9 Best YouTube Channels To Learn YouTube Video Marketing

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Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel?

Maybe you want to make money online by creating videos on YouTube or become a famous YouTuber.

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. It’s growing the channel so that you can successfully reach your goal that is tougher than you might think.

A successful channel comes down to being able to achieve all four of the following steps:

  1. produce engaging original content
  2. getting a steady stream of video views
  3. consistently growing your subscription list fast
  4. conversions (getting your viewers to take a desired action)

You could take a course on how to be successful at video marketing with YouTube but why not just learn directly from some of the people who are doing all these things on the platform that you want to master?

In this post, I’m going to show you 9 channels you should subscribe to and follow if you want to run a successful YouTube channel.

These 9 channels are filled with engaging educational videos that will show you everything from what type of videos to make, how to plan, shoot and edit your videos to strategies for getting more video views and growing your subscriber list.

I’ve ordered them by the number of subscribers and I even include some videos to showcase what to expect from each channel.

Here are 9 YouTube channels you can use to learn how to master YouTube video marketing.

1. Think Media

Screenshot of Think Media YouTube Channel

With over 1 million subscribers, Think Media is an example of a channel that does everything right.

The channel is ran by a guy named Sean Cannell who has proven to do everything you’d like to do with YouTube. His videos are very engaging and interesting and some even have over 1 million views.

Cannell also has other channels that have impressive stats. His lifestyle channel, SeanThinks, has over 102 thousand subscribers. Another channel featuring his video productions has well over 5 thousand subscribers. He also has a channel that’s also on this list called Video Influencers, a collaborative effort with another successful YouTuber, Benji Travis, that has very impressive numbers as well.

As you can see, Sean is definitely someone who has proven that he can show you how to become successful at building a brand on YouTube.

His videos are always engaging and you get hours and hours of useful tips going back 9 years.

Here’s a sneak peak at some stuff you can learn as a Think Media subscriber.

2. Video Influencers

Screenshot of Video Influencers YouTube channel

Sean Cannell, the man behind Think Media runs Video Influencers with another successful YouTuber, Benji Travis. Their collaborative channel has a total of 661,000 subscribers as of this writing.

You’ve already seen what Sean Cannell can do by himself. Benji Travis is just as influential – his own channel has over 381,000 subscribers who tune in for the engaging cooking videos Benji produces. And another he has with his wife Judy has over 1.82 million subscribers.

Together Sean and Benji prove that they’re worth listening to as they’re doing everything a successful YouTuber does from producing engaging videos, having eye-catching thumbnails, getting massive views and building a brand on one of the internet’s most popular websites.

They’ve also written a book to help others start and grow their own YouTube channels. The book is called YouTube Secrets and is available on Amazon. From reading the reviews though, some of the more honest reviewers seem to think that you would get all the knowledge you need from just watching the Video Influencers channel.

It kinda makes sense since the channel has videos such as:

3. Nick Nimmin

Screenshot of Nick Nimmin YouTube channel

“Subscribe for YouTube and Video Tips” reads the channel art for Nick Nimmin’s YouTube channel. With over 813,000 subscribers, Nick is another YouTube influencer that does exactly what he teaches.

Nick’s other channel AllOurQuestions has over 16,000 subscribers.

Nick’s videos are filled with lots of helpful information with step-by-step guides organized in playlists. He gives practical tips that you can implement in your YouTube strategy and set yourself up to win.

He also regularly goes live and that content is filled with hours of useful info also. You’ll get a decent education on growing a successful YouTube channel just by being a subscriber who looks at the videos on Nick Nimmin’s channel.

Videos like:

4. vidIQ

Screenshot of vidIQ YouTube channel

vidIQ isn’t just a YouTube channel that offers “creator obsessed YouTube education”. It is primarily a Chrome and Firefox extension that gives you video analytics and optimization for your YouTube channel.

The software can help you get discovered on YouTube in related videos, searches and recommended videos.

Possibly because they also market the software, this could be one of the reasons why they have a following of over 1 million YouTube subscribers. However, because of their expertise and focus, this makes them a perfect source for information on how to grow your YouTube audience and improve your channel.

vidIQ has lots of videos that cater to the needs of someone who wants to grow their YouTube channel and brand and they also have a course offered on their website called vidIQ Academy. vidIQ Academy gives you 30 videos over 30 days that covers every aspect of researching channel ideas, creating and publishing content and optimizing your videos for more views and subscriptions.

Their YouTube channel has a great collection of free advice and practical tips. They also offer weekly channel reviews for free so you can know what you’re doing wrong and also what you’re doing right.

Subscribers can benefit from watching their many videos which they publish on a regular basis. Here’s a sample.

5. Video Creators TV

Screenshot of Video Creators TV YouTube channel

Tim Schmoyer is exactly the person you want to teach you how to build a video audience on YouTube. His Video Creators TV channel has over 569,000 subscribers and his other channel where he shares his family has over 116,000 subscribers.

Tim knows how to build an audience and the tag line on his channel art reflects what he wants to help you with – “Master YouTube. Spread your message”.

The interesting thing about Video Creators TV channel homepage is that it’s organized carefully with playlists. These playlists serve as topics you may want to explore on the subject of mastering YouTube.

For example, some of the playlist have videos on the following topics.

  • Best Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2020
  • Pro Tips for Growing Your Channel’s Views and Subscribers
  • Video SEO Tips for Ranking Videos in Search Results
  • Using YouTube Analytics to Discover Opportunities for Growth
  • How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Each playlist contain videos on those topics so you can explore a topic that you really want to know more about.

Some of the videos you’ll find on Video Creators TV include titles such as:

6. Cathrin Manning

Screenshot of Cathrin Manning YouTube channel

Formerly known as The Content Bug, Cathrin Manning’s YouTube channel has amassed over 432,000 YouTube subscribers in a very short time.

You can take a look at her channel homepage and instantly tell that she knows how to do YouTube and that she also knows how to teach you what you need to know about succeeding with video.

Like Video Creators TV above, she also organizes her content on her homepage in playlists so you can easily access the topics that you want to learn more about. Cathrin not only talks about YouTube, but gives tips on how to blog and master other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Her companion blog, The Content Bug is referenced and linked to – a website where she sells her own courses and digital marketing products.

However, if you want to learn how to master video marketing, her YouTube channel is where it’s at. She posts actionable tips, advice and tutorials which you can expect every Tuesday and Friday.

Here’s a preview of some of her content.

7. Brian G. Johnson TV

Screenshot of Brian G Johnson TV YouTube channel

Brian G. Johnson is an awesome internet marketer. About 10 years ago he had a great ebook course where he taught affiliates how to make money promoting Halloween costumes for big seasonal paychecks.

This is what I remember him from because I once promoted that course as an affiliate and even made money promoting Halloween costumes.

Now that he’s teaching people how to grow their YouTube channels, I can follow and learn from him because he always applies what he teaches.

Brian G. Johnson’s channel has over 162,000 subscribers, great video content and some very catchy thumbnails and his channel art reads “Amplify Your Message”.

He also regularly collaborates with other popular YouTube influencers. Here’s a sample of what you can expect from being a subscriber of his channel.

8. Tips With Trena

Screenshot of Tips with Trena YouTube channel

Trena Little is a great example of not only an influencer who is growing a brand on YouTube but one who also runs a website.

On her Tips with Trena YouTube channel, she’ll teach you how to get traffic to your website, grow your email list and grow your business using YouTube.

Her channel has over 46,000 subscribers and though not the one with the most subscribers on this list she does everything that shows she is well qualified to teach you how to grow a successful channel.

Like many other YouTubers on this list, Trena also has another YouTube channel where you can get to know her on a more personal level.

My favorite thing about this channel though is that you’ll know exactly when to expect a new video. Her channel art says “new videos every Wednesday” and she published one every Wednesday as expected.

By subscribing to this channel, you can expect video lessons like:

9. Channel Notes

Screenshot of Channel Notes YouTube channel

Channel Notes by Muchelle B has over 75,000 subscribers but I chose to put it last on the list because it’s currently on pause.

Muchelle posted that she’ll be taking a break from this channel around the summer of 2019. She has another channel where she posts about stuff like productivity, happiness and other life hacks that she is focusing on. This channel has over 438,000 subscribers.

From this, we know that she has what it takes to help you grow your YouTube brand and this is showcased by the way her channels are branded. I like Channel Notes because it has a nice clean design and her video thumbnails are uniformed and adds to the aesthetic of the channel.

I’m also including the channel because, it has a nice collection of practical tips that you can apply to your channel’s strategy.

She has everything on there from getting views, mistakes you’re probably making to growing your subscribers.

You’ll learn stuff like:

These 9 YouTube channels are packed with videos that will show you how to get started with YouTube and everything you need on your journey to success with video marketing.

Whether you just want to become a YouTube star or you want to drive traffic to your website, improve your already existing channel or make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube, they’ve all got you covered.

A YouTube course will probably give you a more structured, step-by-step walk through the process but everything that’s in whatever course you may find is probably here. Besides, things are always changing and following just one of these channels will probably give you the most up to date info you need when you need it.

You don’t need to follow them all but definitely go follow some of these guys. If succeeding at video is your goal, then that is probably the best thing you could do right now.

So which channels did you already know about and which ones do you look forward to learning from? Comment down below.



  1. .i learn something that starting a youtube is easy if you follow the steps and how other do theirs, I have to know vidq and think media the guy is helpful thanks for the post, I just added a youtube channel to my business and am learning how to grow. hope I can manage both. 

  2. I have been wanting to start a YouTube channel, I knew fully well is not to start one but how efficient can you be in maintaining. This thought keeps me searching for a suitable way to be effective. I have been following one of this nine, vidIQ to be presice, he is quite good. I think following all nine will be a perfect one for me, due to the level of experience and thoughts of great minds I will be opened up to.

  3. My young sister was to start a YouTube channel where she would be able to reach a lot of people. I want her dreams to come alive that’s why I am reading this post. You seem to have some very good information on these channels. I think I will ha e to go through them. I am not a YouTube freak like my sister so I don’t really know these channels but I’ll give it a try so we can learn how to get some subscribers.

    • I think your sister would find these useful and she would definitely be able to get more subscribers if she applied some of the stuff these guys teach you. Good luck to her. 

  4. As one who watches YouTube especially for DIY tutorials I am thrilled to have come across your post on the 9 Best YouTube Channels To Learn YouTube Video Marketing. Great background information on YouTube how-to’s. This can be a very effective way to help people out while advertising all the best products. From your choices, I really like the sound of Think Media, vidIQ and Channel Notes while it’s still around for a bit. I also like practical tips since these can easily be overlooked. I look forward to checking these three out first before the others through your links here. Thanks for the excellent recommendations!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The ones you picked are great selections. Glad to know you enjoyed the post.

  5. My son is just beginning to develop interest in opening a youtube channel and for a while now he has shown great interest in it making so much research and trying to stay calm while on camera and i feel really happy for him. I ma making this search to see how i will make an impact on his new found line of interest and getting to introduce these youtube channels to him will be really amazing. Thanks 

    • I’m glad to hear that your son has a deep interest in setting up a YouTube channel. He could be the next YouTube start and with the resources I mention here anything is possible. Continue to encourage and help him Justin.

  6. Marketing is a great way to create awareness and earn. With the current stay at home order, I’ve been looking for ways to raise my income and one of the fields I’ve been looking to venture into is affiliate marketing and video marketing. This post has been quite informative and I’ve been able to get tips on pointers on what I need to do to become a good video marketer. I’ll check out the channels mentioned to learn more. 

    • Very true. You can learn a lot from the channels I’ve mentioned here. If you’re currently at home due to Covid-19 then this is a great way to kickstart an income stream. 

  7. I have a YouTube channel and I know a lot can be done in terms of marketing my products and services however my results have not been ideal.

    You have provided a comprehensive list to help me in this area. My main focus is to reach out to as many people as possible who will like my products and services. Out of the 9, which one will you recommend?

    Thank you. Marc.

    • I like all of them that it’s tough to choose just one. They all have a different style of teaching. Some offer shorter videos in general for those without much time or short attention spans and some offer more in-depth videos for those who like webinar style type of training.

      If I had to choose though I think I’d go with the one Cannell and Think Media because he has proven to be the one with the most growth (two channels with 1.5 million total subscribers).

  8. Hi Jay, very difficult to choose. It is a very detailed way of how to do video channels. Surely you cannot go wrong by following their instructions. Myself, I have not done You Tube marketing because I am still a newbie in affiliate marketing. I am looking forward to do it in the future and definitely bookmarking your post.

    • Well you don’t have to choose. You can use all the channels to get the info you need if you want. Subscribe to them all if you need to. Or go through their uploaded videos or curated playlists and learn a lot.

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