $49 per month fee, you can certainly be creative enough to try to earn this amount every month just so that you can pay for what is a very important membership. Whether this is babysitting some kids on the weekends or mowing a couple of lawns, anyone can afford to keep their Wealthy Affiliate membership and commit to their future success while they learn.



  1. I agree with you that going yearly with wealthy affiliate is the best thing anyone could do for their self. Affiliate marketing with  wealthy affiliate is not a fuse and it requires proper learning and understanding before you can exploit it. That is the reason I always focus my effort on it. The discounts are great considering the offer of the long term benefits, I fancy that a lot. Thanks

    • Good point. If you spend a year dedicating yourself to learning affiliate marketing you’ll be in a better position to earn so going yearly is a great commitment to success and saves you some money. 

  2. Hi,

    In September 2016 I came across Wealthy Affiliate because of my past experience with some make money online programs and products I was skeptical and afraid to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    I did my homework for one month and realized WA is a genuine platform; However, at that point in time, I was struggling with my finance.

    I came to know about their Black Friday offer and when I made the calculation, it’s saving me a lot of money. As you mentioned, it will cost $299 for one whole year. So I went for it by arranging the money. The best thing with WA is that there are no upsells. So the total run cost for one whole year is $299+$14 (Website) which is $313.

    Because of the WA Black Friday offer, I was able to join WA at a lower price and the best thing is we will be grandfathered into this price forever, as long as we stay on this membership. This is highly recommended!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Paul. You can always pay for the domain name with credits earned through the credit system here. And something I may not have mentioned, if you promote the affiliate program and make $299 or whatever then you’re practically getting your membership for free. 

  3. Thanks for this useful and informative post about the discounts available to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. A saving of 39% certainly makes the yearly payment option seem very attractive but it is quite a large chunk of money to have to find in one go. However, as you point out, there are lots of ways to make this fee back so if you can put it on a credit card with a low interest rate you could just pay it off monthly that way.

    • I agree with you but some people just need that option so they can save and not have to worry about monthly fees. Great for those that can afford to pay it in one go. For those that can’t then the monthly option isn’t bad and the half yearly might be another option to consider. 

  4. This is a great post, It fully explains all the ways of getting discount on membership fees, in an easy to understand way. Its well written and I found myself reading onwards to find all the discounts available. I like that one can earn credits towards fess by being active within the membership community.

    Thank you


  5. Hi Jay.. What an excellent summary of the benefits supplied by Wealthy Affiliate. I became a member of this platform about 16 months ago. It was exciting then and is still exciting today. I have never regretted joining. As you say, there are so many discounts available. The Black Friday one you spoke about is definitely the best option and, hopefully, it will become available again this November. Any one sensible enough to join up under you today could do the free training for about a month and then choose the discounted Black Friday yearly price after that (because by then it will be November). Thank you for your very thorough Blog. Jim

    • You are so right. If someone joins now, they can get so much out of the platform for free, start building their business and then use the Black Friday discount to commit to at least one year of training at an amazing discount. 

  6. As a member myself I often forget about earning through the credit system.I see the value in Wealthy Affiliate everyday so I happily pay without thinking about it. These is one of the cheapest ways to start a lucrative online business now days. Now that you pointed out the many different discounts that Wealthy Affiliate provides for its users it is even a bigger deal.

    • Yeah, I think a lot of people miss that too. There is so much available through Wealthy Affiliate in terms of value and you can even earn money aside from applying the training to earn through affiliate marketing. The discounts only help even more.

  7. Hello, that’s great to hear that there are discounts and so much value within Wealthy Affiliate. Can you please tell me a bit more about how the black friday discount works? If someone has already signed up, you say they can still take advantage of the black friday deal when it comes up. Can you please explain how that happens? Thank you.

    • Well if you’re doing month to month and you take the Black Friday deal then you’re going annual at a discounted rate. If you’re already yearly and you take the deal then it will apply whenever your current annual membership runs out. So for example if you’re already paying for annual and it runs out in January 2020, then you won’t renew until January 2021 at $299/year (the Black Friday pricing). I think that’s my understanding of how it works. 

  8. I love your posts because I like discounts ! Your detailed information in the range of discounts available at wealthy affiliate is fantastic. 

    I have been in wealthy affiliate for some time but I have been unaware of this juicy Black Friday discounts on the yearly subscription. I will definitely be on the lookout for that deal from now on. 

    Thanks for this fantastic post which I will spread very quickly.

  9. Wealthy affiliate make it easy for users to earn more discount when they subscribe for more than one months. This is a golden opportunity for people that can afford to pay that annual subscription. Apart from the discount, there won’t be limited access to the platform. This is how I love to do business. 

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