How To Make a YouTube Video Without Talking

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Have you watched a YouTube video in the last 24 hours?

I have. And if you’re looking to make a YouTube video, then you probably (more than likely) have too.

Most people have. Just take a look at some of these user statistics.

You need to have a YouTube presence if you own any online business. Making videos for YouTube is easy except if you’re camera shy or have insecurities about hearing your own voice on video.

This is something that has hindered me from getting started with YouTube for a while and it is a problem for a lot of people also.

But there are ways to make YouTube videos without having to appear on camera or without even having to talk. Not that it’s the best way but if you need to make videos but don’t want to talk, then there are solutions.

Below, I’m going to share three strategies you could use to make YouTube videos without using your own voice or appearing in the video.

1. Text on Screen

Before Hollywood figured out how to make people talk in motion pictures, they did what they could to get the message across – they put the text on the screen.

Then they would play music to the action on the screen and this worked out to be pretty entertaining.

You can do this too for some videos. Just put together your video in your video editor and overlay it with the text.

On other platforms other than YouTube, this can work out well for you. For example, on Facebook, 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off.

On YouTube most people watch with the sound on so it’s a good idea to have some royalty free music playing throughout your video.

Here’s an example of a video with text on the screen and no talking.

Actually, the entire Dark5 YouTube channel, which has 2.34 million subscribers, is made up of videos with no talking and just text on the screen.

2. Demonstrate Something

I’ve seen a lot of cooking and hack videos that are nothing but music and demonstration of something. These videos hold your attention surprisingly well because they’re edited to move fast.

If you’re showing someone how to do something, you can just demonstrate it on the screen without having to talk. Just be sure to show all the steps in a way that they are easily understood.

Some “how-to” videos can lend themselves well to this type of format while others may need the verbal guidance or narration.

Here is an example of this type of video from a channel that has 1.8 million subscribers. Its just Jo Nakashima demonstrating how to fold origami.

As you can see, he just shows a closeup of his hands folding the paper and doesn’t even use music at all.

3. Use a Voice Over

For most videos on YouTube though, people would rather hear a voice. And if you’re going to make a video where you don’t do the talking, there is the option of using a voice over.

Hiring a professional voice over artist is expensive and even the ones on gig websites like Fiverr aren’t exactly budget friendly.

But there is a way – you can use a text to speech generator like Speechelo to get a real human-like voice over to do all the talking in your video.

All you need to do is type out what you’d like to say and let the software generate the voice over for you. Download your voiceover and import it into your video editor, sync it up with the video and you’re done.

The voiceovers generated by Speechelo are so realistic, your viewers will have a hard time telling that it’s not a real human speaking.

If you plan on making YouTube videos where you don’t have to show your face or talk then you can use a text to speech generator for all the videos on your channel. Its not your voice but it’s the next best thing to it.

Here is a video I created that uses a voiceover from Speechelo and some royalty free video clips I found online.


There you go – three ways to make a YouTube video without talking. They aren’t the only three ways but they will get you started.

  • Add text to the screen
  • Demonstrate something in a how to format
  • Use a text to speech generator like Speechelo as a voice over.

There is no reason now to not go make some videos for your YouTube channel.

Which one of these methods sounds like the one you’re most likely to use? Which one will you go with? Respond in the comment section below.



  1. Videos are the next step for any marketer. But not all of us can speak fluently in English. So Speechelo could really help us. I went over to their site and saw there is just one time payment bellow fifty bucks. The site looks very professional and the voice-overs are actually great.

    • The option where you use an AI voice-over is my favorite. I’m not a fan of the first option where you just put the text on the screen without any voice but that is an option nevertheless for people who want to do videos without having to use their own voice.

  2. Most times, the major problem that most people have with using YouTube is the fact that they have fear of facing the camera and talking. So, seeing this here makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much. I’d also try to give my business a YouTube presence too. Thanks for this detailed post here

  3. Wow what a coincidence! I’m planning on starting my own YouTube channel and now I come across an article that can help me do so without having to talk! I’ve always struggled with a strong dislike of my voice. It’s very high and makes me sound like a girl. It’s great that you introduced me to speechelo. What a great way to have dialogue while avoiding having your voice in a video! 

    • Well I’m happy that you found the solution within this article. I hope that you’ll use the info here to confidently start your YouTube channel. 

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