21 Fiverr Gigs To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Running a YouTube channel is more than just uploading videos and hoping that people like them enough to subscribe and take the action you want them to take.

There are other little things that go into growing a successful channel like having an attractive channel design, creating beautiful thumbnails and having well-edited videos.

You may not be able to do all of these things and you probably shouldn’t anyway. A shoddy channel design will probably do more harm than good if you try to DIY it.

Finding someone who has the expertise to do the things you need done isn’t hard and if you’re budget-minded then the perfect place to outsource these tasks is a site called Fiverr.

Fiverr has hundreds of expert freelancers who will do just about any task you need done starting at the low price of $5.

In this article, I’m going to list some tasks that are necessary to grow your YouTube channel and how you can get them done through Fiverr. I also handpick a few sellers with amazing work that you might want to give a try if you’re looking to get that specific task done.

The freelancer marketplace even has a YouTube store where you can browse tasks needed to grow your channel.

Here are some tasks you can outsource to Fiverr that will help to grow your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Channel Art / Banner

When subscribers (and more importantly, potential sponsors) first visit your channel, you’ll want them to see that you’re more than just someone who uploads videos. You want to present your channel as a brand.

Your channel branding is important. You need to have beautiful channel art and design just like if you were running your own website and had to choose a theme/template.

All you really need for your channel’s design is a custom banner that says what your channel is all about.

You could upload some relevant stock photo here or design one yourself on Canva but it would be a better idea to get it expertly done through a seller on Fiver for a low cost.

Here are some high quality gigs that offer YouTube banner/art creation at a low cost on Fiverr.

Banner Gigs Available on Fiverr

  • bradsdesigns – This seller is a top rated seller on Fiverr and has done designs for more than 12,000 customers. With over 1000 reviews, he maintains a 4.9 star rating out of 5.

    He will design a YouTube banner in just 24 hours for $25 with unlimited revisions. See his extras for additional services including faster delivery, matching Facebook and Twitter banner and additional designs. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • boltdesign – This seller creates amazing work and has a 5 star rating from over 450 reviews. He will design a YouTube banner for you for $25 and delivers in 4 days or less.

    You get 3 revisions and you can also pay for extras including the source file, faster delivery and additional platforms. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • techyvishal15 – Another great gig for channel art design, this seller does amazing work and also has a 5 star rating with over 780 reviews.

    The seller will design a banner for you for only $15 with unlimited revisions and delivers in 2 days or less. His standard package for $25 is his top selling product though as it also includes a matching profile picture. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

2. Animated Logos

This is part of your branding. Some sellers would do a branding kit or you can just get a custom logo.

For YouTube, your profile picture and your channel art are two places where you might want to have your logo but you may also need to put them inside your videos in which case you might want to have an animated logo.

Having an animated logo brings extra attention to your brand especially if someone isn’t yet a subscriber but keeps seeing your videos. Potential sponsors will also take your more seriously when they view your content.

There are lots of sellers on Fiverr who will do logos and also do animated logos for your videos. Here are a few to check out.

Animated Logo Gigs on Fiverr

  • Zinzir – This Fiverr seller will create an animated intro logo for your video so that you can stand out and present your brand in an eye-catching and memorable way.

    Zinzir will animate your logo in full 1080p in both the basic and standard packages and in 4K quality when you purchase the premium package. Packages start at $10.

    This seller is highly rated and has very positive reviews with a 4.9 out of 5 star rating with over 1200 projects completed. You can check out this Fiverr gig here.
  • aqeel8 – If you’re just looking for a logo, this top rated Fiverr seller will do it. But he will also do an animated logo for your YouTube videos as well.

    The seller has completed over 4000 projects on Fiverr and holds a 4.9 out of 5 star rating. For his very basic package, you’ll get 5 logo animations with music for $15.

    This seller also offers different packages up to $45. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • ev_studio – For only $5, this seller will deliver awesome logo animations in 1080p and for the upgraded packages you can get them in 4K resolution.

    With almost 3300 reviews, buyers are generally satisfied with the work as they’ve collectively given the seller 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars.

    Background music, text overlay, 3 included versions and custom colors are just some things included with your order as well as unlimited revisions and 24 hour delivery. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

3. Custom Video Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails are a best practice for anyone serious about growing their YouTube channel. Rather than let YouTube pick a thumbnail that viewers see, you can upload a thumbnail design that describes the video and attracts clicks and views.

Designing a custom thumbnail isn’t the hardest thing – there are lots of templates on Canva to help you with this. However, you may want to leave this up to an expert designer who will do custom thumbnail design for you on a budget.

The Fiverr marketplace has a lot of these gigs at an affordable price.

Fiverr YouTube Thumbnail design gigs screenshot.

Here are three sellers who offer amazing work at affordable prices.

YouTube Thumbnail Design Gigs on Fiverr

  • hmailimaro – This top rated Fiverr seller promises to “design amazing YouTube thumbnails in 3 hours” and from the 5 star rating he holds from over 1600 reviewers, it looks like he delivers on that promise.

    You get a full HD thumbnail in JPG/PNG format with 3 revisions for just $10 and one day delivery although you can get it in just 3 hours by paying for an extra. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • raymondleo – This seller does great work and is super-responsive on Fiverr. The 5 star rating he has from 700+ reviewers is evidence that he does a great job delivering the packages he offers.

    On the basic package, you get 1 HD thumbnail design for $10 with unlimited revisions including the source file. His higher priced packages offer more quantity but you’ll have to wait up to 3 days for delivery. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • thumbgod – Another great Fiverr designer who offers catchy YouTube thumbnails is the aptly named thumbgod. He offers “clickbait YouTube thumbnails” in JPEG or PNG format. His rates start at $5 for just one thumbnail and packages go up to $45 for 10 thumbnails.

    With 1 day delivery and 2 revisions, customers are very satisfied with his work as over 1800 of them have given him a collective 5 star rating. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

4. Video Intros / Stingers

Having an intro video or a stinger can really up the quality of your YouTube video. People associate this with high quality production and if all the elements are right, you can really capture their attention.

An animated logo, the right background music and well edited footage can all come together to get viewers interested in the content you’re presenting to them.

It’s a little tricky to find really high quality gigs of this type of Fiverr as some will offer logo animation with background music for intros which can work also and some will offer it in video editing services.

Fiverr’s YouTube store can help you as they have a section for this type of gig and you can also look through the Intro and Outro sub-category under Video & Animation.

Here are some Fiverr sellers I’ve hand-picked who offer high quality video intros and stingers.

Video Intro Gigs on Fiverr

  • bananashop – This top rated seller on Fiverr will create a custom video intro for your YouTube video for $50 on their most basic package. They aren’t the cheapest but with 5 stars from almost 1000 reviewers, they provide very satisfactory work.

    The gig includes logo animation, video footage, creative transitions, background music and sound effects as well as custom design of whatever you envision. The standard package includes an outro.

    All intros are done in full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) and the premium package can go up to 4K resolution. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • mrgeorge9292 – The most basic package on this gig is for a video intro that has only logo animation. For a custom intro with video footage and all the works, you’ll need to get the premium package which is only $20.

    The seller has a 4.9 star rating from 344 reviewers, offers quick delivery and unlimited revisions on premium packages. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • thevideosalon – The packages for this seller are simple – basic is a video intro with just the logo animation, standard adds images and background music and the premium package uses video to create a custom intro.

    491 reviewers have given this seller a collective 5 star rating which means they are generally satisfied with his work. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

5. Video Editing

Some people have great content but their videos are just plain boring which can cause people to not watch the entire video. Having an engaging video that viewers watch all the way through can help YouTube to recommend your video to even more people which can increase views.

If you’re not great at video editing then this is another task you can outsource to persons skilled in this area.

From color grading to adding effects and other elements, you can increase the quality of your video production with the right edits.

There are lots of gigs on Fiverr and Fiverr Pro for this type of task. You can check the suggestions below for some highly rated sellers who do great video editing work or check out the video editing sub-category under Video & Animation.

Video editing isn’t a simple task so it is advised that no matter which seller you choose, you should contact them and talk about what you need before you pay for the gig.

Here are three gigs that I recommend in this category.

High-quality Video Editing Gigs on Fiverr

  • gismoxan – It’s not easy to maintain a 5 star rating with more and more customers reviewing your work but for this seller, he has done just that with close to 2000 reviewers!

    The seller offers video editing services starting at $20 for basic edits up to 15 minutes and going up to $200 for the full works. Everything will be done in just 5 days with unlimited revisions. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • anacristina89 – Ana’s video editing gig has been given the coveted Fiverr’s Choice badge which are given by Fiverr for “highly rated services, trusted for quality work and delivery”.

    The seller is a top rated seller with a 5 star rating from over 600 reviewers. She offers video editing services ranging from $30 – $90 on her packages. You can check out her gig on Fiverr to see what is offered.
  • heitorcarvalh0 – “I will make your videos magnetic” is the promise of this seller in his bio. He offers video editing up to 5 minutes run time which is perfect for most YouTube videos.

    The seller says not to expect the use of templates, lazy, boring edits and old fashioned styled edits. Instead he will make your videos engaging with modern and dynamic editing, fresh transitions and effects and a polished look that includes music and sound design.

    The seller has a 5 star rating but not from as many reviewers as the others mentioned here. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

6. Subtitles & Captions

Having subtitles and captions on your video can help your videos reach more people.

There are three main types of captions you can add – open captions where the words appear on the video itself, closed captions which you will need to enable through settings and subtitles mainly used for translation purposes.

For these jobs, you’ll need to already have your video transcribed so that you can provide the necessary srt file to the seller so they can add the captions. Some sellers will do transcription as an addon or in a higher package before they add the captions or subtitles.

Here are three Fiverr gigs that I’d recommend if you want to add subtitles and captions to your YouTube videos.

Subtitle and Caption Gigs on Fiverr

  • dilipvijethunga – Most sellers on Fiverr doing captions require that you have the video transcribed first and that you send then an srt file so they could add the captions. I liked this seller because he transcribes the video and adds closed captions at a very affordable rate.

    For just $5, you will get up to 10 minutes of your video transcribed and have closed captions added. This should work for most videos. His other packages are for a longer duration up to 1 hour.

    The seller has a 5 star rating from more than 110 reviewers so the quality of work done is evident. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • themaritimer – 1030 reviewers have collectively given this seller a 5 star rating for professionally synced subtitles and captions to their videos.

    For his basic package, you’ll need to supply an srt file so that he can add captions or subtitles up to 5 minutes. If you don’t have an set file though, his standard package takes care of transcription and adding of the captions for only $15. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • kevinyanya – This seller does great work at creating not only closed captions and subtitles but also open captions for videos for any platform – YouTube, Instagram and Facebook where most people will watch videos with the sound off.

    For the basic package, you’ll need to provide the transcript but you can have the video transcribed by ordering the standard package. These packages allow up to 10 minutes of video to be worked on while the premium package gets you 30 minutes. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

7. Video Creation

If you’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel but can’t get yourself to do video, this is another thing you can get done on Fiverr.

Whether you just want to turn your website or blog’s posts into a video, create explainer videos for your service or want to do a trailer for a book, you can find someone on Fiverr who will do the necessary production for you to add to your channel.

There are several categories where you can find specific video creation services such as explainer videos or book trailers but for general video creation services, you’ll want to check out some of the gigs I’ve mentioned below. You can always go ahead and search related gigs or within the categories these are found in.

Many of these gigs use stock photos and video to make slideshow type videos with automated voice overs or you can get screencasts. For higher quality gigs with live action actors and real film production, Fiverr Pro gigs are available but you need to have a bigger budget ($1000+) for those.

Here are three gigs I’ve picked out that offer high quality video creation services that are designed mainly to turn your blog posts into YouTube videos.

Video Creation Gigs on Fiverr

  • santoshkumarsrv – You just need to check the samples on this sellers gig to see the type of quality work he does. It’s the kind of work that is good enough for YouTube content when you’re not creating your own videos.

    I like that the gig supports content up to 2000 words which is great if I were to turn my own blog posts on this site into videos because most of my content is in that range.

    The seller uses a human-like machine generated voice for voice overs on standard and premium gigs while the basic gig does not have voice over, only background music.

    With a full 5 star rating from 55 reviewers, the seller does satisfactory work at affordable prices. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • web_tech_guru – This is another 5 star seller who promises to turn your blog posts or articles into videos. His gigs are for $5 but only up to 500 words. You’ll need to contact the seller and create a custom gig for more words.

    You can check his samples for the quality of work done and this is achieved by using dynamic transitions, background music and voice over. Check out this gig on Fiverr.
  • rehanahmeed – This gig offers incredible value for the price. For just $5, this 5 star seller will convert your article or blog post up to 1000 words into a video for social media. The video will have video footage, background music and voice over along with dynamic transitions.

    Higher packages in this gig are for more scripts of 1000 words each (4000 in the premium gig) yet the seller keeps the prices very low. Check out this gig on Fiverr.

Growing your YouTube channel with high quality, engaging video takes a lot of work. You’ll want to focus your strengths where you need it the most and let leverage the strengths of others where you can.

This is one of the secrets most successful YouTubers wouldn’t tell you about. They’re not doing everything themselves. They’re outsourcing video editing, thumbnails and they probably didn’t create their own channel design.

Fiverr is a place where you can get many of these tasks done on a tight budget. While it’s great to do it yourself especially when you don’t have money to start, you can grow your YouTube channel by outsourcing almost any aspect of the process.

Go browse Fiverr’s YouTube store and see what part of your YouTube strategy you can enhance with a gig.


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