WP Forms Black Friday 2019 Deal

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WP Forms Black Friday 2019 banner

When I need to build the contact forms on my websites including this one, I always choose WP Forms because it’s simple to use and you can add the form to your page very fast.

WP Forms is a WordPress plugin that you can use to not only build contact forms but almost any type of form for your website. From simple to complex forms with marketing integrations, WP Forms can do the job.

The free plugin can handle simple forms, you can do a lot more with the paid version of WP Forms. There are 4 paid plans depending on what you need to do.

This Black Friday, WP Forms is offering an awesome deal for anyone who wants to purchase WP Forms. You can learn more about this deal below

WP Forms Black Friday Deal 2019

Huge savings of 60% off isn’t the only thing you’ll be getting when you buy WP Forms through this Black Friday Deal. As a bonus WP Forms is throwing in a free gift of 1 other premium WordPress plugin and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Macbook Pro.

Check out a summary of the WP Forms Black Friday deal below.

  • The Deal: 60% off + free gift
  • Deal Page: WP Forms Black Friday
  • Coupon: None needed
  • Starts: Available now
  • Ends: Friday, December 6, 2019 @ 11:59pm EST

Free Gift with Any WP Forms Plan

Getting anything free is amazing but when you see the choice of gifts you’ll be getting when you purchase WP Forms at 60% off, you’ll be blown away. These gifts aren’t some useless outdated stuff no one wants. In fact, they’re just as useful and coveted as WP Forms.

We’re talking about stuff like:

Optin Monster

This is a premium WordPress plugin that you can use to build and grow your list. It’s revered for it’s conversion optimization options. You get three months of Optin Monster Pro when you choose this gift.


If you ever want to do a giveaway then you’ll want to use this tool. You can see this in action as they use it for the Macbook Pro giveaway. You’ll get 1 Plus license for RafflePress when you choose this gift.

WP Forms T-Shirt

Choose this gift if you want to flaunt your love for WP Forms. You get 1 T-shirt featuring WP Form’s mascot Sullie.


SeedProd is a maintenance mode / coming soon plugin you can use to build your site’s rankings and even capture leads before launching. When you choose this gift you’ll get 1 basic license for the paid plugin.


If you’ve even been to a site and seen small popups at the foot of a site saying “Jay just purchased Product” then that’s probably Trustpulse or a similar product in action. This is a great way to display social proof on a website which can lead to a boost in conversions.

For choosing this as your gift you get 3 months of Trustpulse Pro.

CSS Igniter

Choose this gift and you’ll get access to 79 premium WordPress themes that are easy to set up and customize with a Standard Club license to CSS Igniter.

CSS Hero

A Starter license to CSS Hero can be yours if you choose this gift when you purchase WP Forms. CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that lets you customize your theme on a deeper level to get the design you actually want.


Neve is a lightweight WordPress theme from ThemeIsle that was built for speed with a focus on being compatible with most page builders. One business license to Neve Pro can be yours when you choose this as your gift.

Pretty Links

This is another plugin that I use on my sites when I want to shorten my affiliate links and track referrals. It’s pretty awesome even as a free plugin but you’ll get a Beginner license to Pretty Links Pro if you choose this gift.

Final Thoughts on WP Forms Black Friday Deal

I personally think this is one of the best Black Friday deals as it’s pretty awesome to not only get a deep discount but also a free gift and also be entered into a giveaway for a free MacBook Pro.

The company that owns WP Forms also has some other products where they’re running a similar deal. Check out the details of WP Forms 2019 Black Friday special below again.

  • The Deal: 60% off + free gift
  • Deal Page: WP Forms Black Friday
  • Coupon: None needed
  • Starts: Available now
  • Ends: Friday, December 6, 2019 @ 11:59pm EST

Which gift are you going to choose to go with WP Forms? I’d choose Optin Monster to be honest. Tell me your choice below.


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