How Can You Make Money Online If You Don’t Like Writing?

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You may have heard that there is a big earning potential with online work such as freelance writing, blogging and affiliate marketing. You’re so excited that you can’t wait to get started.

But then you realized that there is a lot of writing involved and now you feel uncertain because you just hate writing or don’t think you have it in you to write well enough to earn from it.

Well, the thing is, everyone has it in them to write and express their ideas for others to understand.

We’re sometimes intimidated by the thought of others reading what we write especially when there is some sort of pressure to produce content.

We write everyday without thinking when we have to. Just think of all the times you shared your opinion on a topic in a long Facebook comment. I’m sure you could expand on the comment and come up with something like an article.

Even when we’re not writing, we’re sharing our ideas, knowledge and opinions with others verbally or by showing them how to do something.

If that is you then you have the necessary skills to make it online as a freelance writer, blogger or affiliate marketer even if you don’t like to write.

In this article, I’ll show you some tricks that will change your mind and make you want to jump head-first into one of these make money online activities.

Don’t Write Articles – Do These Instead

When you think about writing articles, it’s easy to think that this is an activity that will be tough for you especially if you’ve never written one before.

Well, I’m going to tell you to forget about writing articles and just write what you’re comfortable writing.

How about writing one of these instead?

1. Facebook Comment

It’s hard to think of a person who doesn’t use Facebook because most of us do. And in most cases, we regularly interact with timeline posts, liking, sharing and commenting on various topics.

You’re probably comfortable writing a Facebook comment because there’s really no pressure at all and people understand what you’re saying.

Well, just imagine that your topic at hand was something you came across on Facebook and you wanted to share your own opinion on it. Don’t write an article. Instead share your opinion as if you were writing a Facebook comment. It will be much easier to write.

You’ll have to extend it a bit though so that it’s not just a few sentences. Just say as much as can be said and you’re done. Practice this everyday and you’ll soon get the hang of writing and you’ll want to write more and more.

2. A Blog Comment

This one is not much different from a Facebook comment and you’ve probably shared a few yourself.

A blog comment is usually shared on a topic that you’ve shown interest in and not some random Facebook post you came across while scrolling on your phone. So you probably know a thing or two about this topic.

If it’s easy to write such a blog comment then it’s just as easy to write a full article on a related topic. With a little bit of research, which is facilitated by access to the internet, you can probably flesh out an entire article if you wanted to. But for now, just think of your writing as if it were just a blog comment you were writing.

Many people would write long comments on my Wealthy Affiliate blog about how they can’t really write but their writing suggests otherwise.

3. A Diary Entry

Do you keep a diary?

Many people do and they make long diary entries about how their day went, what issues they’re facing and other things happening in their lives. They write naturally because it’s just between the pages and themselves.

So how about thinking about your writing as a diary entry? Something you’re just writing to keep to yourself.

Blogs began as online diaries and evolved into what they are today. So treating your writing personal and writing as if it were a diary entry isn’t too far fetched. It will get you to write and share your thoughts and you’ll get so used to writing that your writing itself will evolve.

4. An Email to a Friend

This is another piece of writing that I’m sure you’ve done before. Have you ever emailed or even hand-written a letter to a friend?

You’re comfortable with this type of writing because you can get your ideas of what you want to tell your friend from your head to the paper or computer screen.

Well writing an article involves getting your ideas from your head to the screen also.

Years ago, I myself was also intimidated by the though of writing but I found a method that made writing easier for me. Today I call this method, Dear Grandma.

See, I love my grandma and when I’m faced with a topic, I just imagine that she’s asking me what I think about it and that I’m trying my best to give my dear grandma some advice.

So WP Engine Affiliate Program Review, may have been her asking me whether or not she should promote WP Engine as an affiliate and I’m answering her based on my research and experience with the affiliate program. It’s just way easier writing an article if you think of it as a message to your friend or close family member.

How To Make Writing Easier for Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t really hate writing but just think it will be tough expressing yourself on a topic where people will read and probably judge you then you’ll need to make it easier by choosing a topic that you know, love and have a passion for.

Just imagine that you have zero interests or knowledge about ‘weight training’ but you decide to choose this as your website topic. You just made your job way harder because you’re not going to know what to write or even want to write about the topic.

However, let’s say you’re into video games and play them as a hobby. If you choose this as your website topic to focus on writing will come naturally and you’ll have fun doing it. You’ll think of topics to write about every time you sit down at the computer.

The first step to any online business is to find a niche market to focus on. Many people mess up at this point and end up quitting. The key is to choose something that you’re passionate about, have knowledge about and can talk about all day if necessary.

Doing this will make writing much easier than you think it is.

Alternatives to Writing (That Will Make Money Online)

Ok, so let’s just say that you just don’t want to write and I cannot talk you out of it. You’ll definitely want to know that this isn’t the end. You can make money online with affiliate marketing without doing much writing.

Here are a few alternative methods.

1. Hire out the writing

If you have money to spare, you can build up an entire site filled with content by hiring out all the writing. You’ll have the chance to make back that money after your website becomes popular.

There are many writers from countries like Indonesia and Malaysia or even native English writers who you can hire cheaply to create articles and blog content on topics you want. You can find them on Facebook writing groups or freelance sites like Upwork.

There are also sites like Human Proof Designs who also specialize in content creation for affiliate sites where you can get batches of articles written at a time.

By hiring out the writing, you can focus on other aspects of affiliate marketing such as monetization and maintaining your websites.

2. Record Audio

Sometimes, you’ll have it all thought out in your head and then your ideas get lost as you transfer it to the computer screen. If you want an easier option to writing, you can try recording audio using your smartphone and then later transcribing it to your website editor.

You can then organize the writing the way you like it or even post the audio as a podcast or audio file where visitors can listen instead of reading.

There are several software and apps that will take your speech and automatically turn it into text for you which saves you time transcribing. Some of these apps may be free and even Google has one that you may not even know about.

3. Make Video

Video is big in 2019 and you only need to look at sites like YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and Tik Tok to realize the potential of video for affiliate marketing.

You can easily create a video without any expensive equipment or software and have it on a site like YouTube in no time. Add your affiliate link in the description and you can be earning in just a few hours.

Video is simple and doesn’t require a lot of writing. You probably already use your smartphone to create videos that you share on Instagram and Facebook.

Doing it for affiliate marketing will be an entirely different strategy but you can learn how to do it easily and earn money from those activities without writing much.

Video creation sites like Animoto and Wave video also make it easy to create great looking videos that you can use for marketing and other purposes.

If you’re not that into writing or don’t think that you can do it then these are the options you have if you still want to pursue affiliate marketing, blogging or freelance writing.

Don’t let the fear of expressing yourself to an online audience stop you from creating an income stream by using the internet. You can create video, pay others to do the work or simply use the techniques outlined above to become a great writer who can create content people will read.

If you read this far, or you’re reading this then I’m proof that you can do this because my first article was not that good. It was about 150 words and I thought that was enough but it wasn’t. I’ve improved tremendously since then.

How do you feel about writing now after reading the article? Will you try any of these suggestions? Let me know in the discussion area below.



  1. I have always wanted to make money online. Hearing people talk about it and getting scammed got me scared. Reading this article, i had a new perspective. Thanks, Amigo!

  2. Hello Jay,
    This article is really great and motivated. I never thought so easy and beautiful as you. I appreciate your thoughts. I agree with you too, Facebook comment, An email, Diary entry these practices enhance people’s writing skills. Currently, it is very easy to make money from writing. Thank you very much for sharing your good knowledge.??

    Anita Jacobi
    Contributor, Careeriz

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